Freitag Tough Business Bags

F301 Freitag

In this wonderfully absurd product video Freitag introduces their F301 Moss and F302 Roy tough Business Bags. Definitely made me smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, this takes product videos to a whole new level:

Nothing beats the durability of a Freitag bag. I own 4 and one of them is 14 (!) years old and still going strong. And I will now add the F302 ROY on my wish list for santa this year.

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  1. absolutely brilliant and inspiring. imagine a world where all product videos were this good…

  2. who knew they’d go after the business culture? I’m keeping my Freitag bag, maybe mine will be socially acceptable during a state address someday.

  3. Has anyone told Mr Linehan?

  4. Can’t find the F301 in silver though?