Obsolete Sounds

The world’s biggest collection of obsolete sounds. Made me look.


Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

This is funny.

The Future Will be Shaped by Optimists

“Every great and difficult thing has required a strong sense of optimism,” says editor and author Kevin Kelly, who believes that we have a moral obligation to be optimistic.

Reverse Waterfall

Photographer RJ Hooper captured the rare phenomenon of a reverse waterfall in Ivins, Utah. There’s a metaphor in here, isn’t there?

Gregory Porter

I saw Gregory Porter in concert on Saturday here in Brooklyn. What a beautiful talent this man is.

The Mind-Bending Physics of Time

How the Big Bang gave us time, explained by theoretical physicist.

The Fourth Dimension

Left–Right, Back–Forth, Up–Down. What’s the fourth dimension?

What Could I Do?

Daniel Pink suggest a small language change in the way you think about a problem you’re trying to solve. So simple. So powerful.

Rebuilding Society on Meaning

Thank you Joe Edelman for sharing this thoughtful piece on rebuilding society on meaning! “If we want to make meaningful things, we have to measure meaning.”

Chicken Magic Body Control

This made me laugh. I love chickens.

(Thank you Babs)

An Act of Faith

The Power of Social Environment

“Surround yourself with people where your desired behavior is the normal behavior.”
– James Clear

Hania Rani

(Thank you Cengic)

Maria Popova On Sanctuary

What an absolute gift to have Maria Popova speak at CreativeMornings/NYC yesterday. We had 500 people in attendance and 945 people tune in on livestream. What a gift!

Against All Odds

Ludovico Einaudi (The Royal Albert Hall Concert 2010)

I have clearly fallen down a Ludovico Einaudi rabbit hole and I am loving it. This 2010 Royal Albert Hall Concert is an absolute dream. I recommend listening with headphones!

Ludovico Einaudi: Tiny Desk Concert

I applaud you, Apple!


The Principle Of Not Forcing

Kait Dunton

This piece took my breath away. Thank you for sharing your gift Kait Dunton.

Mushroom Santa

How the Psychedelic Amanita Muscaria Mushroom May Have Inspired the Santa Legend of Lapland

How to Find a Wonderful Idea

How does OK Go come up with their unique ideas for their music videos?

(via Tobias Günther in Dense Discovery)

Make [Eye] Contact | Going Deep With David Rees

Thank you Gene for telling me about Going Deep with David Rees. What a find!


Meet Jonah Hill’s friend and therapist, Phil Stutz. Directed by Hill, this film invites you to explore Dr. Stutz’s Tools for life in an effort to get real, get personal, and get better.