Friday Vibes

I love Giphy so much.

You Got This

Tuesday Feelings

Stay cool!

I am feeling this GIF by Thoka Maer these days. Stay cool everyone!


(This post was originally titled “Happy Friday”. Yes, I was a bit confused this morning.)

This dog:

May we all walk through life and seemingly difficult moments with such confidence.

GIFs By Thoka Maer

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I love love love Thoka Maer’s GIFS.


718 GIFs + 1 Song

My friend Mark clearly had too much time on his hands on a rainy Sunday in November of 2013 when he assembled 718 of his favorite GIFs into one highly entertaining video. This is the BEST!

Snow Day in NYC

We are having a big snowstorm here in NYC and my little Swiss alpine soul couldn’t be happier!

Have A Cool Weekend Everyone!


Kitty Accidentally Pressed The Turbo Button ?

(via Nature is Amazing)

My Kind of Cleaning

This cleaning GIF by Abbey Lossing made me laugh. (It takes a while to load – be patient!)

Current Status

Good Monday Morning!



This is currently my favorite GIF, by Swedish illustrator Lillen, discovered via Emerline.

Catching up on Content

Catching up on content, by Julian Glander.

Timo Kuilder GIFs

Completely charmed by these GIFs. Well done, Timo Kuilder.


Monday Morning Feels

Current Status.

Happy Summer


This GIF by James Curran made me smile.

Hug Someone

Give someone a hug. The world needs it.

Jay Keeree


Jay Keeree creates mesmerizing animated GIFs.

(via Carly)

Current Status

so many balls

This GIF sums up my life.