Please meet my friend’s son. His name is Cooper. He is 3 and I am his biggest fan. Cooper has been into typography ever since I can remember. The below video just put the biggest smile on my face.

Oh, and by the way, his parents are as cool as he is. Please meet Matthew and Lori. And yes, they are quite type savvy!

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  1. That is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen.

  2. You should hire him on as a typeface designer.

  3. Zapfino! Zapfino! Daddy likes Zapfino!

  4. haha, the first thing I did was looking up how Zapfino looks like. And I realized Cooper proves good taste.

  5. soo cute! are you talking to him?

  6. No, that’s my friend Lori, his mom.

  7. Dangit, I hate Zapfino, but I love that kid! I am so conflicted.

  8. HAHAHA. This made my day. I love that he KNOWS his dad loves Zafino and his mom denies it.

  9. I could see BLACK OAK in the font menu. If I were 3… I would go for BLACK OAK.

  10. COOPER

  11. I’ve worked with matthew, Zapfino is one of his fav fonts.

  12. he is so sweet!
    plus I’m astonished, I didn’t know a 3 yr old could use a computer so easily. you don’t even know how to read at 3!

  13. Please everyone notice that the comment COOPER (above) was typed by the little boy in the video. #lovinghimevenmore

  14. that’s too funny. a budding designer- goes to show you some people are born with it! (and i am so impressed at his computer skills, my 4 year old doesn’t have that much fine control of the mouse)

  15. this is SO cute! i love how he just chants “Zapfino” over and over and persists that his dad likes Zapfino

  16. Super cute!
    But to avoid this kind of conflict >>> Parental controls: Remove Zapfino from FontBook
    You might want to delete ComicSans and Sand as well :)

  17. How cute and precocious! I decided to revisit this once-eschewed font and actually ended up using it for the tagline on my website, so I’m with ya! hhtp://