Ecuador Earthquake Lithograph

Equador Earthquake Lithograph

12 days ago Ecuador experienced a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, killing over 500 people and leaving thousands of families without a home.

Portoviejo, where my friend Juan Miguel is from, was one of the towns most heavily affected by the earthquake. Marin’s family survived but sadly, some of his friends lost their lives, a family member, or their homes.

One of Marin’s way of helping with the reconstruction efforts is through the sale of his drawing of the map of Ecuador, part of his “Under The Influence” series. The earthquake’s epicenter, near the coastal town of Muisne, is shown in the top left. The date and magnitude of the earthquake appear at the bottom of the lithograph. Hemlock Printers in Vancouver, Canada, generously donated 300 lithographs of Marin’s print and all proceeds from this sale will go help the children of Portoviejo.

Each 18″ x 24″ lithograph, printed on 130lb Coronado stock, is signed, numbered, and shipped (this May) in reinforced tubes.

Get yours here.

Disposability Consciousness

Had to remind myself of this clip by Julia Butterfly Hill: “When you say you’re throwing something away? Where is away?”

Screenshot 2015-10-06 22.40.52

Two weeks ago, the White House reached out to Kickstarter and asked to help the millions of refugees seeking safety in the Middle East and Europe! Kickstarter said yes and launched this aid refugees campaign.

This isn’t a typical Kickstarter project. The rewards are all about giving, not getting. Kickstarter is donating 100% of their usual fee to support these aid efforts.

I applaud this. Go Kickstarter for opening up their platform. And go internet.

I just “backed” the campaign. Will you join me?. (Your donation is is 100% tax deductible.)

Help Ink

Help Ink by Jessica Hische

Help ink sells t-shirts, cards and prints that do good. The concept is simple: You spend $5, they give $1. The above t-shirt is by no other than Jessica Hische.

(via Chris Glass)

Hunger Crunch

Hunger Crunch

Hunger Crunch is a FREE online game that fights world hunger. All proceeds go to help feed orphaned children around the world.

Play the game online or download it from the App Store!

This Good World

This Good World

This Good World is a search discovery platform that highlights and supports businesses doing good things.

Charity Ball

Ethan King is an inspiring 14 year old. At 10 he started Charity Ball to execute his vision of giving away soccer balls to kids in need. He has since given 4,000+ balls away. Humbling.

Better World Books

Better World Books
collect and sell books online to donate books and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. Every time you buy a book someone else in need gets one.
In addition to selling new titles, Better World Books supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 2,300 college campuses and partnerships with over 3,000 libraries nationwide. So far, the company has converted more than 117 million books into over $15 million in funding for literacy and education. In the process, they’ve also diverted more than 73,000 tons of books from landfills.

I know where I am donating my books to from now on. They even pay for shipping! Awesome!


Last week I met Sal Lahoud, founder of a non-profit that allows anyone to donate a set number of hours of their skills to cancer charities. Their volunteers which span over more than 32 countries have pledged more than 12,000 hours of their unique skills. That’s equivalent of a single person working full-time for approximately 7 years.

Check out Fcancer’s 1year anniversary site. Join FCancer and check out the projects currently needing help. Inspiring!

YES! So much YES! This kind of use of the internet to connect people makes me so happy.

Authentic Jobs turns 8

Authentic Jobs is turning 8. Cameron Moll and his team are celebrating with a giveaway and $100,000 charity: water campaign. It’s been months in the working and incorporates the talent of several amazing people. (Anyone recognize that lovely voice in the above video!? Yup, it’s @Sazzy.)

Please consider a donation. (I just made mine.) And then enter to win a trip to NYC and to attend the New York City charity:water ball as Cameron’s guest of honor. Also, don’t miss the beautifully designed t-shirts by Sergey Shapiro.

Happy birthday Authentic Jobs. I am proud to be part of such a wonderful job board.

BUM Stool


BUM is a travel stool with a purpose: All proceeds of the sale go to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund for local Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. It was designed by UM Project and BAGGU.

(via moddea)

Helping DUMBO Businesses

Last week I launched a SmallKnot Fundraiser to help Robert Elmes, owner of Galapagos Art Space. Hurricane Sandy has devastated his interiors and the damages are over $100K. Galapagos has been our incredibly generous CreativeMornings host for the past few years. Have you attended an event at Galapagos? Then please consider helping them get back on their feet with a small donation.

One Girl Cookies across the street was also hit hard and if you’re in the DUMBO area, please consider visiting their pop up store which is hosted by PowerHouse Arena from 9am-3pm.

Governor, next to One Girl Cookies has a fundraiser up as well.

The DUMBO Business Improvement District is organizing a fundraiser party for the DUMBO businesses. I already got my ticket. See you on wednesday?

I Still Love NY

I Still Love NY Hurrican Sandy Relief T-Shirt by Sebastian Erraziuriz. 100% of the profit goes to Hurricane Sandy relief programs.

(via Zach)

Tube Toys

Tube Toy’s convertible packaging transforms into the toy itself, reducing waste to a single piece of recyclable paper. Love this.

(Thank you Rusty)

Better World Books

Every time you buy a book, Better World Books will donate one to someone in need. And, there’s free shipping worldwide. Fantastic.

(via the TBD Newsletter)


Carrotmob is an organization that aims to give you the power to make the world a better place by influencing how businesses operate. Instead of organizing boycotts, they offer to spend money as a group if a business agrees to make a socially responsible change.

In a boycott, everyone loses. In a Carrotmob, everyone wins.

Check out their campaigns. Learn more.


Treshr is a brand new site project by S7 Labs that makes it easy to give things away, or, the other way around, find free stuff. (It drives me absolutely crazy to see what perfectly fine items people here in NYC are putting the trash!) Everyone has stuff they don’t need anymore. Maybe your child outgrew their old clothes, or you moved to a new place and have old furniture to get rid of. Whatever it is you’re looking for, someone somewhere is trying to throw it away. Treshr, basically a search engine for Freecycle, is here to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Feel free to explore on the map to see what people near you are giving away. If you have something specific in mind, type it into the search bar, and they’ll only show you what you’re looking for.

Make an account with them (it’s quick and simple) and you can post offers, save the things you’re looking for, and even receive email notifications when someone near you posts something you want, and it’s all fully customizable of course.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Fantastic! Treshr

Amit Gupta Needs You

I mentioned Amit Gupta‘s search for a bone marrow match last week. Now, David Cole and Tag Savage put together a site that will help you figure out how you can help.

In case you’re afraid of becoming a potential donor, you should know, that modern bone marrow donations are done with a process similar to blood donation It’s painless, but boring. Head over to and do your part. I am registered.


The lovely

Jessica Hische just revealed her latest do-good-side-project called 52× here at BrooklynBeta.

The idea: 52× will help you give to charity, every week, for one year. Her site will act as a messenger, not a middle-man, asking you to donate $52 directly to the featured charity. If $52 is too much, donate $25, $15 or $10! Give whatever you can, each and every week for one year, and together we will make a giant difference. Here’s the site: 52×

If you want to help Jessica to make it easier to donate/give and help her build out the site, please get in touch with her!


Last friday I had the pleasure to meet the folks behind Bolder, a site that helps people to trigger and discover experiences that make the world a little better, one action at a time. You can start a challenge yourself or browse through the challenge catalogue and do positive actions to earn rewards. Anyone can respond to a challenge and earn a reward.

Every challenge is a unique creation started by businesses or people. Challenges pose a request for users to take action, have a little fun, and be part of something that drives positive change.

Here are some of the challenges that caught my eye:

Go completely waste-free for a day
Say no to disposable bag at check-out
Make a regular work meeting a walk meeting

While talking to one of the Bolder founders he told me he used it to challenge his roomates to keep the apartment clean. Whenever they would clean something, they would ‘check in’ and mention what they did. That way they’d get recognized for their actions and earn points. Made me chuckle. I might do the same for Studiomates. But the cool thing is that if enough people meet the challenge, the person posing it has to do something in return. For example: Eric A claims that if 25 people go waste-free for a day he’ll go waste-free for a week!

But the site goes beyond the personal challenges, it invites companies to pose challenges. I like the notion of companies wanting to trigger good actions. And I am not surprised by some of the companies I see up there: Seventh Generation, Rickshaw Bagworks, Nature’s Gate

Why don’t you go ahead and start a challenge?

Blue Marble Goes To Africa

My lovely studiomate Jessi just pointed me to an intriguing AIGA/NY event this coming Tuesday: It will be a talk with the two ladies who founded Blue Marble Ice Cream. They were bold enough to start an ice cream business without prior experience! The evening will include a short preview of the documentary about the work Blue Marble is doing in Rwanda.

Can you imagine a place in the world where people have never heard of ice cream? Then can you imagine going there to help people start their own ice cream shop? In Jessi’s word: Crazy and inspiring.

Get your ticket for this AIGA event here.

More about the Documentary
More about Blue Marble Ice Cream.

Sweet Dreams – trailer from Thunderfull Films on Vimeo.

A logo for Human Rights

Did you know there is no globally recognized logo for human rights? That’s what is trying to change. The Human Rights Logo Challenge is a global competition to solve the greatest imaginable creative task: find a universally recognized logo for human rights.

The winning logo will be made available in the public domain, free to be used by anyone, anywhere.

How can you take part? Upload your logo on to Discuss and assess the logo competition entries with people from all over the world, supported by a team of experts. The jury, of which I am a member of, will make a pre-selection from all the entries. In a global public online ballot, the winner will be chosen from among the top 10.

Submit your designs, you have until July 31st, 2011.

90 Days of Art

90 Days of Art” is an online Art Journal and Gallery for charity. John Beck McConnico will produce an average of one sketch, doodle, or art nugget every day, for a 90-day period. Each item will be available for sale as a greeting card, limited-edition print, or framed piece of art.

Supporting Parents in Japan

The above images are by a young japanese photographer called Yuki Kokubo. Her parents live about 70 miles from the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima and as there is a gasoline shortage in the area they are not able to flee to a safer place at this time. Due to their current situation (more info) they’ll be facing financial hardship in the coming weeks. Since she is currently in graduate school full-time and doesn’t have a source of income, she has decided to sell prints of her photography to try to help out them out.

Read more about her parent’s situation.

I admire Yuki’s pro-active approach in trying to help them. I am just going to donate money, no print necessary.