Happy Pride!

I am so grateful my kids are growing up in a world, here in Brooklyn, where they will be free to love whoever they want to love, without judgement. The Swiss country side, where I grew up, was not that open minded at the time.

Happy pride day everyone! Look out for team Tattly putting rainbows on anyone who will let them during the World Pride Parade!

Love is love!

Napalm Quist

Not sure how I stumbled upon the Instagram account of dancer Nicholas Palmquist. But I do know that it brings me tremendous amounts of joy.

NO FUN Towel

This NO FUN Beach Towel made me laugh.

Confused Harmony

“All I want is a partner who is way out of my league but thinks that I’m way out of their league and we’ll live together in perfect confused harmony with a dog.”

This quote made me laugh out loud.

Girl Loves Her Bread

Idea Mist

This idea mist room spray made me laugh.

My Mind

This made me giggle.

All of the Colors

I know I shouldn’t have a favorite Tattly, but I do. All of the Colors by Jason Polan just launched and has already won my heart!

Feeling Regretti


Fruit Aliens

This made me laugh.

Hamster Butts

Hamster Butts. (I love the internet!)

I Love the Brits!

Thousands were running the London Marathon this weekend and this incredible chap decided to run it dressed up as Big Ben. The ending is everything. So much credit to the human behind this costume. (He ran the whole marathon like this!)

Google Street View Camera Selfies

Google’s street view camera taking photos of itself in mirrors. Scifi wonderfulness. Made me giggle.

(via Daniel)

Smiley Basketball

This smiley basketball is fun.

I Feel This:

This made me laugh. And nod my head.

Mid-Century Modern Playgrounds

These mid-century modern playgrounds are completely bonkers.

(via Present & Correct)

Anti-Drawing Machine

A robot that disrupts your drawings by Soonho Kwon. Made me laugh.

Pass the Salt!

This is the funnest Rube Goldberg Machine I have ever seen. My kids’ minds were blown!


The brand new Ladybug Tattly by Lorien Stern is my new favorite.

Signs of Getting Old

(via Doris)

Complaints Have No Magic

Thank you for these magical words, Cleo Wade. This was one of my biggest energetic shifts, when moving to New York City, 20 years ago, realizing people don’t really complain here much. Complaining is draining. It truly has no magic. Hence my personal rule: “When I catch myself complaining about something repeatedly, I have two options: Do something about it or let it go.”

Who dat?

Little Chocolate Bar Puzzle

I absolutely love this chocolate bar puzzle.

Good Things Happen Tote Bag

Good Things Happen Tote Bag by Adam J. K.