Modern Shoe Rack

I love how this minimal shoe rack takes the shoes off the floor and makes them float.

Alpaca Blanket

Come into my life, Alpaca Blanket!

Update: I was alerted that Alpaca Blankets are not something I should promote. I found this article. I didn’t realize.

Mykonos Mobile

My kids have heard me say many times that the only reason I would want to become rich for one day is so that I can own a real Calder Mobile. In the meantime, maybe this one will do?

Coffe Cup Cara

Come here you beautiful coffee cup!

The Bookscrew

Yes to the Bookscrew. I like.

Melting Rugs

I am in love with the ornate rugs by artist Faig Ahmed Ooze that ooze onto the floor in drippy fabric puddles.

Around the Bend Rug

Loving this colorful rug designed by Meg Lewis for Citra. (Also comes in black and white.)

House Bookends

Loving these Housebookends.

Oh you beautiful Carbonator

I saw this Carbonator by Aarke at a recent tradeshow and gasped. It’s a thing of beauty. Definitely an upgrade to the plastic-y Sodastream. I would totally give it a home.

Clean Cut Task Chair

Well done Blu Dot, this is a beautiful desk chair.

Stripes Anyone?

I love this stripe-y couch throw.

Leaf Shape Dog Blanket

I don’t have a dog (yet), but I want one so I can get this dog blanket. But wait, I can get this blanket just for myself…

Custom (Brooklyn) Made Drawer Inserts

I have a slight obsession with storage boxes and neatly organized drawers. There is something wildly satisfying about a drawer organizer that is made to perfectly fit your drawers and needs.

My wonderful ex-husband, a kitchen designer, has been in the kitchen business for over 30 years and a constant complaint from homeowners and architects has been the lack of custom drawer organizing options. He took matters into his own hands and solved the problem:

With his new business he custom-builds you your high-quality, wooden drawer inserts, based on your needs, right here in Brooklyn. There are lots of different configurations to choose from. So impressed!

What a great gift for someone you love. Say goodbye to ugly, plastic, non-fitting drawer inserts!

Pile Sculptures

These Pile Sculptures by Claudia Pearson are simply stunning.

Ilex Studio | Avocado & Acorn Vase

This avocado vase and this acorn vase by Ilex make me swoon! Wishlisted!

Pleated Pitcher

This pitcher makes my heart sing.

Uzumaki Wooden Table Tray

Hey you good-looking trays!

Witton Egg Tray

I can of course live my life without a wooden egg tray, but wouldn’t it be prettier with it? Who doesn’t want to celebrate and elevate their eggs? Respect your eggs!

Cement Doorstop

I love a good doorstop. Especially this one.

Counter Stool

This is the counter stool of my dreams. (Whispers: Price is not)

Aluminium Dust Pan

I wouldn’t mind leaving this dust pan out at all times. Pretty.

Rope Doormat

I dig this minimal charcoal rope doormat.

The Wishing Basket

Great product name. Cute looks. I’d give it a home.

Optimist / Pessimist

Made me chuckle.