The Filibuster Explained

I deeply appreciate Brian Derrick and his calm energy explaining US Politics, in this case the Filibuster. He has been so helpful in getting through the past few months.

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  1. Thank God for the Filibuster! Long live the Filibuster!

  2. Nice explanation. Leads me to exclaim: Thank God for the Filibuster!
    Long Live the Filibuster!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. Very clear explanation of a somewhat confusing process. I appreciate the variety of posts on your blog.

  4. The filibuster needs to be eliminated. It’s even part of the constitution. It allows the GOP to block progress at every turn. On top of that, Democrats have less than 2 years to make meaningful change before they risk losing the lower chamber of Congress.

  5. Typo, meant to say, it’s not even part of the US Constitution.

  6. Thanks! I’ve wondered what that meant.