Super Looper

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Super Looper. You have to try it! Make sure to put headphones on, then, get in the zone.

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Design Matters with Jonathan Harris

You & I (Nobody In The World)

Beautiful video by John Legend. (Late to the game. I know.)

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The Writing’s On the Wall

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The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever

Library of Commencement Speeches

Some fine folks over at NPR hand-picked over 300 commencement speeches going back to 1774. Search by name, school, date or theme. I want to hug the person responsible for this.

Go listen!

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Seth Godin in conversation with Debbie Millman

At the 2014 HOW conference, Debbie Millman, host of interview show Design Matters sat down with Seth Godin to discuss courage, anxiety, change, creative integrity, and why he got thrown out of Milton Glaser’s class. Listen to it here.

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Songs That Make You Dance

Impromptu dance parties are happening more frequently at casa swissmiss these days, with disco light and all. And I find myself constantly looking for new songs to add to my playlist.

What’s *the* song that will get you off your feet and onto the dance floor? Let’s start a YouTube-Link-Comment thread? YES?

Happy weekend!

Intangible Qualities

“There are intangible qualities of companies that you pour your heart into that are impossible to purchase. And it’s really special when you create a company that provides that. Nothing tops the feeling of being a part of that.”
– Zach Klein

on Rethinking your Exit Strategy

Lessons In Leadership: It’s Not About You.

“The dominant view of leadership is that the leader has the vision and the rest is a sales problem. I think that notion of leadership is bankrupt.”
– Ronald Heifetz

Listen: Lessons In Leadership: It’s Not About You. (It’s About Them)

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Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 4.13.08 PM

This site lets you experience the London Symphony Orchestra like never before. Design studio Sennep created the stunning interactive orchestra experience. Try it!

Evolution of Music

Pentatonix, what a talented group. Makes me want to see them live. Check their tour dates.

Philip Galanes on Houseguest Hospitality

I just remembered this WNYC podcast on Houseguest Hospitality with Philip Galanes, New York Times Social Q’s columnist. Some good tips on how to be a graceful guest or host.

Marshall Anniversary Speaker

Marshall Anniversary Speaker

I know nothing about audio equipment, so I have no idea if this Marshall Hanwell 50th Anniversary Speaker is any good, but I can say with confidence, it is a thing of beauty.

Jimmy Fallon

Ok, so obviously I live under a rock as 14,280,365 people have seen this Jimmy Fallon clip performing “Call me Maybe” with Carly Rae Jespen and The Roots before me. Made me laugh. Yay for classroom instruments!

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Design Matters with Ben Chestnut and Aarron Walter

I am thrilled over Debbie Millman’s most recent Design Matters episode with Mailchimp co-Founder Ben Chestnut and Aarron Walter, Director of User Experience at Mailchimp.

Mailchimp managed to make email marketing fun, not an easy task. Over the past few years I’ve had the chance to see a bit behind the scenes at Mailchimp and I have the utmost respect for their company culture and values they operate under. I consider them “Design Philanthropists” as they support so many initiatives I care about in the creative world.

If you haven’t seen Ben Chestnut’s CreativeMornings talk, I recommend you bookmark it. It’s one of my favorites.

Debbie, Thank you for making this happen!

Twitter Music

twitter music

Twitter finally launched its much-anticipated Music App. It lets you see what music is trending, emerging and find new music from artists you follow. Smart.


This music video by British singer Sivu made me look, big time. Sivu went inside an MRI scanner and sang repeatedly for 2 to 3 hours to make it happen. Also, beautiful song.

Knowledge brings you sifting ability

Happy birthday Massimo Vignelli.

Custom Built Orchestra

Diego Stocco did it again: After creating a series of videos where he performed a multi-track piece with an instrument he designed, he decided to take the concept a step farther and create his own orchestra made of unusually unique instruments.

The project started by handcrafting a diverse selection of instruments, then he wrote a composition where he could fit them all in and finally performed each part. Impressive.

Mantis Shrimp

I listened to an incredibly fascinating Radiolab episode on Color and learned about the mighty Mantis Shrimp. It has the most sophisticated visual system in the world, as its eyes contain 16 different types of photoreceptors (12 for color analysis, compared to humanity’s 3 cones). Mantis shrimps can thus see polarized light and 4 colors of uv light, and they may also be able to distinguish up to 100,000 colors (compared to the 10,000 seen by human beings).

Do yourself a favor and listen to the Color Radiolab Podcast.

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Friday Link Pack

Famous People with Monkeys

– Hey DUMBO folks, there’s a free concert in the archway (bridge hole) on august 17th!

– Love the simplicity of this wallet.

10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People, by Jeff Haden

– I love these coat hangers.

Deep dive into Instapaper, how to use it and tips for power users (via @steverubel)

– I like this simple Corrugated Planter Set.

The Point of Exclamation

– This sobering infographic compares the cost of the Olympics vs. the cost of landing Curiosity on Mars.

Japan and the fax: A love affair (via @brainpicker)

– I love the work that comes out of Area 17. If you do too, you might want to know that they are hiring an Interface Developer.

– For that little princess in your life: Unicorn Tattly.

– No. 11: If there is guacamole, order it. Rules for Wandering


Do you use Rdio? And you like to go to live concerts? If you answered both questions with a yes, boy, do I have an app for you: By linking your Rdio account to Setlist, you’re able to see if artists in your collection are playing shows in your specified cities. Once you’ve found a show you’d like to check out, you’re only a couple taps away from purchasing tickets in Setlist through songkick. Awesome? I’d say so!

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I heart this American Life.

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DesignMatters with Linda Tischler

I thoroughly enjoyed this DesignMatters podcast with Linda Tischler, Senior Editor at Fast Company. Thank you Debbie Millman!