The Printer’s Terms

The Printer’s Terms contains explanations of virtually all printer’s terms of the pre-digital “lead age of typography” in English, German and French. Designed by legendary Swiss Rudolf Hostettler.

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  1. Fantastic ground braking book from the past editor Rudolf Hostettler of TM. Would be great if somebody would renew this book.

  2. Wow, this looks awesome! I agree, I hope someone reprints this book.

  3. if it’s copyright was up – i’d totally update and reprint.

  4. If anyone knows of anyone that would like to purchase a copy of The Printer’s Terms by Rudolf Hostettler then I have one, please let me know, thank you

  5. Hi Nataleigh, yes I’m interested to buy it, would you send it to Switzerland?

  6. How much would you pay for it? thanks

  7. Three years ago I have payed 22 $, how much do you have in mind?

  8. Hi Nataleigh

    Notwithstanding what Roland said, I am also interested in buying your copy and would like to know your asking price. I am based in the UK and left a message for you at

    The Printer’s Terms was once recommended to me by Romek Marber, my old college professor, and so to me represents a living link with a generation of European postwar designers who are now (sadly) disappearing quite quickly.