A Desk is Opening Up at Friends Work Here

Psst… there is a desk opening up at Friends Work Here, my small but mighty, heart-forward coworking community of creative minds.

If it wasn’t for the support of this community, I would not have started my various businesses. It takes a village of a support system to live a creatively courageous life. Reach out if you’re interested over on friendsworkhere.com

ps: Here’s a recent 99u article about FRIENDS.

Hidden Illustrations in Swiss Maps

I love everything about this: For decades, cartographers have been hiding covert illustrations inside of Switzerland’s official maps.

(Thank you Chesley)

“My Little Piece of Privacy”

This made me laugh: To stop passersby from peeping into his workshop, Niklas Roy strung up a small white, *motorized* lace curtain in his window. Outside movement triggers a motor to position the thin fabric in front of the person attempting to look inside. Funny.


I am so grateful I have people in my life who love spreadsheets, so I don’t have to. I buy them all this hat.

Better Conversations With Your Kids

Little Talk Conversation starters helps you have better conversations with your kids.

This is How I Organize my Phone

In this short YouTube video Matt D’Avella shares how he organizes his phone. I am so excited he mentions my to-do App called TeuxDeux. Thank you Matt!

Mifuko Bags

OMG! I just got completely lost looking at these handmade, fair trade bags called Mifuko. Wishlisted!


Face ID Compatible Respiratory Masks

These respiratory masks are custom printed with your face, which means you can still unlock your phone with the facial recognition feature. What is this world we are living in?

UNO for Minimalists

Yep, I’d buy and play this minimalist UNO.

Same Height Party

As a tall woman, the idea of attending a party where everyone is the same height, is incredibly fascinating. What a cool experiment!

Half of Your Heart

Wear Your Kale

Gah! I have been waiting for *weeks* to share this new Tattly: Kale Tattly by Lara Gastinger. I am pretty sure the entire state of California is freaking out right now.

No Ordinary Apartment

This floating desk situation and the overall feel of this space are making me swoon. Designed by Annabell Kutucu.

Felt Underbed Storage Bins

These felt storage bins by Get Open Space are beautiful.

Wake Up To Your Patterns

This post by Brianna Wiest stopped me in my tracks.

Paper Clay Air-Humidifier

Paper Clay’ is an eco-friendly air-humidifier that does not require any electricity or energy source to function, but uses instead the physics principles of capillary action and evaporation. Designed by Maxime Louis-Courcier. Want!

Glassine Treat Bags / Envelopes

I love these Glassine Treat Bags.


How cool is this Korean Drum Dance?

YelloPain: My Vote Dont Count

Thank you Kottke, for finding this: In his new music video, My Vote Dont Count, rapper YelloPain provides an excellent 4-minute summary in the sprit of Schoolhouse Rock of the importance of voting, particularly in midterm elections and with a focus on Congress and state legislatures.

Thank you Body

Thank you body,
for teaching me how to love, me
for showing me my deepest depths
also my soft light
for holding me even when I am
kicking and screaming.
thank you body,
for giving me permission
and the courage
to keep showing up
to keep saying yes.

— Maribeth Helen Keane

Practices in listening

Yes, Please!

Life is a Mirror

Loving Alessandra Olanow’s Instagram account.

Privacy Webcam Covers

I finally broke down and got Privacy Webcam Covers for my iMacs.

Gjøvik House

This house! It’s called the Gjøvik House, situated an hour outside of Oslo, Norway and designed by Norm Architects. Stunning.