Work With Your Hands

Dana Tanamachi Poster

Black Licorice poster by Dana Tanamachi. A beauty.

Be kind

Be Kind

Beautiful and important reminder by Simon Walker.

Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day

My inbox was full of good news today. A good reminder that I shoudl finally order this Today Was A Good Day Poster by Paper Jam Press.

To Live To Learn To Love

To Live To learn To Love

Really excited over today’s new Tattly launch. Designed by Lila Symons: To Live To Learn To Love.



Type nerds, check out this Adjustable Clampersand. Brilliant and amazing, right?

(Thanks Allan)

Ok, Everyone…

back to work

In case you read my previous post and have been playing Smileball since, it’s time to go back to work. Illustration by the talented Jeff Rogers.

The Brooklyn Bridge in Letterpress Type

My friend Cameron Moll did it again. He designed yet another historic architectural structure entirely out of type, this time, the Brooklyn Bridge. He is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the letterpress printing cost. I am happy to see that he has already reached his goal, but there are still lots of fantastic rewards to be had. Go get yours!

Labors of Love

Dow Watcha Like

Do Whatcha Like, another lovely letterpress print Paper Jam Press.

Hello Sign

hello sign

This Hello sign would look mighty good on our studio walls.

FF Mark

FF Mark

FontFont recently launched a beautiful new typeface called FF Mark. The new Germanetric sans is a collaboration between Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin, and the FontFont Type Department, with creative support from the mighty Erik Spiekermann.

FF Mark has an impressive 10 weights ranging from Hairline to Black. Check out its microsite that showcases and celebrates the thinking and creative process behind the typeface. Well done, FontFont!

Eggs Font

Egg Font

I took 1000 eggs, 10 pans, 5 burned fingers, 3 hours, 1 bottle of oil for this Typeface made of Eggs. It is made of high-resolution photos and contains of letters, symbols and numbers. Every letter has transparent background and ready for placement in your design.


Time Enjoyed Wasting

Time Enjoyed Wasting

Time Enjoyed Wasting is not Wasted. Beautiful lettering by Patrick Cabral found over on Jessica Walsh’s and Timothy Goodman’s 40 Days of Dating Experiment Site.

House Industries + Uniqlo

House Industries + Uniqlo

There’s nothing better than brands you love teaming up and turning up everyone’s dial of awesome to 11. In this case: House Industries + Uniqlo.



Currently drooling over this giant face-lit Lucky sign. A beauty, no?

$2,500 and it’s yours, made to order.

Type Designers

“Don’t have a favorite font. Do have a favorite type designer.”
– Jessica Hische

Excellent read: Upping Your Type Game, by Jessica Hische


it's going to be ok.

I saw this minimal letterpress print by Ladyfiners Letterpress at the National Stationery Show. Must get one for the studio.

The True New Yorker

The True New Yorker

This quote by John Updike was part of my change of address card 13 years ago, when I decided to stay in NYC longer than just the initially planned 3 months. Congrats to the designers Michael Tabie and Karen Goheen of Two Arms Inc.

Isn’t it supposed to say “The True New Yorker *secretely* believes…”

Do Good Work

Do Good Work

Do Good Work Letterpress print by Inkstomp.

Holstee Letterpress Card

Holstee Letterpress Card

Type designer Dave Foster created this beautiful letterpress card with a line from the Holstee Manifesto. Beautiful!



iFontMaker is an iPad font editor allowing you to create typefaces with the iPad touch interface in a matter of minutes. I’ll definitely try this with my daughter!

(via iA)

Any Road

fifty five hi's

A quote by Lewis Carroll, designed by Ross Moody, available over at 55 Hi’s.

Zachary Smith

zachary smithzachary smithzachary smith

Who’s with me that these designs by Zachary Smith would make fab Tattly temporary tattoos?

Hand-painted Saw

Hand-painted saw

This hand-drawn saw by Zachary Smith is a beauty. Jude Landry is the lucky owner.

Ampersand Piñata

Ampersand PInata

How ridiculously wonderful is this Ampersand Piñata?