Stanley goes for a drive by Craig Frazier

So, our little Ella Joy is obsessed with driving in the car, or “auto” as she calls it. And, being half swiss, she is fascinated by cows, or “moooh’s” in Ella speak. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that Ella is in love with Craig Frazier’s “Stanley goes for a drive“. It entails “autos” and “moo’s”. The last page in the book is our favorite. Very to the point.

I finally created a swissmiss bookshelf over on LookyBook so that I can find our favorite books faster. Do you have a LookyBook bookshelf? If so, would you mind to share it? Post it in a comment below! I’d love do discover my reader’s favorite picture books.

marital rating scale


Monitor on Psychology – Husbands, rate your wives

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bensimon kids shoes


Bonjour BENSIMON. These lovely french shoes are brand new to the USA. Ohh La La! Bensimon Ballerine and Bensimon Lacet

alphabet chart depicting endangered species in the British Isles


An illustrated alphabet chart depicting endangered species in the British Isles. Printed on recycled paper, A2 size.

the gigantic robot by tom gauld


The Gigantic Robot by Tom Gauld.

yay! another animal alphabet poster


My reader Momomax pointed me to yet another animal alphabet poster: Binth Alphabet

and the animal alphabet posters continue…


I just found yet another animal alphabet. This one is by Lotta Bruhn. Ok, my lovely readers, how many more can we find?

automotive monogamy


Italian photographer Matteo Ferrari tracks down men who have been driving the same car for decades. He then recreates the photos taken when they first bought their cars.

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to-do tattoo


Seen this ToDo Tattoo a while back. Thank you for pointing me to it again, Jonathan! Makes me think of my fab friend Tim who always writes in his palm.

1st born | runner up twin set


Whether they’re identical or fraternal, twins are just as competitive as all pairs of siblings. The most common contest between twins? Who’s older (usually by a few minutes). Set the record straight early on with these First Born and Runner Up one-pieces for newborn twins.

What is Freebase?

… Freebase is “open shared database of the world’s knowledge.” This sounds the same as Wikipedia, but it is really quite different, because at the heart of Freebase are the ideas of semantics and openness via API.

Unlike Wikipedia, which is a free form database, Freebase is structured, where concepts and relationships are interlinked into a gigantic network or graph. Another important difference is that Freebase is all about its API. Any information contained inside the database is accessible and can be retrieved via queries. In addition, the data in Freebase is under a Creative Commons license – meaning that is readily exportable and useful by others.

Freebase: An Overview

minimalistic color flip book


Ultra minimalistic color flip book. I could play with this for another hour or so.

(thank you quito)

some people have too many ideas.


Free Idea Factory is a repository of free ideas. Some people have too many ideas, some people like to work from a prompt. Here is a place where the two can attempt to equalize the uneven pressures in the fluids of their creative minds. These ideas really are free, you are invited to use them, abuse them, twist them, turn them, shake them, bake them, make them your own. Really. …

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Creative Instinct Is Like Fire…


Creative Instinct Is Like Fire… Humanity needs your energy wisely directed

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still here.


This is for my friends Martina, Vivien, Tracey and Carl, my dear friends that moved away from NYC. I miss you guys! (And we can soon add Jennifer and Christine to the list!) Beautiful painting by Maura Cluthe.

bottle cap collection


Maura Cluthe has a beautifully presented bottle cap collection on her Flickr site.

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yet another animal alphabet


Is it me or are there animal alphabet posters everywhere these days? Just discovered this one by petitcollage: Animal Alphabet Poster. Love it.



GDi08 is a showcase of all 2008 graduates of BA(Hons) Graphic Design and BA(Hons) Illustration at the University of Brighton. Inspiring!

Seven Foot


Seven Foot is a typographic illustration based on a book a book Sarah King’s father wrote.

Destroyer’s Rubies


Destroyer’s Rubies, A modern listener’s guide, by Jez Burrows

It’s never too late for a career change.


If you ever think it’s too late to switch careers, you might want to learn about Mae Laborde who has been discovered by Hollywood at age 93.

hello brooch


Hello Brooch. Cute.

Magnetic Golf Darts


Completely silly. Magnetic Golf Darts. Made me laugh.

Ruth Van Beek | Artist


Ruth Van Beek is a Dutch artist that makes collages from vintage photographs.

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