Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things

This beautiful short film follows one of my all-time favorite visual storytellers, Maira Kalman, as she curates her exhibition “Selects.” The reopening of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum features this collection—an exploration of life, love, joy and loss.

The film traces the story behind one of the exhibition’s highlights: Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch, restored to tick again for the first time in 150 years. It’s an extraordinary opportunity, Maira observes, to “connect us to history, dreaming and the future.”

Beautifully executed by Gael Towey! Don’t miss the other videos in her series Portraits in Creativity.

Jessica Hische and Forever Love

That talented Jessica Hische! Here’s an interview with her on her recent USPS Forever Stamp design. What a talent!

Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut Graphic Designer – The Creative Influence Ep.13 from THE CREATIVE INFLUENCE on Vimeo.

Michael Bierut talks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, how the internet has changed the way we do design work in the 20th century and what make a logo endure. Also, watch his fantastic CreativeMornings talk here.

Mini Documentary on James Victore

Here’s a beautiful and very private glimpse into the life of Brooklyn based designer and educator James Victore.

Want to see more of James? Watch this 99u talk or check out his work or his Burning Questions YouTube Channel full of advice.

The fine folks of Like Knows Like really know what they’re doing: Check out their other mini documentaries. (They’ve done one on me as well!)

Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen

Julia Rothman pointed me to Santtu Mustonen’s work. Isn’t this stunning?

Massimo Vignelli, 1931-2014

“I was already at my desk on my first day of work when Massimo arrived. As always, he filled the room with his oversized personality. Elegant, loquacious, gesticulating, brimming with enthusiasm. Massimo was like Zeus, impossibly wise, impossibly old. (He was, in fact, 49.) My education was about to begin.”

Michael Bierut remembering design legend Massimo Vignelli

Dear Massimo

Dear Massimo Envelope design by Erik Marinovich.

Massimo Vignelli’s son put out a call last week saying that the the graphic design legend has fallen ill and requested letters from those he might have inspired or influenced during his long career. Designers all over the world have been mailing letters, and posting them online as well, tagging them #dearmassimo. Gizmodo is currently featuring some of them. Love it so much when our community comes together.

Have you written Massimo yet?

An Interview with Milton Glaser

Wonderful interview with the legendary and wise Milton Glaser, as part of Costa Rica’s International Design Festival.

Like Knows Like | Jessica Walsh

Short and personal documentary about talented Jessica Walsh who is a designer, art director, and illustrator working in New York City. She is a partner at design studio, Sagmeister & Walsh and teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

Congrats to team Like Knows Like and their beautiful documentaries.


Chad Kouri

A beautiful spread from a booklet titled The Incredible Journey that is Consciousness.

Friday Link Pack

I am all for music videos that feature Ira Glass.

8 Ways to Recycle Your Old Smartphone

– YES! NYC’s Expanded Recycling Program to Include All Rigid Plastics for the First Time

– An introduction to Google Analytics for ecommerce

Touching NYTimes piece: Listen to personal stories of Boston Marathon runners that were right there when the explosion happened.

– Want to learn how to combine typefaces? Tim Brown has you covered! (via)

This video was shown at the Publishing Luxury Summit to get the audience riled up and thinking positive thoughts about luxury! (thanks Steve)

– My friends at Mailchimp are looking to hire a Software Engineer Intern.

– These Pattern Click Pens make for a really good gift.

Your manifesto, your culture, by Seth Godin

3D color printer that uses paper, not plastic. (via)

Herman Miller’s best selling office chair sheds 18lbs and piles of plastic to become slimmer, more elegant.

How To Wash Your Hands In Space

25 Summer get-together food and drink ideas.

– I recently bought one of these ridiculously adorable Kikkerland USB Airplane Fans. It’s all kinds of cute and practical.

22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist. (via)

Envelope, a super minimal ipad sleeve.

Contact Lens Owl Case. All kinds of adorable.


Three years of the Sun in three minutes. Thanks NASA.

Makers Gonna Make.

– My friends of Done Not Done are looking to hire a Product Designer, a Frontend Developer and a Python Developer.

Book Cover 1984

1984 book cover

This book cover for George Orwells’ 1984 by Adronauts is stunning.

(via visual poetry)

LEGO Vines

The launch of Vine, the Instagram of video, has been fascinating to watch over the past few weeks. Obviously everyone is trying to figure out what works, but users like Mark Weaver sure found a unique way to play with the format. His LEGO Vines are my personal favorites. Imagine a stop motion art project using Lego bricks and Vine. See the growing archive over on

David Kelley’s Home

Is there anything more fascinating than seeing how people live? In this case, IDEO founder David Kelley.

Geometry Daily

Tilman, an interaction and graphic designer living and working in and near Nuremberg, Germany, posts daily geometric compositions on Geometry Daily. Beautiful.

(via Chesley)

CreativeMornings Video: Kelli Anderson

Our speaker at the July 2012 CreativeMornings here in New York was the charming and incredibly talented Kelli Anderson. She is an artist/designer and tinkerer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences. You might have seen her TED talk, or maybe her paper record player? She is one of my all-time favorite designers. And she makes amazing fudge.

A big thank you to XO Group for hosting us in their beautiful office space. And a big thank you to Ben Hallman for filming + editing the video.

Post Typography

I just spent an eternity browsing Post Typography. Go, get your mind blown.


Mr. Somebody & Mr. Nobody

The one booth that stood out to me at the NYIGF was the one by Mr. Somebody & Mr. Nobody. Their products are beautiful and quirky at the same time. The retro radio pillow and the plucked chicken box won me over. Consider me a fan. These ladies will go far. Trust me.


Makers Gonna Make, by Jude Landry. Hmm… wouldn’t that make a great Tattly?

(via Maria)

Moving Things Around

“I move things around until they look right.”
– Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser explaining Graphic Design in an On Curiosity Interview.

Frank Chimero takes Australia

Hey Australia, my fab studiomate Frank Chimero is coming to your neck of the woods this June. Make sure to grab a ticket for one of his talks in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. More info over on

Lucky Ducks!

Oh, and, buy his book! It’s fantastic!

Philosophical Theories

I am completely fascinated by this poster series explaining complex philosophical theories through basic shapes. They’re designed by London based Genis Carreras.

(via coudal)

Peter Megert

Thinkingform posted the above graphic by Swiss designer Peter Megert. I find the three interlocking arrows fascinating.

Make, break, collect, connect.

What happens when studiomate Frank Chimero takes a break from writing his book? This. A brand new personal site. His new site is a scrollable firework: Frank’s brilliant mind visualized. #hattip

(Book lovers, make sure to check out his library section!)