Howly Cat Bed

How beautiful is this cat bed called Howly by Tuft and Paw? Stunning!

“Midnight Dinner” Quilt

A beauty: “Midnight Dinner” Quilt

Solid Wool

Last week, at the Do Lectures I got to touch a material that I thought for sure was fibreglass, but no, it was wool, Solid Wool to be concise. I had to ask about three times if I heard correctly. Wool? As in W-O-O-L?

Solid Wool is a beautiful, strong and unique composite material. Think fibreglass, but with wool. Mind blown! So much mad respect to the founders!

Black and White Outdoor Rug

Oh, I love this stripe-y outdoor rug.

Planet Coasters

I would enjoy using this Planet Coaster Set.

Container Unit VO

This airline container would make a cool nightstand.

Papa Felt Trivet

This Felt Trivet is a thing of beauty.

Books capes

Functional sculptures to display your favorite books. Love.

Ito Bindery Memo Blocks

I would allow these minimal memo blocks on my desk.

Rattan Table Mat

There is something intriguingly beautiful about this simple Moe Watanabe Rattan Table Mat.

10 Principles for Good Design Poster

Widely referenced throughout the design industry and quoted in countless essays, Dieter Rams’ principles of good design are as pure, honest, and uncompromising as the very products he has authored through over 50 years of work in design. Here’s a poster to remind you, every day.

Air Lids by Nendo

This Air Lid Salt Container made me look. What a hygienic way to grab a pinch of salt. (Click through for the whole series, which I found over on Minimalissimo.)

Korbo Handmade Wire Basket

Oh, this Korbo Handmade Wire Basket would make for a nice hamper. Also, expensive hamper.

Meno Felt Tote

This felt tote gets my aesthetic two thumbs up! It would look good in my home.

Sugary Rio Dinner Plate


These hand-painted stoneware pieces from Portugal are beautiful.

Nanimarquina Figura Humana Rug

Gah! I want to give this rug a home. The motif is based on a 1948 artwork by Spanish Basque artist Eduardo Chillida.

Tic Tac Trivet

A Tic-Tac-Toe game and a trivet!? YES PLEASE!


Mexican artist and designer Joel Escalona has created 10 objects that challenge the laws of equilibrium. These bowls are one of them. They are beautiful and make me uncomfortable at the same time.

Galileo Quilt

Haptic Lab designed the Galileo Quilt featuring the night sky as it appeared on Galileo’s birthday in 1564 from his hometown of Pisa. Yes, please.

Nanimarquina Rugs

I love oddly shaped rugs. This large one is stunning. Comes in other shapes as well. Want!

Portable Hanging Magazine Rack

Hanging portable bookshelf and magazine rack. Why not!?

Black Square Trunk

This black trunk would make for a cool nightstand or use two next to each other for a coffee table.

Rainbow Door Stopper

This Rainbow Door Stopper is adorable.

Confetti Map Pillow

I was into this pillow even before I saw it had the word confetti in its name.