Monstera Shoes

I have a giant Monstera in my bedroom. One of my favorite plants. So, clearly, these shoes speak to me.

Plant Trellis

These are some cool looking Plant Trellis.

Terracota Seed Sprouter

I am on a Avocado Tree and overall plant-baby-making kick, these Terracota Seed Sprouters will come in handy.

Floating Plant Hanger

Give the illusion of floating plants with this plant hanger hook.

Soil Scoops

Didn’t know Soil Scoops are a thing. These are pretty! The repotting-enthusiast in me is putting these in my personal ‘wishlist category‘. I have been puttering around my plants a lot lately, wanting to repot everything, just so I can touch soil and get grounded. Grateful for my indoor jungle.

Plant Propagation Vessel

I am in love with these Plant Propagation Vessels. They would look so good in my apartment. Wishlisted!

Nude Bottom Planter

This nude bottom planter by group partner made me smile.

Story Planter

This freestanding planter situation has me swoon! Comes in white and black.

Pilea Plant Tattly

The plant lover in me is so very happy about the launch of this Pilea Plant Tattly by Brooklyn based Illustrator Claudia Pearson. If Calathea is more your jam, we launched that too.

Wooden Dowel Plant Holders

I absolutely love these Wooden Dowel Plant Holders. Mandi generously explains you can make your own, over on her blog, Vintage Revivals.

I Thought I Had A Lot of Plants…

I thought I had a lot of plants until I saw this house tour of Summer Rayne Oakes. I thoroughly enjoy what she shares on Instagram and I just ordered her book How To Make A Plant Love You. Also, she taught me how to fight Fungus Gnats. An overall lovely human. Also, I think her parents did an incredible job naming her. So much respect.

Modern Propagation Planter

How amazing is this Plant Propagation Wall? Gah!

Bedroom Plant Goals

Plant goals! Who wouldn’t want to sleep under a canopy of plants?

Sculptural Planters

Wow, these planters are crazy sculptural. I love it!

Hanging Planters

I have developed a bit of a plant obsession over the past few years. The only way seems to be up, to add more. Have you gone hanging planters yet?

Root, Nurture, Grow

I spent most of yesterday reading this book, The Essential Guide to Propagating Houseplants by Caro Langton. And now all I want to do is make plant babies! How was your Sunday?

Stacking Planters

My favorite stacking planters will be back in stock in a few days. I already own a set and love them. Beautiful and smartly designed.



How lovely is this Eleplanter? It is a self-watering porcelain kitchen planter perfect for growing herbs by the windowsill. Its generous water reservoir will hold water for 2-weeks of continuous hydration, which seeps into the plant’s soil through tiny weep holes. Watering is done through the Eleplanter’s trunk, preventing soil-filled overflow on the kitchen counter. Well done, Scott Henderson!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


In love with this Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree plus planter. Love that The Sill is making plant purchasing easy.

Pig Planter

I give this handmade ceramic Pic Planter two thumbs up. Also comes in white and yellow.

A Wearable Planter

This Wearable Planter made me smile.

(thank you sam)