Balloon Rocket

This weekend, I will be making Balloon Rockets with my kids. You can find more projects like this over on Toys from Trash by Arvin Gupta.

Cat Bounce

Today’s time waster of choice: Cat Bounce.

(via Tim)

Modern Ride-On-Toy

Hey handy parents, this is a post for you. How seriously adorable is this modern looking ride on toy that I spotted over on Made My Joel!? Totally going to ask G to build one for little Tilo.


Please meet Romo, a charming smartphone robot by Romotive.

If you’re into robots, and always dreamed of having one, Romo is for you. Romo uses your smartphone for his brain, is affordable, extensible, and a super fast learner.

You can let Romo wander about your home and dance to music or you can stream Romo’s video to a controller and control him across Wifi.

Romo communicates with your phone via the universal audio jack, allowing Romo to be compatible with any smartphone.

I can not wait to introduce one of these little fellows to my kids. Totally wishlisted!

(Thank you Steve)

Cardboard Houses by Kidsonroof

My kids adore our Casa Cabana House, which has magically survived 5 years of play. The Kidsonroof Rocket would definitely get my son’s immagination going. Here’s your ticket to being superaunt or superuncle!

Seasaw Bench

Dirk Ploos van Amstel has created a seesaw for children that converts to a bench. YES! is a new project by Zach Klein that is trying to create a safe place on the web to foster kids’ creativity. As a mother of two, and creativity being a huge part of my work life, I couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s how it works: Let your kid sign up and create an account where they can safely publish what they make. They can upload videos and pictures of their projects using the DIY website or iphone/iPod Touch app. Kids’ projects are online for everone to see, and parents can add stickers to show support. Parents also have their own control panel to follow their activity and also to make sure they’re not sharing anything that should be private.

Consider it a tool that lets kids collect everything they make as they grow up. I love this idea! is a new favorite. Ideal for quickly sketching an idea or just to spending time playing with shapes. My 6 year old approves.

(via @papermuse)


The Spherovelo is a futuristic looking new bike for 1-2 year olds. Consider it a pre-cursor to a balance bike. Spherovelo has me smile from ear to ear and wonder: Can I have a grown up version, please?

Watch a video of a kid scooting around on it.

Lille Huset

Chicago based designer Alyson Beaton is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch a kids product line called Lille Huset. It’s a series of modular doll houses, made out of eco friendly materials. What makes me especially happy is that all manufacturing will be done in the USA.

Totally backing this. My daughter will be psyched.

(Thank you Gary)

A Typographic Dating Game

Aura Seltzer pointed me her newly launched typographic dating game called TypeConnection that helps you how to pair typefaces.

Origami Flapping Bird

Ready to fold some origami? Here’s a tutorial by Tavin15 that will teach you the flapping bird. There’s plenty more.

(via the kid should see this)

Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is a group of educators and technologists dedicated to helping Brooklyn children optimize their hands-on, technology-based learning experience. In other words: They’ll teach your kids how to build a robot. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

(thank you Josh)

Buff Baby

This Rattle Dumbbell made me laugh.

Puzzlus Puzzle

Puzzlus Puzzle is a perfect gift for the color loving puzzle enthusiast!


InstaMatch turns your Instagram photos into a virtual Memory game on your iPhone and iPad. Fun idea, will give it a try when I get home tonight! (You don’t need an Instagram account to play InstaMatch, you can use other public Instagram photos as well)


A Google Alert has pointed me to a blog called Playgroundology, and I am fascinated. A blog entirely dedicated to the world of playgrounds? Yes, please! Being a parent of small children I spend an awful lot of time on them and often wonder how they could be improved. Whenever I am traveling to other countries I am amazed at the differences in playground planning and thinking.

The Woodland Discovery Playground looks like quite a magical place.

Swings that create music?

And I couldn’t help but laugh while watching the above clip of a an adventure playground scene in the British documentary Seven Up. I would have thought it’s more of a construction site, compared to sterile-cookie-cutter-über-safe NYC playgrounds.

And then of course, there’s the Playground Papa classic. Made me laugh:

So, if you are like me, interested in all things Playgrounds, make sure to check out Playgroundology.

Toca House

I had the honor to meet Toca Boca co-founder Björn Jeffery yesterday. If you have little children and don’t know about Toca Boca listen up: They make the most amazing, well designed and fun iPhone and iPad games for children. My kids (and myself) are obsessed with them. My favorite is the Toca Hair Salon. My son’s current favorite is the Toca Kitchen and my daughter can’t stop playing with the Toca Store.

During our meeting yesterday Björn gave me a sneak peek of their latest game Toca House which is supposed to be ready at the end of this month. It’s going to get the kids excited about cleaning! YES!

Congrats to the folks over at Toca Boca for having created a brand that I love and don’t think twice about downloading new apps.

My First Stacker

I have a few favorite kids toy brands and Green Toys is one of them. My two year old recently got to play with their stacking toy and loved it. Owning a few stackable, nesting toys already I was surprised in how smart this set is. No matter what pieces you put on top of each other they still stack. The colors are lovely and it’s made out of recycled plastic. What’s not to love?

Green Toys My First Stacker,$11.79 on Amazon


Kaleidoism turns your browser into customizable Kaleidoscope! #somuchfun

Little tip, after the image is loaded, click on it and move your mouse around and mouse hover the bottom of the browser window to bring the controls back.

(Thank you Tony)


My kids are completely crazy over this Free Form Magnatab Toy. They draw and write with the magnetic stylus, which raises metal balls to the surface of the sealed Magnatab base. And erase their creation by pushing the magnets back down with the back of the stylus or their fingers.

To me, it feels like taking designing for screen, pixel constraints, to the analog world.


These Clump-O-Lumps made me smile: It’s a family of stuffed animals that can be mixed and matched thanks to the world’s best invention – the zipper. Oh, the fun that can be had. My favorites are Bee-o the Bee and Shark-o the Shark.

(Thank you Jake)

Yummyfun Kooking

My daughter is completely obsessed with Yummyfun Kooking, a seriously adorable, quirky cooking show made for kids. (I love watching the show myself.) Ella loves the show so much, she asked me to sign her up for actual cooking classes. And I admit, that makes me happy.

So, here’s a brand new episode that Claire Crespo, the chef in the show and mastermind behind it all, *just* launched:

Ah, so apparently I can’t embed it, but you can watch it here.

Check out Claire’s website at (warning: Flash Site) or buy her DVDs over on Amazon.

And here’s the Series Trailer:

Puzzle Playhouse

This modular playhouse is all kinds of fantastic. Especially when you live in NYC sized apartments. I am all for kids stuff that folds down. YES!


(Thank you Natalia)