How China Is Changing Your Internet

What was once known as the land of cheap rip-offs may now offer a glimpse of the future — and American companies are taking notice: Chinese Tech Firms Forced to Choose Market: Home or Everywhere Else

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  1. Some US propaganda in here: Its worth mentioning that the negativity aimed at the Chinese government near the end of the clip applies directly to the US government too (and other governments). They are not distinct from each other in the points made. US companies are also ‘forced to share the data they collect’ with the US government, who also has ‘human rights issues’, who are also ‘not shy about staking their citizens’. Interesting video.

  2. I don’t think that part is propaganda, they don’t seem to deny the fact that the the US government doesn’t do it, in fact they are leaning hard into more of the idea that isolating the information into one app enables them to do it easier.

    Doesn’t appear to me like they are picking on China, they are just showing how China does indeed use it for controlling information and that anyone else could too for whatever their policy and agenda might be, be it US, China, Israel or The Netherlands.

    The dystopia ending seemed more like a warning than any form of propaganda.