The Keep Going Song

I needed this today.

Teno: Sound in a New Light

I remember last year, when I had lunch with the wonderfully thoughtful and talented Max Guwanan, who’s aesthetic I deeply admire, and he showed me his latest product prototype. I at first wasn’t sure what I was looking at and he proceeded to explain it’s a light but also a speaker. Fast forward to this week, where he launched Teno, a new kind of speaker and a new kind of light. And most of all, a beautifully sculptural object. Congrats Max, you did it again. First Lumio, now Teno.

Mercury’s Retrograde

This is beautifully absurd: A millennial is looking for her magic 8 ball inside her unconsciousness.

(via The Curious Brain)

Swim Wild

(Via Alastair)

Dancing Through Harlem

I love this so much.

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Not new, but worth rewatching. Her Morning Elegance, by Oren Lavie.

Days Of The Week Origins


Making Choices with Nature in Mind

“In every moment of every day, there’s a choice to be made. If we all make our choices with nature in mind, then together we’ll find a way to live in balance with the natural word. After all, we are nature, and we need it to survive.” A new film with David Attenborough.

The Gifts of Non-Reactive Mindful Presence

Tara Brach has helped me through so many turbulent times. She is a national treasure.

Jungle | The Heat

Mailing Letters Under The Sea


Paul Kalkbrenner | Parachute

Beautiful video for Paul Kalkbrenner’s new single by London-based director Taisia Deeva.

The Uplift

The world needs more poetic humans like Tom Lawton. He is the creator of Uplift, a solar-powered sculpture designed to soothe the soul that’s made from waste fishing nets.

Thanks For Making

I love when Cameron shares his Thanks for Making videos. (He is my partner in crime in making TeuxDeux!)


I needed this. Thanks for the smile, Demi Adejuyigbe! (There are 4 more of these!)

à la fin…

A film by Lichtel Nicolas.



What a fascinating glimpse into a different world: Greenland, the remote territory, rich in minerals and pure water, shows the world how to live during quarantine.

HELP: Dear dev savvy humans, how do I turn off autoplay on this video? I looked at the code but it’s not obvious to me.

What is Happiness?

Grab a beverage and dive in.


I love this Animated Mailchimp Brand Campaign

Well done, Mailchimp.

Walking in Heavy Thunderstorm at Night in NYC

Sound on!

(Via Chris Glass)

Using Super Glue and Baking Soda to Repair a Plastic Switch Plunger

This video about using super glue and baking soda to fix broken plastic parts. When it cures it is rock hard. Fascinating.

(via Recomendo)

Denzel Washington’s Life Advice

“Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference”. — Denzel Washington

It Takes Courage and Strength To Be and Empathetic Leader

I love Jacinda Ardern. So much.

How To Revive your Belief in Democracy

Civic evangelist Eric Liu shares a powerful way to rekindle the spirit of citizenship and the belief that democracy still works. Eric is the founder of Citizen University, an organization trying to foster a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship across the country.