Green Book

On my flight back to NYC on Saturday I got to watch The Green Book. What an incredibly moving and thought provoking movie.

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  1. Why’s this amazing story told from the POV of the racist white guy who’s somehow made better by this’s friendship. The NYT did a thing about why it should have been the other way around that made a lot of sense.

  2. Personally I think the perspective is to educate those who don’t get it…don’t see it…and aren’t convinced it happens because it doesn’t happen to them. Being a person of color, you totally understand the POV of the African American. You don’t need to be shown what’s it’s like. The POV of this movie is to depict it so that it’s more understandable from the racist’s eyes. I am glad there are movies like this being made. As a minority too, I don’t want the delivery to overshadow the message itself. I hope I make sense.

  3. I am sad to see the previous two comments, but I suppose each person responds to the world differently. I am also a POC (who grew up in the deep south, where much of the movie took place), though I don’t think speaking “on behalf of/as a representative” is usually necessary or value add. In any case, I found the movie heartfelt and touching. It honors the power of human connection in a realistic, yet transcendent way.

  4. I haven’t watched this because I’ve heard a lot of issues with this movie. For starters, his family never wanted this movie to be made. It centers the idea of a white savior, and it’s pretty problematic, not heartwarming. There are a lot of great pieces you can find out there about why this movie is problematic

  5. Yet another White Savior movie….