Rainbow Door Stopper

This Rainbow Door Stopper is adorable.

Confetti Map Pillow

I was into this pillow even before I saw it had the word confetti in its name.

Rug by GUR

This rug made me laugh. Yes, more rugs.

Nanimarquina Shade Rug

Not sure what triggered my sudden rug obsession but this one, by Turkish designer Begüm Cana Özgür is a visual gem.

Random Porcelain Cup

Not sure what story I would make up in my mind if someone handed me one of these Random Porcelain Cups printed with unpredictable numbers. I would most certainly not be able to remember my number at a party. Made me chuckle.

Nanimarquina Rabari Rug 2

What a stunning (and pricy) rug. Hand-knotted and hand-woven by Doshi Levien.

Moon Tray

This Moon Tray is a beauty.

Parachute Sheets = Heaven

At a dinner party a few weeks ago my neighbors listed the five best products they bought in 2017. Without hesitation, they started raving about these linen sheets called Parachute. As someone who has never spent a lot of money on sheets, I was surprised at the excitement and enthusiasm that oozed out of both of my neighbors, especially as they are more the quiet, reserved types. Their love for these sheets was palpable. So much, that I spontaneously bought a set after I got home, even though they are super duper pricy. Granted, the 3 glasses of wine might have had something to do with it.

A few days later the sheets arrived. The moment of truth was here! And the verdict: They are F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. They feel a tiny bit rough, but in a good way. I admit, I am excited to go to bed because of my sheets. And, yes, I do sound like a bored suburban housewife by talking about how much I love my sheets. BUT I REALLY DO!

I admit though, I can’t get over how much I paid for them. They better last a loooooong time! Also, yes, adulting hard!


I’ve had a pretty remarkable a few days in Los Angeles this past weekend and felt like I got to see a glimpse of the magic that’s inside of me, coming into my true power. I had to chuckle when I found this banner just now. They got it from a Frances Hodgson Burnett quote:

“No one smiled. They were all too much in earnest. Colin’s face was not even crossed by a shadow. He was thinking only of the Magic.

‘Then I will chant,’ he said. And he began, looking like a strange boy spirit. ‘The sun is shining – the sun is shining. That is the Magic. The flowers are growing – the roots are stirring. That is the Magic. Being alive is the Magic – being strong is the Magic. The Magic is in me – the Magic is in me. It is in me – it is in me. It’s in every one of us.’…”

Slowdown Throws

How stunning is this throw by Slowdown?


Leaf Shaped Serving Plates

These leaf shaped serving plates made my heart jump a little when I saw them in a store in LA last weekend. How stunning are these? Hat tip to the designer, Nao Tamura.

Goober Candles

These candles by Area Ware are stunningly sculptural. Don’t think I could get myself to lighting them.

Stacking Planter

This Planter by Area Ware is a beauty. The design discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer.

Modern Wood Trivet

This wood trivet is so beautiful, I’d hang it on my walls.

Gold File Cabinet

Whoa! This gold file cabinet is something else.

Wink Eye Bath Mat

This Wink Eye Bath Mat made me smile.

Modern Doormat

Now this modern doormat by Heymat I could get behind.


Aji Stone Doorstop

This doorstop gets my two thumbs up.

Tritthocker Mono

Mono is a stepstool and a stool. I would adopt him.

(I wish Magazin was in the US)

Rainbow Doormat

While I think it could feel wrong to wipe off my shoes on a rainbow I do love the idea of being greeted by a rainbow doormat when I come home.

Cara Breakfast Set

Being a true Swiss, I love a good soft-boiled egg. I’d give this Breakfast Set a good home.

Olive Wood Nesting Bowls

Oh, these Olive Wood Nesting Bowls made me look! Totally wish listed!

Doodle Placemat

I stopped at the MoMA store today and LOVED this doodle placemat and coaster.

James Victore’s Scribble Tattly would make a perfect companion.

Ha-ne Earrings

Ha-ne means wing in Japanese and these are wing-like light weight earrings handcrafted using locally grown natural fiber in the Tohoku region, Japan. Lovely.