The Utility Step Stool

This utility stool won my heart. Also comes in a taller size.

Connection Bowl

This 3D Printed Steel Bowl is beautiful.

Wave Trivet

Can you fall in love with a trivet? I just did.

Pillar Vase

Yes to this aesthetic. So much YES!

Wooden Dowel Plant Holders

I absolutely love these Wooden Dowel Plant Holders. Mandi generously explains you can make your own, over on her blog, Vintage Revivals.

Modern Propagation Planter

How amazing is this Plant Propagation Wall? Gah!

Modern Soft Magnetic Letters

I bought some soft magnetic letters for our office door and the fun we’re having! So simple! So fun! Best business expense besides our bubble machine, confetti drawer and swing.

Bedroom Plant Goals

Plant goals! Who wouldn’t want to sleep under a canopy of plants?

Sculptural Planters

Wow, these planters are crazy sculptural. I love it!

Hanging Planters

I have developed a bit of a plant obsession over the past few years. The only way seems to be up, to add more. Have you gone hanging planters yet?

Wooden Salad Servers

I really love these wooden salad servers.

Black Grid Ceramic Pitcher

This is a lovely pitcher.

Stacking Planters

My favorite stacking planters will be back in stock in a few days. I already own a set and love them. Beautiful and smartly designed.

Alei Throw

First I developed an obsession with plants and now throws. Is this what the 40s are like? (Above: Alei Throw and Layers Eco Throw.)

Toothpick Chalet

This Toothpick Chalet aka dispenser made me smile.

Half: Indigo Rings

Intrigued by this rainbow-y looking sculpture by MQuan Studio.

Trilby Nelson Blanket

On my trip to Santa Fe last week I bought this blanket by Trilby Nelson. It not only looks but also feels beautiful.

Weather Predicting Storm Cloud

This glass cloud contains liquid thought to predict the weather by crystalizing in different patterns. Charming!

Salt & Pepper

A minimal version of the Salt & Pepper mill designed for the ACE hotel restaurant in London.

Daily Calendar Pad

This Daily Calendar Pad is brilliant and beautiful. I am going to use it to pencil down the to do items I absolutely have to get done that day. The rest can float in my TeuxDeux.

(Found at Regular Visitors)

Yamazaki Sink Drainer Basket

I bought this minimal dish rack by Yamazaki on a whim today. I saw it and loved it. It looks stylish in my kitchen and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Expression Mobile

This mobile is pretty fun.

Plant Sticks

Design-y looking plant sticks! Staking your plants just got way more stylish!

Big & Tall Basket by Doug Johnston

This Big and Tall Basket by Doug Johnston is a beauty.