CreativeMornings: Joshua Cogan on Freedom

In this CreativeMornings/DC talk photographer and anthropologist, Joshua Cogan, explores his work and what freedom really means.

What does freedom mean to you?


“Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.”
– Ivern Ball

Monument Valley

I am currently on vacation in Switzerland with my family and my sister got us hooked on Monument Valley. Ella (8) and I just figured out the last level. What a beauty of a game. Absolutely stunning. My respect to the makers, USTWO.

Smart “Cloud” Lamp

I don’t think I have ever wanted anything THIS MUCH for my apartment. This Smart Cloud makes me swoon. It simulates a real thunderstorm and plays music of your choice via a bluetooth connection. So much respect to the designer Richard Clarkson.


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Waving from the Alps!

(turn up the volume to hear the cowbell)

Pardon the lack of posts here, but this family is enjoying two weeks off in the Swiss alps. You can catch a glimpse of our trip over on Instagram. (Follow hashtag #swissmissgoesswitzerland2014)

Your Product

“Outside the room nobody really knows or even cares about your grand vision. Instead, your product is all there is.”
- Albert Wenger

From this article: Your Product Is All There Is

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


In love with this Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree plus planter. Love that The Sill is making plant purchasing easy.

Cities by Night (Silk Scarves)

TRUAX_SLOWFACTORY_SHOT1-310_reUSA by night silk scarves

This image of the USA at night, printed on a silk scarf, is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October 2012. A brand new creation by Brooklyn based Slowfactory. Also available are New York, London and Paris by night. Lovely!

Brand Guidelines from popular online brands

Screenshot 2014-06-27 16.16.23

Brand Guidelines from popular online brands. Handy!

(via Chris Glass)

Friday Link Pack

The one-and-only Moby spoke at CreativeMornings/Los Angeles on creativity, inspiration, and the freedom to fail.

- I wouldn’t say no to this ‘office shed‘ in my backyard. Wait, I don’t have a backyard. Never mind.

- A bench you can easily wheel around. Yes, please.

- Tentsile is an ingenious portable suspended treehouse that installs like a hammock.

- I don’t surf. But these beautiful surfboards make me want to.

- Some of my studiomates are currently in Iceland, which reminded me of this video piece by Swiss artist Roman Signer, amplifying his snoring into Icelandic nature. Ha.

- How graffiti vanished from NYC subways

- Team Holstee created a letterpress poster out of Maria Popova’s 7 personal life lessons.

- Why We Name Our Stuff

- Mirai Chan is a little japanese girl, the polarizing main character of a series of books by photographer Kotori Kawashima.

- My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City

- Don’t wash chicken before cooking it. (via)

- I have been using Sanebox for a good year now. Not that my email situation is under control, but it made it so much better.

- DESIGN is… What CEOs should know about design (via)

- Nice. Ugmonk cross pocket leather wallet.

- Leaf shaped coasters.

- David Hieatt speaking at Digital 2014.

- If you’re a Seth Godin fan you will love this talk and even better Q&A he gave at last year’s Nearly Impossible Conference.

- Love this minimal Toddler Bed.

- Alan Watts introduces America to meditation and eastern philosophy (1960)

- Pleat. Minimal shelving.

- 5 questions you’ll need to settle workplace disagreements.


- Marinated Flank Steak. Looks tasty.

- Friends of mine are looking to buy or rent a place here in NYC. Stumbled upon these LEGO glasses, I think it would make them laugh.

- The Overprotected Kid: A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.

- The Graying of AIDS: Stories from an Aging Pandemic challenges how we think about HIV and AIDS, and how we think about aging.

- The fine folks of Brooklyn based Flocabulary are looking to hire a Marketing Director.

Flying Formation

Flying Formation

Flying Formation’ is a series of digital photo collages by Shaun Kardinal of birds flying in precise geometric formations.

Very Goods, the new Svpply

Ebay announced yesterday that they would be “sunsetting” Svpply. On August 31, it will be no more. They’ve been considerate and provided Svpply users an option to export their data. If you are logged in to Svpply, you can go to your settings page and hit the “Export your account” link at the bottom to get your stuff (if your export fails you might need help from this).

Svpply is being shut down and that sucks. Let’s get together and make a new one. I am backing this Kickstarter.

oon – multi-outlet power cord

oon  by okum

oon by OKUM is a stunningly beautiful multi-outlet power cord. Totally wish listed.

Sharing my 5 Personal Rules

I recently gave a talk at the wonderful 99u conference here in NYC and am thrilled to see it just went live. This is probably my most polished talk to date. Makes me happy. Hope you enjoy.

The Making Of OK Go’s ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ Video

Hopefully you’ve seen the OK Go video I posted a few days ago. Here’s glimpse behind the scenes of the actual shoot. Fascinating.

(via keef)


“Criticism is a privilege that you earn — it shouldn’t be your opening move in an interaction…


The notion that the only way you can critically engage with a person’s ideas is to take a shot at them, is to be openly critical — this is actually nonsense. Some of the most effective ways in which you deal with someone’s idea are to treat them completely at face value, and with an enormous amount of respect. That’s actually a faster way to engage with what they’re getting at than to lob grenades in their direction…

If you’re going to hold someone to what they believe, make sure you accurately represent what they believe.”

- Malcolm Gladwell

From this Brain Pickings post: Malcolm Gladwell on criticism, tolerance, and changing your mind

Malcolm Gladwell on Criticism

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 12.11.28 AM

Love this thought snippet by Malcolm Gladwell on criticism. I recommend you read (and listen) to this entire Brain Pickings post.

More Rainbows

more rainbows

The world needs more rainbows. Right?

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The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Friday Link Pack


- This neon-colored pigeon kickscooter by Ignas Survila folds in half. Made me look.

- These paddles would look mighty nice on our walls.

- Client feedback on the creation of the earth. So good. (via)

- Aint No Half Steppin

- Look, it’s a giant paint brush.

- Cool job alert! The Brooklyn Museum is looking to hire a 3D Designer.

- To be more productive, spend the first ten minutes of your work day attending “mise-en-place (via)

- This mid-century mini desk from WestElm is quite charming.

- The making of a Steinway Grand Piano from start to finish

- The best leaders get heard by doing more guiding than guilting.

- Carrying your bike up stairs a lot? You might like this Bicycle Frame Handle.

- 2Compendium of business models, old to new . (via)

- Love Reddit’s History Porn.

- Want to break into Product Design or Advertising? These books by William Spencer will help you do so.

- Last week Tattly launched Zodiac tattoos.

- My studiomates of OAK are looking to hire a design/dev intern. You’ll get to work with an amazing team.

Hashtag Garden

hashatag garden

Hashtag garden is a sculpture garden that you can hang on your wall. Think air plants, wood and moss. I have one floating over my computer at work and it makes me smile every time I look at it. Each “Hashtag” garden is an original artwork and hand-made in Los Angeles. Also available are @ symbol, LA, NY and PLAY.

Yours Truly in Conversation with Chase Jarvis

I had the pleasure to fly out to San Francisco for SF Design Week and appear as guest on Chase Jarvis LIVE. The fine folks behind CreativeLive work crazy fast as the conversation is already up on YouTube. How pro is Chase at this interview thing? Impressive, right? Hope you enjoy!