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DIY Smartphone Stand From and Egg Box

Paul Priestman teaches us how to make a DIY smartphone stand from an egg box for video calls.

Color Is A Beautiful Thing

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Stimulus [ ] Response

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5-in -1 Tool

I am not particularly handy but wish I was. So, I started following Youtube channels run by carpenters. Let me tell you, I am discovering a whole new world. I am enjoying videos like the one above by the Honest Carpenter. File this under ‘the things you discover during a pandemic”.

A Message of Hope From Neil Gaiman

The Future Collective


This Warmed My Heart

Family creates a home grocery store so 87 year old grandmother with Alzheimer’s can stick to her routine. This put a smile on my face.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

As part of the One World: Together at Home fundraiser members of the Rolling Stones, each in their own home, got together via video to perform You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

My favorite part of all this is that we get glimpses into people’s homes.

Movie: Meetings With Remarkable Men

MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE MEN, a film by Jerry Hyde & Mai Hua from mai hua on Vimeo.

Meetings with Remarkable Men” is a deeply moving documentary about the role of men in our society. The director Mai Hua made it public, available for anyone to watch, for a few days. It’s an hour well spent. If it resonates, please consider donating a small token of appreciation.

Explore Switzerland

I know what I am watching tonight on my projector. Thank you Jude.

Philip, The Last Sweet Potato

Philip, the Last Sweet Potato: A Non-Binary Quarantine Love Story from Beloved Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Sophie Blackall

Self-Inflating Airplane Slide

Watching an airplane recycling company employee having to activate a detached emergency slide was surprisingly amusing.

Here’s a video of an airplane slide inflating while still attached to a plane.

Baratunde interviews JR

Thank you Baratunde for sharing your full interview with the remarkable JR.

Fun fact: Baratunde used to live across the street from me and when he moved out he gifted me his fancy waffle iron. Now, every time I make waffles for my kids we scream #waffletunde. Sometimes I even photo-tweet the results at him. It’s the little things.

Bill Withers


Meaningful Gatherings in this Time

Priya Parker shares tips on how to approach and reframe how we gather in this strange time of social distancing.


As a boy with an exceptionally long nose accidentally falls into a cake, his life changes in unforseen ways. Equipped with a Super-Nose he begins to reexplore life. But everything comes at a price. Weird and beautiful. Congrats Vincenz Neuhaus!

Andrà Tutto Bene

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Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic

This is helpful.

Update: There is some criticism floating around the internet about this video. Kottke summarized it here.

The Best Way to Face Difficult Times

Mummenschanz Exotic Mime

I was reminded of this gem today. Mummenschanz is pure delight.

Single Sheet of Paper Zine

I love this so much.

“My Little Piece of Privacy”

This made me laugh: To stop passersby from peeping into his workshop, Niklas Roy strung up a small white, *motorized* lace curtain in his window. Outside movement triggers a motor to position the thin fabric in front of the person attempting to look inside. Funny.