Shapes Blanket

Loving this Shapes Blanket by Lisa Congdon.

Salt & Pepper Box

Now this is a Salt & Pepper Mill I can get behind.


I am loving this modern take on a salt cellar, called Salty.

Astronaut Light

This Astronaut Light made me laugh.

Confetti Magnets

These Confetti Magnets get my two thumbs up.

Misc. Tray

This tray is lovely.

Camila USB Desk Lamp

Get ready for lots of lamp posts, as I am scouring the web for the ideal, minimal nightstand reading lamp. Could this one be it?

Clam Table Lamp

I am looking for a reading, nightstand light. Could the Clam Table Lamp be it? It sure is beautiful. (Also comes as a floor lamp.)

European Starlings by Nic Miller

I am in love with our latest Tattly launch, the European Starlings by Nic Miller.

European starlings flock in a strange and beautiful formation called a murmuration. This was artist Nic Annette Miller‘s fascination behind her 2016 “All That I Can Do” installation project, featuring 700 handcrafted woodblock starlings in flight.

I am lucky to call a set of these wooden starlings my own, decorating my living room wall. They make me happy.

Oak Tray

Adding these Oak Trays to my wishlist. Pronto!

Jewelry Tray

I love the simple design of this jewelry tray. Each item gets their own ‘compartment’. Beautiful.

Banana Pillow

Every pillow should come in the shape of a banana.

Tea Towels

These are some beautiful tea towels. Wishlisted!

This Wool Blanket

Love the look of this Wool Blanket.

“Tourist” Quilt

This two sided Tourist Quilt is beautiful.

The Solid Brass Tinder Box

This Brass Tinder Box is a beauty. Wouldn’t mind using it for my jewelry.

Humidifier Factory

Fill the Humidifier Factory with water. Place on heater. Cute.

You Are Magic

You are magic trinket tray. Lovely.

Two-Tone Woven Basket

Oh, these two-tone woven baskets are mighty pretty. They would look good in my home.

(Did you know that blogging about products 9 times out of 10 prevents me from buying them! I feel like I own them a little.)

Emergency Wine Bottle Shelf

I want one of these and make it my emergency-instant-dinner-party-wine-bottle-shelf.

Chisos Quilt

This Quilt! Be still my heart!

(via Joanna)

Tower Notes

These Tower Notes would look good on my desk.


This Butter dish, designed by Kristina Filler, made me laugh: Buttah!

Howly Cat Bed

How beautiful is this cat bed called Howly by Tuft and Paw? Stunning!