Giant Floating Ball

You are standing on a giant floating ball with a hot liquid core. Plan accordingly.

What We See When We Read

Love this animated trailer for Peter Mendelsund’s best selling book “What We See When We Read“, illustrated by Brian Rea.

Dog and Dolphin Playing Together

My heart needed this.

(I am morphing into a dog lover, aren’t I? Or maybe I need a dolphin.)

Summer 2020 Petticoat

Fashion that enforces Social Distancing. I am here for it.

I could just wear my “Prom Dress” that I wore for my undercover 40th birthday Prom party. Why Prom? I never had one, nor did many of my friends so I hosted one. It was fun.

Blow-Up Scooter

This portable and inflatable scooter made me giggle.

Maker’s Map

Love this Maker’s Map by Brad Montague. I have definitely been wading through the Fog of Fear. I am currently aiming hard for the unexplored territories.

Collages by Frank Moth

Loving and totally inspired by these collages by Frank Moth.

OK Go | All Together Now

What a moving letter that came with this new OK Go song. Read it here.

A Hill You Are Willing To Die On

This thread made me laugh. And nod my head in agreement.

Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time, No. 2

This art installation looks delightful.

Hermann Hesse’s 100-Year-Old Love Letter to Trees

Wander: Natascha McElhone Reads Hermann Hesse’s 100-Year-Old Love Letter to Trees in a Virtual Mental Health Walk Through Kew Gardens

The Evolution of Dance

My daughter (14) and I enjoyed watching this evolution of dance.

Pixel Rainbow

(Via Colossal)

Life Cycle

I am hoping to come out of this pandemic with a new sense of self, ready to fly. Beautifully illustrated with this Tattly by August Lamm.

German Bus Stops

Stop reading the news, for a brief moment, escape the pandemic by browsing this impressive collection of German Bus Stops.

(via Present and Correct)

The Missing Sounds of New York

OMG I love this so much: The NYPL has released an album of sound-based experiences that you might be missing right now as we all shelter at home: Missing Sounds of New York.

(via Kottke)

Public Punching Bag

DIY Smartphone Stand From and Egg Box

Paul Priestman teaches us how to make a DIY smartphone stand from an egg box for video calls.

Stimulus [ ] Response

(via Chris)

This is Soothing and Magical

A Bit of Relief: I Forgive You, New York

This love letter to NYC deeply touched me.

Together Apart with Priya Parker | Virtual CreativeMornings New York

Yesterday was an emotional day: The New York CreativeMornings chapter hosted our first ever virtual CreativeMornings event and welcomed over 1,000 community members on Zoom and YouTube Livestream.

Who would have thought that it would take a pandemic to make me embrace a digital format and host CreativeMornings from my bedroom.

After 11.5 years of putting on IRL (in real life) events here in NYC, I felt ANXcited about the challenge of adapting our events to a digital format. What can we translate from the regular events to virtual? What needs to change? What are the opportunities here? What is at the core of the magic of CreativeMorning?

At 9am yesterday, people tuned in from around the world. We kicked everything off with a lighthearted, fun pre-show, hosted by Christina and Kyle, former CreativeMornings/Toronto hosts and now members of our HQ team.

Our amazing ASL interpreter volunteer Canara helps us keep our events accessible for our hearing impaired. (We love you Canara!)

The pre-show includes audience participation and we had planned to create a virtual ‘coffee line’ and have everyone go into breakout rooms to meet each other, but Zoom didn’t cooperate. Oh well, we improvised by engaging the audience in the chat.

You can see NYC based Sarah Goldstone perform one of her songs at around 20:10.

The pre-show ends at around 25:00 and I get introduced. (Remember to unmute, Tina!)

At around 30:25 I introduce Holley Murchison to read our manifesto. (We adapted the manifesto slightly to match the digital world.)

I thank our sponsors around 33:00 with analog hand-drawn signs. We appreciate you, Harvest, Mailchimp, and Basecamp.

At our regular events we play the “stand up if” game, but for this digital landscape we adapted it to a a”raise your mug if” at around here.

At 40:19 I introduce our theme. And at 41:07 I introduce the remarkable Priya Parker, which then unfortunately lost her internet connection the minute she was supposed to come on! We got this. We stayed calm and stretched for a minute and then she dialed back in 2 minutes later from her phone.

This is the moment where my cat jumped on my desk and spilled my giant cup of coffee all over my desk and my pants. It was dripping EVERYWHERE! This is where I own it.

One of my favorite moments of the morning was when Priya’s husband Anand walks into the room and tries to troubleshoot her wifi. Look at this! Glorious!

After Priya’s segment was over, we launched into our 30 second pitches, where we hand 3 of our audience members the mic for 30 seconds so they can pitch the room anything they want.

We danced out of the event to a Justin Timberlake song, which was an incredibly heartfelt experience, but unfortunately we can’t show this as YouTube would instantly take the video down. So, just imagine 450+ audience members dancing goodbye after our first ever CreativeMornings/NYC event.

If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming virtual CreativeMornings events around the world, check out our upcoming chapter events and our FieldTrips.

And if you’re interested in how to meaningfully gather in a world of physical distancing, suggest you follow Priya and listen to her podcast Together Apart.

And if you have experienced interesting new creative ways of gatherings, or have some interesting ideas on how it could be done, please share them here in this Twitter Thread.

Explore Switzerland

I know what I am watching tonight on my projector. Thank you Jude.

My Kids Love Blinks

Two weeks ago my kids discovered Blinks. The initial excitement was big. And continues. I am in the stage of parenting where I never know what will be a hit with my kids – Blinks is a definite winner.

It too *me* a moment to wrap my head around the idea of Blinks as it is like nothing I have ever seen. My kids of course picked it all up way faster than me. I would describe Blinks as a table-top game from the future.

Each ‘Blink Node’ represents one game and if you decide to play it, it tells the other pieces to get on board and programs them to do so. It all feels quite magical. So, basically, you have multiple board games at your fingertips, and as you add more blinks over time (they continuously come out with new ones) your game library expands.

We have the Combo Set and have had so much fun discovering the various games you can play. My kids definitely love Wham and speed racer. My favorite is Puzzle 101.

We haven’t mastered all of them yet, as some of them seem more complex than others. I am thankful for the instructional videos. Show me and I understand. Whenever I have to read game instructions I am lost. Visual learner anyone else?

Anyhow, if you’re going stir crazy at home and want your kids to be entertained and challenged, I can’t recommend Blinks enough.

I got to video-chat-meet the founder Jon Bobrow. He was so kind to give my kids a little intro to Blinks. They loved it and him. What a joy to learn that the people behind the products you love are kind, generous humans. Jon is one of them.

Jon does live-streams on how to play with Blinks at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here’s one.

And here’s the video we watched once we first got our Blinks:

Consider me and my kids a fan.