Bucket turns your mason jar into an indestructible and beautiful looking french press. It is the brainchild of Bryan Kappa and Rob Story. Let’s help them fund their project!

Swoop Mini

Swoop (LEGO) bags now come in “mini“. Perfect for New York City sized apartments.

Banner Cards

Heart Banner CardOk! Banner Card

I absolutely love these banner cards, available as Heart, OK! and Yeah! . They are designed and printed by Izabella Dennis for Fifi du Vie.

Holstee Letterpress Card

Holstee Letterpress Card

Type designer Dave Foster created this beautiful letterpress card with a line from the Holstee Manifesto. Beautiful!

Signature Necklace


How wonderful are these custom signature necklaces by Brevity? Wishlisted!

(via Jaime)

When I was Hungy

When I was hungry

I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

Leather Card Case

Leather Card Case

These leather card cases are beautiful. I would definitely use these to give my business cards a home.

Old School Ruler Growth Chart

ruler growth chart

I absolutely love this old-school ruler growth chart by Little River Designs.

Calendar Stamp

calendar stamp

I wouldn’t mind owning one of these customizable calendar stamps by Mizushima.

(via bekka)

Super Powers

super powers poster

Infographic Super Powers Poster, perfect for a kid’s room!

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine card by Rifle Paper.

(thanks Rusty)

Children’s Market Stand


IKEA came out with this incredibly adorable cardboard kids market stand. It’s a mere $15. Imagine the fun to be had.


helveticat print

A typeface made out of cats? I am not even a cat person but this is making my head explode: Helveticat. Congrats to Bethany Lesko, the designer.

Goodlife Key Tags

good life

An adaptation of classic hotel key tags, these “GoodLife” tags are available in five different mottos – simple reminders for a good life. Lovely.

The Blade

The Blade

I gave a small presentation at Yale Art School yesterday and after the event I had the pleasure to meet Njoki Gitahi. She introduced herself and handed me a gift, the above necklace. I was a bit speechless. She made it!

I told her to put it up on her site and take orders asap! So, if you agree with me, and think that she needs to put The Blade in production, let her know!

(And no worries, it doesn’t have sharp edges!)

Bottle Opener

bottle opener

This is definitely not your usual looking bottle opener. It’s the hipster of all bottle openers. Congrats to the designer Brendan Ravenhill. My favorite feature is the magnet that lets you keep the opener attached to your fridge door, ready to tackle the next bottle. All kinds of smart.

This / That

This and That

In a sea of possibility it can be hard to choose. Just remember, there’s no wrong answer: You Can Get with This, Or You Can Get with That.

Paper Jam Press posters are hand-pulled through a Vandercook letterpress, set with turn-of-the-century gothic wood type. Each poster comes out just a little bit different, and Arianna Orland likes it that way. We do too.

(You can also get some of her posters as Tattly)



I just discovered the beautifully minimal jewelry line called Brvtvs by Caroline Ventura. Each piece is handmade in Ventura’s NYC studio, using reclaimed materials whenever available.

Cato Bracelet and Cato Necklace get my vote.

Internets Banner


I am a big fan of Banter Banners and this new INTERNETS one made me chuckle. Now, if only it came in just white. Which reminds me, you can make your own. Hmm…

My son Tilo has the Magic Surround one in his room.

Geometry Stamp Set

geometry stamp set

This German Vintage Rubber Stamp Set from the 70s is full of wooden stamps, each one being a geometric shape and painted in a solid colour. #wishlisted



For the past 6 months I have been using a Dopper Water Bottle. It has two different openings which really come in handy: I use the big one for filing the bottle and the small one to drinking from it. It’s super leight weight and thin enough to easily fit in my bag.

The Dopper is produced with a zero net footprint and is BPA-free. Your bottle is dishwasher-safe (up to 65 °C / 149 °F) and can easily be cleaned with a dishwashing brush.

The best part: Part of Dopper’s proceeds is put toward water projects in the developing country of Nepal, through the Dopper Foundation. Wells are being sunk and sewer systems and clean sanitary facilities are being installed by local contractors, thanks to your Dopper. To realize this, the Dopper Foundation has teamed up with Simavi and its local partners. Simavi devotes extra attention to mothers, because they play a key role in the health of their families.

Bike Horn

Bike Horn

I am so totally getting this old school bike horn.

hide x stitch

hide x stitch

Hide × Stitch is a New York-based workshop producing leather accessories. Each item is constructed entirely by hand from start to finish without any mechanical aid. Congrats to Cheryl Yau, the force behind hide x Stitch!

(Interesting fact: The site runs on the brand new Squarespace commerce platform!)

Astronaut Bedding

astronaut bedding

How incredibly fabulous is this astronaut bedding by SNURK? Made me smile, ear to ear.

(Via coolmompicks)