Book Harp


Oh, this custom Book-Harp Shelf by swiss designer Hanspeter Steiger makes me swoon. Here’s what he writes about the piece on his site: “The strings of the book-harp are a play of light and statics, three-dimensional picture and bookend, transparent and complete simultaneously. Depending on the angle of the literary instrument it seems once closed, sometimes translucent – and turns to life upon passing. It captures the passer-by at the corner of his eye and draws attention to itself, the variegated content, or out into the sky.”

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  1. The product stands up to the copy. Gorgeous.

  2. Nice clean lines. Clean lines always appeals to me. I like how the verticals are mounted to the ceiling with a reveal. This gives nice shadows.

  3. Very very nice design. Inspiring solution. Filing to perhaps make a version at some appropriate point.