Impressive: Volvo introduces LifePaint: A reflective spray only visible at night.

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  1. What a wonderful product!

    As someone who rides a motorcycle, being visible at night is also a real issue and one reason I don’t like to ride at night. If I could spray this on my saddle bags and on my jacket and helmet, I would feel so much safer.

    Kudos for innovating such a useful product that really can save lives!

  2. I like this idea. Does it wash off? Does it do anything bad to fabrics.
    I noticed that most of the people in this video are wearing dark or even black clothing. We can all start by wearing brighter colours when we are pedestrians and cyclists.

  3. This is terrible advertising, further indicating the moral bankruptcy, victim blaming attitudes of the car industry, guilty of killing more than a million people worldwide every year.

    The SMIDSY excuse is bullshit.

    Ordinary citizens will use the spray can against drivers.

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  5. Good idea. Or otherwise, maybe we can wear a brighter color at night, or something translucent as our bike accessories that way can prevent accident.

  6. it´s just a repackaging of another product that exists. there wasn´t any new invention here. Simply a PR stunt to make Volvo look good