Where Am I? [ Conscious Leadership ]

A question I ask multiple times a day at this point: Where am I? Above the line (open, curious, committed to learning) or below the line (committed to being right, defensive, closed)? Such a helpful tool. If you want to hear more, listen to this podcast I posted about last week.

The video above is from Concious Leadership Group.

(Thank you Noah)

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  1. So if we all belive our way to a place above the line, all problems are solved? But we’re programmed to go below the line?

    I think a more honest assessment of humans is that we tend to bifurcate complex problems into false dichotomies.

  2. This concept sounds like it’s based on Polyvagal Theory. You might enjoy learning more about that. Deb Dana is a great resource on the topic.

  3. I love this motivation.