Frank Moth

I am a big fan of Frank Moth Art.

Guineafowl Pufferfish

This Guineafowl Pufferfish Illustration by Ben Rothery made me giggle. (It’s not a photograph!)

Old Made Good

I. Love. These. Prints.

And just ordered some.

Sebastian Curi

I love Sebastian Curi‘s bold style. Deciding what to put on my walls.

(Via Colin)

Karl Lagerfeld Home Library

Gasp! This library!

Cautiously Optimistic

Forever cautiously optimistic.

Everything isn’t Terrible

I am a big fan of Brad Montague. This new print stating that Everything Isn’t Terrible made me smile. (This one hangs in my home and is my favorite!)

No Fire Without a Match

Love this sign.

The Correct Way

This print by Mr. Bingo hangs in our work bathroom and it makes me chuckle every time. (The original patent from 1891 for a toilet paper roll actually shows the correct rolling direction!)

Game On

Love this painting by Stephanie Ho.

Be Brave

Currently feel like hanging one of these in all corners of my life.

It’s Ok To Feel Things

I think this needs to hang above my desk at Friends Work Here.

The Minimalist’s Wall Calendar

Big fan of the minimal wall calendar by IOTA.

These wall hooks are so cool. And not at all just for kids rooms! My friend Holly put them at her entrance.


Lovely poster by Berlin based P98a.

(Thanks Steve!)

Quirky Ceramic Wall Hooks

These ceramic wall hooks made me giggle.

Towel Rack with Shelf

This Towel Rack with Shelf is a minimal beauty.

Laundry Symbol Poster

Useful and cool looking: Laundry Symbol Poster.

Feeling This Banner

Definitely could use one of these Keep Going Banners at the moment.

20×200 Affordable Art

Happy to see 20×200 is still a thing. Love that they made art buying affordable. A few pieces that caught my eye. (Each piece is linked)

Modern Shoe Rack

I love how this minimal shoe rack takes the shoes off the floor and makes them float.

Good Things Happen

This Good Things Happen Print by Adam JK is the little bit of optimism we all need right now. (Comes in all kinds of colors)

Skeleton Prints

All drawings by Edouard Joseph d’Alton (1838). Available as prints at The Public Domain Review.

This Wall!

This wall in Zoe Schlacter‘s home made me look. I discovered their textiles at a trade show yesterday.