Touchable Memories


Touchable Memories’ by pirate3D, turns photographs into 3D-printed objects for people without vision. This hits home, as I have a close family member that has been slowly losing his eye sight over the past year.

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  1. Beautiful. “Memories are almost like dreams.” and “Technology is just a tool. People give it purpose.”

  2. Thank you.

    I’d love to see ‘Gabor’: a documentary about Bene Gabor, who is one of the persons in ‘Touchable memories’:

  3. Thank you. You continue to share things that make my eyes go wide with curiosity. I’ve been fascinated by 3D printing for a while – it’s wonderful. When I speak with my friends I get puzzled looks that say “I don’t get it”. This is such a perfect example of the combination of art, 3D printing resulting in Joy. STEAM at it’s best.