Jon Setzen on The Great Discontent

“I’ve had shitty jobs and internships: folding t-shirts at radio stations, working in a stock room at Nordstrom, delivering pizzas, and all of that. It’s important to have those shitty jobs so you understand when you actually find a good job.”
- Jon Setzen

Read the full interview over on The Great Discontent

How to remove a temporary tattoo…

Did you ever wonder how to best remove a Tattly Temporary Tattoo? Nic and Ace created the above video to show just that. Leave it to my team to turn something as seemingly boring as an instructional video into something seriously fun. They are the best!

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Design is LOVE. Design is a visual love language that can be appreciated by anyone and everyone. Spread the message.

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Friday Link Pack

Here’s unique way to show your logo/type work.. Dan Cassaro’s design sense is nothing short of impressive.

- Be Wild and Wonder

- A 1983 Volkswagen Golf Covered in Popcorn

- Love this: Free Mailbox Stickers Signify Goods Residents Are Willing to Lend Neighbors

- Summer of ice cream sandwiches. Made me smile.

- The Makers Manual by PSFK

- Places on Earth by Oliver Jeffers.

- 8 Things I’ve learned about marriage, by Joanna Goddard

- The Philosopher’s Mail never disappoints.

- Kiss someone you love.

- I want to mount one of these over my desk.

- How to eat sushi

- Push it away, it’s the long weekend.

- My favorite tape dispenser.

- Business Cards of Minimal Designers.

- A House with Rotating Rooms. Wow.

- The Price of Admission: Dan Savage on the unsettling secret of lasting love

- Team Tattly is looking to hire a Front-End Developer / Designer.

Insect Eyes

insect eyes

Hop over to But Does it Float for stunning macro photographs of insect eyes by Yudy Sauw

Real Things

“The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Papier-Mâché Projects

This little family is currently spending a week in the Northfork, enjoying the last week before school starts again. I’ve reconnected with my younger self and looked up some papier-mâché projects to do with my 8 year old, Ella. Here are some of my favorite finds:

papier mache beePapier-Mâché Bug

Paper Mache lollipop manPapier-Mâché Lollipop man (no instructions)

paper-mache face Papier-Mâché Face (no instructions)

paper mache turtlePapier-Mâché Turtle with Step-by-step instructions

DIY Pencil ToppersDIY Papier-Mâché Pencil Toppers (step-by-step instructions)

Paper Mache Bowls
Papier-Mâché Bowls (with step-by-step instructions)

And then here, slightly creepy personalized DIY papier-mâché pinatas:

Don’t know how to make the ‘glue’? Here’s a round-up of various papier-mâché recipes. What are you going to make?

Collapsable Hot Tub

Collapsable Hottub

A Hot Tub that goes everywhere you go. Wow!

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The Blueprint is an online retail site for the next wave of connected devices and wearables. The Blueprint provides a thoughtfully considered collection of beautifully designed products like Drop — the iPad connected kitchen scale.

Drop is a smart scale that makes perfect baking easy with interactive recipes, smart substitutions, mobile alerts and more. With Drop, you’re on your way to creating one perfectly yummy masterpiece after another. Drop pre-orders are available today on The for 20% off retail.

Check out Drop now and discover more tech to charge your life here at The Blueprint.

Art Supplies Tattly

Art Supply Tattly

These brand new Art Supply Tattly by Peagreen Designs make me way happy.

Plus Plus


My daughter (8) is madly in love with Plus Plus. I am amazed at what she comes up with. I am all for toys that fuel my kids’ imagination.

One Of Many

David-Lee-CharlestonDiego-Castro-Oliva CharlestonKate-Nevin Charleston

My studiomate Wesley Verhoeve launched a fantastic new project called One of Many. Over the next few months, Wesley will travel to 12 cities across the US and over the course of a week immerse himself in their creative communities. The results are beautiful essays with stunning portrait photography and personal stories. Check out Charleston.

Wesley, who is the most outgoing person I have ever met, can strike up a conversation with anyone. When visiting these cities, he will be seeking out designers, chefs, woodworkers, farmers, engineers, writers, coffee brewers and anyone else making something that moves people.

Wesley believes that being a small business owner or a creative independent is exhilarating, but it can also be quite lonely and stressful. With One of Many Wesley wants to remind us that we are not alone. We are part of a growing movement. We are one of many.

(Above photos are all by Wesley Verhoeve, part of the Charleston series but previously unpublished. From top to bottom: David Lee, Diego Castro Oliva and Kate Nevin, members of the Charleston community)

Friday Link Pack

- Color coded photography. Stunning.

- Smokers lungs vs healthy lungs. This will make you stop smoking.

- 10 websites that help make you more money-savvy

- Take a closer look at how half-a-dozen ceramics masters practice their craft.

- Also from Jason Kottke’s blog: Texting in movies

- History of an Icon: La Vespa (via coudal)

- “There are countless forces in our lives that are out of our control. That doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about how they influence our work and our life…” Totally and completely out of my control

- Yoga Hacks: How to Undo the Damage of a Desk Job

- ‘Complements’, A bizarre collaborative portrait series by a creative couple

- The science of depression

- How to be polite (via)

- Yes, you may pet me

- Love these abstract compositions by Aaron Robbs.

- Avocado stuffed meatballs. Wait, what?

- Cargo, a desktop organizer.

- Why is it impossible to make plans anymore. So true.

- Every Sunday Mark Bustos gives free haircuts to NYC homeless.

- Team Tattly is looking to hire a Front-End Developer

Perfectly Useless


Katerina Kamprani creates perfectly useless product designs. Made me smile.

You’re Officially Awesome

Officially AwesomeOfficiall Awesome

This is the best thing ever: You can buy a Certificate of Awesomeness to give to whoever deserves one, designed and signed by Jessica Hische. Look! It has rainbow edge-painting! Over the top? Yes!

All certificates ship with a rainbow pencil so the recipient or co-signer can add their own signature. That Jessica Hische! Always coming up with awesome stuff!

Birdhouse Bookshelf

Birdhouse Bookshelf

This designy, wall mounted, bedside table made me chuckle. The best part of the design: Birdhouse Booklshelf lets you place your book on its roof.

Hidden Message Necklace


These customizable hidden message necklaces by Beth Macri really put a smile on my face. I first learned about it via Rachel of Story. Today I met a lovely lady at the gift show that was wearing one. Definitely wishlisted.

Canvas Messenger Bag

canvas messenger bagcanvas messenger bag

Really lovely canvas messenger bag by See Design Shop. Comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns.

Warp Speed Bubble

warp speed bubble backpack

Love Love Love this Warp Speed Bubble Backpack by Madpax.

Sarah Loertscher

sarah loertscher

Stunning geometric ear hoops by Sarah Loertscher. #want

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Parents! Let your kids explore their creativity with Brainbean It’s a brand new, free iPad app with fun and colorful creative mini-games.

“The perfect game to inspire family-time creative play,” says Common Sense Media. “Educational but not necessarily just for kids,” wrote Gizmodo described Brainbean as “a brain training app suitable for anyone from the ages of nine to 109. With eight games available, based on various scientific exercises, with the aim of challenging your brain to the full.” One teacher who uses the app in her classroom wrote: “Brainbean is a colorful, kid-friendly game that will boost your students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

Download Brainbean for free from the iPad App Store.

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Friday Link Pack

CreativeMornings/SF talk by Josh Higgins.

- LEGO Ruler, all kinds of cute.

- There are only a few spots left at this year’s Do Lectures in California. I attended last year and can say it was the best three days of 2013. I am still in touch with many of the attendees. You have apply quickly if you want to go.

- After nearly 10 years + over 200 episodes, Design Matters finally has its own Facebook page!

- There’s another Like Knows Like mini documentary out, giving us a glimpse into Geffen Refaeli’s life.

- I admit, I want one of these sleeping bags: Shark or Whale (via)

- Good job at still being alive!

- The shirt mock-up don’t do the awesomeness of these shirts justice. Kevin keeps wearing them around Studiomates and they’re fab.

- What Wikipedia’s recent changes feed sounds like. (via Liz)

- Excellent book recommendations by Debbie Millman.

- If designing for the internet is your world, I recommend you read Jason Santa Maria’s new book: On Web Typography.

- This bright red casserole is totally on my wish list.

- The original Monument Valley soundtrack is now available for streaming on Rdio and Spotify. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you should.

- 5 Questions for 100 designers.

- My cloud obsession continues: Cloud Garland

- Be Kind T-Shirt

- “Delight” and “delightful” have become all-purpose marketing words in the tech world…” What Silicon Valley’s Favorite Word Says About Tech Priorities

- Francis L. Thompson shares his strategy on how he will start talking to his kids when they turn 18

- So true: “The truth is, you don’t break a bad habit; you replace it with a good one.” – Denis Waitley

- I discovered Urban Camping last night. So much fun!

- Never wonder again if you should put on sunscreen.. (Thanks Jen)

- Psst… Team Tattly is looking to hire a Front-End Developer.

This Fox Likes Tattoos

Cutie Tattotie Fox

Team Tattly partnered with North American Bear on tattoable dolls, called Cutie Tattootie. Seriously adorable, right. (Not to mention the girl!) The fox comes with 12 Tattly tattoos that the kid can either apply on themselves or on the doll. Put the doll in the washer and the tattoos disappear. Fun, right?

New Nomiku Sous Vide

The new Nomiku Sous Vide immersion circulator looks fantastic. If you like to be a nerd, even in the kitchen, Nomiku is for you.