Rhythms of a Tumultuous Sea

These images by Rachael Talibart took my breath away.

Peculiar Photographs

I thoroughly enjoy these peculiar photographs by @thundergirl_xtal.

Creative Experiments

This is fun.

(via Chris)

In Flight

In Flight: Dramatic photographs by Mark Harvey capture acrobatic birds mid-air. Stunning.

Stunning Portraits by Tim Tadder

These stunning portraits by Tim Tadder made me gasp.

Selfportrait (Quarantine)

What a stunning self-portrait by Ingrid Emaga. (You can buy it as a print!)

Quarantine Pod

This seems to be the perfect quarantine pod.

Stay & Wander Photography

My friend Libby pointed me to this Instagram Account by Stay & Wander. I found myself scrolling for a very long time.

Lin Yung Cheng

Beautifully conceptual photography by Lin Yung Cheng.

How Are You Doing?

Friends asking: How are you doing?
Me: Sending them one of these photos by Brooke DiDonato.

Photography by Joshua Dudley Greer

These photos made me look.

(via Bailey)

Adventures in Solitude

I feel this photo by Cristina Carol.

I am Feeling This:

I am a huge fan of Broke Didonato’s photography. Especially at this moment in time, I am really feeling her photography, as it sums up how this ‘social distancing’ makes me feel.

Leaving and Waving

For 27 years, Deanna Dikeman took photographs as she waved good-bye and drove away from visiting her parents at their home in Sioux City, Iowa. She started in 1991 with a quick snapshot, and continued taking photographs with each departure. She never set out to make this series. She just took these photographs as a way to deal with the sadness of leaving. It gradually turned into their good-bye ritual. And it seemed natural to keep the camera busy, because she had been taking pictures every day while she was there. These photographs are part of a larger body of work she calls Relative Moments, which has chronicled the lives of her parents and other relatives since 1986. When she discovered the series of accumulated “leaving and waving” photographs, she found a story about family, aging, and the sorrow of saying good-bye.

I love this so much.

(via Coralie)

Mous Lamrabat

Loving these photographs by Mous Lamrabat.

Andrew Zuckerman Prints

Andrew Zuckerman launched an online shop. His prints are stunning. Absolutely stunning. This Mandrill Monkey won my heart.

Polaroid Lab

This nifty gadget converts your digital pictures into analog Polaroid prints. FUN!

Human Furniture

Human Furniture by David Blazquez. Definitely made me look.


Love this photo of Vivian Maier’s The Color Work Book.

Photography by Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato has a photographic eye that makes me gasp. Beautiful!

‘Cones of Shame’

I giggled upon seeing this interpretation of a ‘dog cone of shame‘.

David Urbanke

Absolutely loving these photographs by David Urbanke.

I love her!

I don’t know who she is, but I dig her.

Waikiki No. 4

Love this print by Max Wanger called Waikiki No. 4.