Evolution Meets Photoshop


This made me laugh.

Flying Formation

Flying Formation

Flying Formation’ is a series of digital photo collages by Shaun Kardinal of birds flying in precise geometric formations.

Pixel Perfect Vector Nudging

When nudging vector points, Photoshop exhibits some strange behaviour, linked to how far you’re currently zoomed in. At 100%, nudging using the arrow keys will move your vector point exactly 1 pixel. At 200%, nudging moves the point half a pixel. At 300%, it’ll move a third of a pixel.

Fantastic post on Pixel Perfect Vector Nudging in Photoshop.

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Vintage Camera Nightlights

Thanks to @jealouscurator for pointing me to these amazing Vintage Camera Nightlights over on Junkculture.

Imagine a world without Photoshop

I’ll never take bevels and drop shadows for granted anymore. Thank you Photoshop:


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Photoshop CS4 Sliders

sliders in photoshop

The many sliders of Photoshop CS4, by Neven Mrgan.

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Fake 3D in Photoshop


Nik Ainley talks us through creating fashionable 3D artwork without touching any rendering tools whatsoever!

Have Adobe Creative Suite 3 or 4 installed?

Have Adobe Creative Suite 3 or 4 installed? Read this tiny bit to remove some bad mojo from your machine. It’s a terminal script, just read the instructions and follow along.

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Made me smile.


Photoshop Tie.

Sex, Lies and Photoshop

Sex, Lies and Photoshop: Why magazines should let readers know if images have been retouched. (New York Times, please let me embedd your movies.)


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Photoshop CS4 Shortcut Cheatsheets

Photoshop CS4 Shortcut Cheatsheets

Creative Techs Tip: Photoshop CS4 Shortcut Cheatsheets. If you haven’t upgraded to Photoshop CS4 yet, don’t worry. There’s an archive of previous cheatsheets all the way back to Photoshop 5.

photoshop – as real as it gets

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Adobe Photoshop CS4, the making of.

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photoshop: Content Aware Scaling


Welcome to the future is right: Content Aware Scaling. Wheee!

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photoshop photo frame: the first ever analog digital photo frame


photoshop photo frame: the first ever analog digital photo frame. This is high quality 4×5 white wooden white frame with hand silk screened image of software window, only 50 will be produced in time for holidays, and will be selling for about $50. *Love* it!!!

Permanent Press Photoshop filters


Mister Retro’s Permanent Press Photoshop filters. WHEEE!

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