Dysfunctional / Characters / Claymen

These Claymen sculptures by Aman Khanna are making my heart sing.

Felipe Pantone

Subtractive Variability Dimensional 2 from Felipe Pantone on Vimeo.

Completely enamored with Felipe Pantones‘ works of art.

Speech Bubble Mini Dishes

These Speech Bubble Mini Dishes by Martha Rich make me so happy.

Game On

Love this painting by Stephanie Ho.

Map Art

Ed Fairburn draws detailed human portraits emerging out of maps. Stunning!

Bubblegum Pink Roller Coaster

OMG! I want to ride EJ Hill’s Bubblegum Pink Roller Coaster Through a Mass MoCA Gallery. Says the woman who doesn’t like roller coasters.

Book Art

I am completely enamored by Alexander Korea-Robinson’s book art.

Food Art by MOLD

I have spent an absurdly long time on this Instagram Account displaying surreal food art.

(Via Weekly Highlights)

Tauba Auerbach’s RGB Colorspace Atlas

Whoa! The RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach is a massive tome containing digital offset prints of every variation of RGB color possible.

Beyond the Visible: Hilma Af Klint

From Kino Lorber Films comes a documentary on the Swedish abstract painter, Hilma af Klint. Not familiar with Hilma’s work? Read this.

(via Open Culture)

Jonah Meyer’s Sculpture

This Jonah Meyer’s Sculpture made out of driftwood won my heart.


This is by far the weirdest website I have come across in a while. Delightfully weird! Click through to see why.

Cardboard Pigeon

I’d hang out with this little dude. Crated by Cheryl Cochran.

Objects by Laura Fischer

That feeling when you see an object so beautiful, yet so simple, it makes you gasp? Yep, Laura Fischer’s Rock Objects did that to me last weekend.

Inflatable Latex Floating Suit

This Inflatable Latex Floating Suit, by Spanish artist SiiGii, made me look and smile.

20×200 Affordable Art

Happy to see 20×200 is still a thing. Love that they made art buying affordable. A few pieces that caught my eye. (Each piece is linked)

Artfully Wear

I appreciate Ariel Adkins and her Instagram account. So simple. So delightful. I am into it.

Trash Embroidery

Trash embroidery by Swedish artist William WK. Lovely.

David Ellingsen is a Canadian artist making photographs that speak to the relationship between humans and the natural world.


Flóra Borsi

This photograph by Flóra Borsi made me look.

Albrecht Dürer’s Pillow Studies (1493)

What a joy to see a simple line drawing/sketch by someone as renowned as: Albrecht Dürer.

Collages by Hollie Chastain

Loving these collages by Hollie Chastain.

Macon & Lesquoy Patches

I chuckled upon discovering these colorful patches by Macon & Lesquoy at the tradeshow this last weekend.

Love / Looking

“Love comes by looking.”
Alma Thomas