Minutiae is designed to record mundane moments with no time to pose nor polish shots. The app was created as a response to the polished, carefully selected images we put on Facebook and Instagram. Instead of weddings, pets and brunch, Minutiae wants its users to capture the random, often boring things that happen in between.

As someone who created a 200 page book celebrating “The Beauty in the Ordinary” in 1999 as my thesis, this makes my heart sing.

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  1. i’ve done a similar blog illustrating/recording the ordinary things to be grateful for: http://begratefulfortoiletpaper.tumblr.com.

    by the way the Minutiae link is only for subscribers.

  2. There is a lovely website called The Beautiful Mundane worth checking out : http://www.thebeautifulmundane.ca

  3. Hi Tina, Having visited your blog – nearly every day for as long as I can remember – I would love to see your thesis, is it available online? John

  4. love it, but $15???

  5. I love this so much. I am currently disabled. My world seems to be very limited, or so most people (well, just about everyone) would think. So not too long ago, I set up a creative challenge for myself to start using Instagram and find things around me or things that happen, and take photos with my iPhone. The lighting in this big room isn’t good for photos, I often have to wait until someone can bring something over to me (I don’t ask my husband because he is disabled, too), and I have to turn myself upside down and inside out to get most shots. But it makes me find beauty everywhere. I thought I’d have to quit after a little while, but recently I realized that I’ve just gotten started. I describe it as “photos from a bed,” and it has become one of my favorite things to work on!