Happy 5th Birthday TeuxDeux


Five years ago today, Cameron, Evan and I announced TeuxDeux, a simple, design-y to-do app. (Cameron’s very first product video still puts a huge smile on my face. Keep in mind, the app UI has changed since then…)

TeuxDeux was born over a lunch conversation where I shared my vision of a calendar based to-app and 3 days later we had a working prototype. 5 years and several updates and revisions later, TeuxDeux is helping keep thousands of happy user stay organized.

The secret is to keep TeuxDeux as your browser landing page, so every time you open a browser window you are being reminded what you should be working on. Organize your to-do’s on our simple, list based calendar view. Cross off what you’ve completed and whatever you don’t cross off, will automatically move to the next day. You can also create your custom ‘someday’ columns on the bottom area for the things that you just need to get out of your head. And, take your to-do’s with you on the go, with our iPhone app.

Happy 5th birthday TeuxDeux. I don’t know what I would do without you.

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  1. Another secret I recently discovered is pinning TeuxDeux in my browser so it’s always open (right next to my Gmail and Google Calendar)

  2. Love me some TeuxDeux. I use it at least 10 to 15 times a day. Helps keep my life in order. Thanks so much for making it…it’s the cornerstone of a productive day.

  3. Would be lost without it, Tina. Thanks so much for TuexDeux and happy anniversary.

  4. Thank you all for making it. I am currently loving my little TD hack to keep personal and business on the same column.


    Happy Birthday TD!