This animated GIF showing simple workout moves made me chuckle.

(via Hirnverbrandt)

GIF Maker

Gif Maker

The new GIF Maker from GIPHY allows you to easily make animated GIFs from videos. I am way too excited about this. Also, one of these days I will just respond to email with animated GIFs. Or I’ll have my catsistant do it.

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GIF Reactions

Animated Gif reactions

Ever wished you could easily find an animated GIF for a specific reaction? YES! This is quite wonderful. Claps.

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Hypnotic Animated Gifs

Animated Gif

I found a quite mesmerizing collection of Hypnotic Animated Gifs.

GIF Shop

GIF SHOP – How-To from Daniel Savage on Vimeo.

When I started out in the web world, animated GIFs were all the rage. I therefore fully embrace, with a somewhat nostalgic notion, apps like the GIF Shop. It let’s you easily create and edit animated GIFs right from your iPhone. Oh, the fun that will be had with our little Ella!

(thank you Daniel)

Animated GIF Paranoia

I am quite late to the game with this Animated GIF Paranoia. I was just staring at it for a good 10minutes completely mesmerized.