If You Could Change One Thing About Your Body

Stay until the kids come on. They are so pure. Heart melts.

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  1. Oh. I think, I needed this. A lot. : )

  2. This made me cry.

  3. The fact that one guy was literally from “jake from State Farm” makes it kinda not legit. But nice idea.

  4. Adults’ insecurities usually come from their youth when they were taught they should fit in at all costs. Ears bring too big makes you stand out, waking crooked makes you stand out, acne, small eyes, big foreheads..all unconforming

    Thankfully that lesson is disappearing. Kids are often praised for what makes them different.

    It’s a game-changer in so many ways. Being excluded is far more harmful than a big forehead.

    The thing I’d like to change about my body is my chronic disease (lipedema) that disfigured my body and makes it hard for me to participate in social settings. Often, due to how I look, people make assumptions about me and its hard. It’s also often hard to simply exist in public spaces because they were not designed to include people like me. I often feel unwanted and unwelcome..

    Think about that

  5. Dear Connie you are perfect and complete and everyone else is perfect and complete (even those that make assumptions based on bodies and what they look like) and once you hold that in your heart you and they are free.
    You are not a drop in the ocean – you are the ocean in a drop….
    Love to you ❤️