A Brief Guide to Noticing

I am a big fan of all things Brad Montague.

The Filibuster Explained

I deeply appreciate Brian Derrick and his calm energy explaining US Politics, in this case the Filibuster. He has been so helpful in getting through the past few months.

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman took my breath away during today’s inauguration.

I cried my eyes out when Kamala Harris was sworn in. Madame Vice President! What a moment!

Car Choir Concert

I love how resilient hoomans are. For members of Luminous Voices, a professional choir ensemble in Alberta, Canada, rehearsing and performing safely during the pandemic has meant getting into their cars, driving to an empty parking lot and singing with each other’s voices broadcast through their car radios.

Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course

My son Tilo (10) just shared this delightful Squirrel Ninja video with me. 20 minutes well spent.

What To Remember When Waking

“That moment of waking is an incredible opportunity, and it’s quite a tragedy if you go straight to your to-do list.”
– David Whyte

Building A Secret Cabin

There is something really lovely and wholesome about this.


Words For The Soul

What a beautiful soul. What a beautiful way with words. I love Cleo Wade.

The Chapters of Your Life

I love Chris Glass. A thoughtful, kind, creative human being.

The Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery

Whoa, what a weirdly satisfying video: welcome to the world of Japanese wood joinery.

How to draw a floating / levitating cube

(via The Kid Should See This)

Why Humans Are Obsessed with Cats

(via Kottke)

“Ich will hier nur sitzen”

For my German speaking followers: I just remembered this gem from Loriot. So delightful. Weirdly appropriate for 2020.

For The Longest Time (Quarantine Edition)

This gave me goosebumps. The guy getting his hair shaved while singing is a total boss!

(Thank you Libby!)

Raising Baby Grey, a Gender-Neutral Child

Thank you Kottke for surfacing this fascinating piece on raising children in a gender-neutral way. Thought provoking.

Creative Experiments

This is fun.

(via Chris)

Ram Dass – How to Love Yourself

Revolutionary Love

This speech by Valarie Kaur made me weep a few months ago while walking through a Brooklyn park. Listen to the very end. It’s powerful. So very powerful.

I am beyond thrilled and honored that Valarie is our guest at CreativeMornings/NYC this Thursday, November 19th.

I wish everyone on this planet would read her book See No Stranger – A memoir and manifesto of revolutionary love.

I am humbled I’ll get to be in conversation with Valarie this Thursday at 4:30pm ET. Join us. (It’s free.)

She’s That Woman

How Tim Ferriss Digests Books

I loved this video in which Tim Ferriss breaks down how he reads and synthesizes books. Super interesting.

Ocean Waves

(via Emerline)

Softbody Tetris

This Softbody Tetris is weirdly soothing to watch.

How to Be at Home

A beautiful animation creative by Andrea Dorfman, while in social isolation through the spring and summer of 2020. How to Be at Home is one of thirty films made through, The Curve, a National Film Board of Canada series of films created within (and many about) our pandemical times.

David Whyte reads “Everything Is Waiting for You”