The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding

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I am writing this post, with my bare feet firmly planted on grass, outside a Swiss farmhouse where I currently spend some vacation time. This documentary blew my mind and most likely explains why I have been craving so much time in nature, touching and being in close connection to soil.

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  1. That really doesn’t seem like the most plausible explanation for why humans enjoy being in nature. In fact, of all the possible explanations I can come up with, this is squarely in the “least plausible” column – if it were true, people would enjoy touching their PCs just as much as they enjoy touching soil, since PCs ground you just as effectively as touching soil does (until it’s a MacBook, which, for some odd reason, isn’t properly grounded, and tends to give you buzzing sensation when touching it).

    I live in an area where the soil/ground is SATURATED with lead
    In fact the part of the USA I live in produced millions upon millions of bricks throughout the 19th and well into the 20th century
    So NO I will NOT be immersing my feet in lead thank you very much

  3. Interesting thought, I’ll try it.
    I like walking barefoot in my home and garden anyway :)

  4. Thanks for the heads-up! .

    0003% of Earth-Time ago, the appearance of words split Earth into the wordless and the wordy. So there’s two sides to the grounding story. In the wordless world (nature), grounding doesn’t even exist for self-evident reasons. But on the wordy (human) side, with shoes on our feet and more estranged from nature than ever before, The Earthing Movie is a fantastic reminder that simple trumps complicated every time, and reminds me of “To see, we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.” – Claude Monet

    PS. I do a 10-minute bike ride so I can jog on the soft grounds of my favorite forest, as opposed to hard asphalts nearby. Now I know why, will add grassy-barefooting, watch that movie again, and get in touch with – hence my thanks above.

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  6. I really liked your site, but over time you post more and more hokum like this. Stick to design and stay away from pseudo science. You look foolish