Artsy Graphite Pencils

My friend Julia brought me a multipack of these lovely Graphite Pencils from Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Each one features a quotation to fit any mood or situation and are made from laquered quality graphite. Lovely!

Blurb Instagram Books

Blurb’s Instagram Books make me so happy. Can’t wait until my son’s It’s Hard Being Two Tumblr has enough images to make a book out of it. We live in such an exciting time. The fact, that anyone (with a computer and internet connection) can create books on the fly, is simply amazing.

I love the internets.

DIY LEGO Key Holder

This DIY LEGO Key Holder just made my day!

Freeze A Rainbow

I am pretty confident I’ll be reaching supermom status once I make a batch of these Rainbow Popsicles for my kids.

Decal Transfer Tutorial

Lovely DIY waterslide decals Tutorial.

Book Cover Disguise for Your Wireless Router

Here’s a fab tutorial on how to make a Book Cover Disguise for your wireless router.

Red & White Baker’s Twine

Red & White Baker’s Twine. Simply beautiful.

Tissue Pom-Poms

I totally want to try to make some of these Tissue Pom-Poms. is a new project by Zach Klein that is trying to create a safe place on the web to foster kids’ creativity. As a mother of two, and creativity being a huge part of my work life, I couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s how it works: Let your kid sign up and create an account where they can safely publish what they make. They can upload videos and pictures of their projects using the DIY website or iphone/iPod Touch app. Kids’ projects are online for everone to see, and parents can add stickers to show support. Parents also have their own control panel to follow their activity and also to make sure they’re not sharing anything that should be private.

Consider it a tool that lets kids collect everything they make as they grow up. I love this idea!

Timo Handmade

How adorable is this little doll family? Talk about character! Found it over on Etsy in Timo Handmade’s Shop.

DIY Pop Up Monsters

Dave Lee sent me a link to a trailer for a film called Waste which includes pop-up monsters. Best part, you can download the templates for the monsters, and make them yourself.

Download the toilet monster PDF

Download eyeball the book/laptop monster

(via studioset)

1/2 dozen blank eggs

Decorating eggs, wooden eggs? YES! #easteranyone?


Paper by 53 is a beautifully designed sketching and drawing iPad app.

(via howells)

Unconventional Use of Temporary Tattoos

Check out how I am going to decorate our Easter eggs this year: Tattly (temporary tattoos) on hard-boiled eggs. Thanks to Aimee for the tip!

Tattlys pictured: Pattern Band, Nerdy Bunny, Freckles, Good Bunny

Every Day Objects #

Jason Taylor challenged himself to make a product a day for the entire year of 2012! He shares his creations over on Every Day Objects #. Wonderful!

Origami Flapping Bird

Ready to fold some origami? Here’s a tutorial by Tavin15 that will teach you the flapping bird. There’s plenty more.

(via the kid should see this)

DIY Horse

Lovely Melissa Easton has an entire post dedicated to creating vintage 3 dimensional shapes out of paper. I found Le Cheval (The Horse) particularly charming, in a very analog way. She found them over at the amazing Agence Eureka.

Valentines Day Pixel-y Popup Card

How seriously cool is this Pixel-y Pop-Up Card? Click here for Full instructions and printable templates! See full instructions over at Mini Eco.


With a crafty obsessed 5 year old girl at home, Whimseybox makes me go ‘YES, Please’!

When you register for Whimseybox you’ll receive 4-5 craft product samples in the mail every month for just $15. They’ll select the products based on the things you tell them you like. There’s no contract and you can cancel at any time. They also offer annual subscriptions and 3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions.

Check out some of the recent projects. This will make my daughter seriously happy. Crafty surprises in the mail? It doesn’t get better than that. Whimseybox.

DIY Feather Gift Tags

These Feather Gift Tags are adorable. Get the free pdf template over here. Big thank you to the creators over at LOVE vs. DESIGN.

Giant Cross Stitch

Every now and then a submission comes my way that makes my heart sing. This is one of them. Giant cross stitch wall decorations by Jessica Decker. Wonderful !

(Thank you Jessica)

Masterpieces Pattern Sheet

This Masterpieces Pattern Sheet idea by Mo man Tai had me squeal. I *love* it. Ordering and looking for my hammer…

Sugru Hacking Putty

I don’t know about your iPhone cables but mine break, right where the cable attaches to the connector. My friends over at Holstee found a perfect hack: SUGRU PUTTY.

Team SUGRU (gaelic for play) was tired of not being able to fix broken gadgets, so they developed SUGRU, a moldable silicone that is sticky like Super-Glue and fun to use like Play-Doh:

1) Roll it to warm it up
2) Mold it the way you want it
3) Let it cure for 24 hours

Brilliant? YES! Order SUGRU over at Holstee.

Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide

Here’s a fantastic book photography enthusiasts: Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide, by Chris Keeney. Definitely a cool gift idea for parents that want to pass on the love for photography. What better idea than to build pinhole cameras with your little ones?