Half: Indigo Rings

Intrigued by this rainbow-y looking sculpture by MQuan Studio.

Trilby Nelson Blanket

On my trip to Santa Fe last week I bought this blanket by Trilby Nelson. It not only looks but also feels beautiful.

Weather Predicting Storm Cloud

This glass cloud contains liquid thought to predict the weather by crystalizing in different patterns. Charming!

Salt & Pepper

A minimal version of the Salt & Pepper mill designed for the ACE hotel restaurant in London.

Daily Calendar Pad

This Daily Calendar Pad is brilliant and beautiful. I am going to use it to pencil down the to do items I absolutely have to get done that day. The rest can float in my TeuxDeux.

(Found at Regular Visitors)

Yamazaki Sink Drainer Basket

I bought this minimal dish rack by Yamazaki on a whim today. I saw it and loved it. It looks stylish in my kitchen and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Expression Mobile

This mobile is pretty fun.

Plant Sticks

Design-y looking plant sticks! Staking your plants just got way more stylish!

Big & Tall Basket by Doug Johnston

This Big and Tall Basket by Doug Johnston is a beauty.

Courageous Women Throw

This Courageous Woman Blanket won my heart. Wishlisted!

These Stairs

I can’t take my eyes of this stairs runner by Trish Andersen.


I have this mug. It makes me happy. Every day.

Chub Mug

I dig you, Chub Mug.

Concrete Pen House

Yes to this minimalist concrete pen house.

Book Rest Lamp

I love the idea of this book rest lamp so much. Wishlisted!

Matte Black Glass Pitcher

A matte black glass pitcher with a sculptural quality! Gah! Take my money!

Fujiyama Glass

Ok, I realize this glass is pricey with its $100 price tag but look at it! It’s absolutely stunning! I love and agree with this line in the product description: “a good drink requires a good presentation”. It is inspired by Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji and is handblown by master craftsmen at Sugahara Glassworks. Wishlisted!

Textured Planter

I like this planter.

Entryway Mosaic Floor

Last week I was invited to a friend’s house and this is the mosaic that greeted me at the entryway. What a stunning statement right at the entrance of a home! The masterpiece is by Sarah Donato. I learned from the owner Jules that they were inspired by Nick Misani’s work.

Now I am dreaming of one day renovating a home and being able to hire Sarah to make me a custom mosaic. One day! One day!

Wasara Paper Plates and Cups

Japanese brand Wasara makes the most beautiful paper plates, cups and silverware. (You can find it on Amazon)

Flow Woven Blanket

This limited edition Flow Woven Blanket by Claudia Pearson is beautiful!

Mood Hook

I can’t help but think that this hook is smiling.

Stay True

I am feeling this pennant.


I have developed a slight Pilea obsession. (You can order one over at The Sill.)