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Zero Co

Super fun Kickstarter video with a smart product idea: Zero Co is aiming to help eliminate single use plastic by sending you refill pouches.

The octopus stroking his cheek is hilarious.


Love this Feelings Hat by Adam JK.

Marc Morrone

What is this wild show? Did you grow up with this? I am completely amazed.

Exhale Supernova Tote

Dear world,
I have fallen in love with the Exhale Supernova Tote by Hoi Bo.
I wanted you all to know.
Ok, bye!

This Made Me Laugh

Creature by Virgin Honey

This Is Glorious

One Foot At A Time

Really digging the message on these socks. I already own this version.

Meditation Cushion

Ok, these are some aesthetically pleasing meditation cushions.

Marco Polo Video Chat App

I just discovered the Marco Polo Video Chat App and I am intrigued. With my family and a lot of my friends living in different parts of the world, I often find it hard to stay in touch beyond just text and email. Marco Polo seems to have cracked this nut. You can talk/ aka record a video message when you’re on the go, between appointments, whenever it’s convenient for you. Your friend can watch in real time or later. Unlike other video apps, you don’t need to be live. It’s safe and private. So, that means, no likes, no comments. Dreamy!

Pure Magic

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Pure magic! (Repost @discoverocean)

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The Invisible Dog Season 11

I have been a fan of what Lucien is building with the Invisible Dog since it launched 11 years ago. And for the last 4 years I have had the honor to give my companies a home inside the building that is named after his organization. If you love what Lucien does for the arts, the neighborhood of Boerum Hill and beyond, consider supporting his Kickstarter.

Shizuka Tatsuno Water Carafes

Absolutely stunning: Shizuka Tatsuno Water Carafe.

Cutting Mat Scarf in Black

Last November I wrote about the witty and beautiful Cutting Mat Scarf. It originally got launched in the cutting mat green, but now they issued a bunch of new colors. I just got my hands on a black version and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Invisible Jumpers

Photographs of jumpers blending into their surroundings for an inventive 1,000-hour knitting project. Wow!

Satisfying to Watch

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Gradual Gradient

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Octopus Dreaming

Watch the brilliant color changes of a sleeping octopus.

(Thanks sis!)

Block Cube 3D Wooden Puzzle

This Block Cube 3D Wooden Puzzle looks fun.

Pickle Plant

I am completely in love with this somewhat silly looking Pickle Plant. I bought one a few weeks ago and it’s thriving. I am delighted. Also, I had no idea you can buy plants on Etsy!

Researching a Travel Destination?

Inventories Of Emergency Services

Various emergency services around the world, from ambulance to police and rescue teams, are showing all the gear that they carry in their vehicles using this technique.

Decorating Your Sneakers with Tattly

A few days ago I shared on my Instagram how my daughter felt inspired to decorate her white sneakers with Tattly. I can’t remember getting this many DMs with excitement and thumbs up. It’s super simple: Grab a hold of some fun small-ish Tattly and apply them, just like you would on your skin, but on your shoe. Make sure to cover the designs with a clear sealant or clear nail polish. Superfun! Boring sneakers no more!

There are many more Tattly DIY ideas on our blog.

A Space Suit For Living

“When I was born, I donned a space suit for living on this planet. It was this body, this nice spacesuit, and it had a steering mechanism, my prefrontal lobes and all the brain motors coordinating stuff. . . . You get so good at using your spacesuit that you can’t differentiate yourself from your spacesuit anymore. . . . It’s what I call somebody training.”
Ram Dass

A Candle for F***ing Meetings

This candle made me laugh out loud.