How to Wake up Before 6am Every Day


The 12-Hour Rule


59 Ways to Cook Your Eggs

I love eggs! I love eggs A LOT! This video on 59 ways to cook your eggs makes me very happy.

Why Trust Is Worth It

High Art

High Art from Jacob Krupnick on Vimeo.

“Height has replaced neighborhood.” Beautiful video piece by my friend Jacob Krupnick for the New York Times Magazine on the tallest residential building in NYC. Read the article.

People Matter, Real Life Matters

This vulnerable talk by Grace Bonney hit me in the heart. In it she speaks on the last 15 years of running Design*Sponge and why 2019 will be her final year. She unpacks the noteworthy lessons she’s learned along the way and what truly matters even in this digital age.

Pass the Salt!

This is the funnest Rube Goldberg Machine I have ever seen. My kids’ minds were blown!


My friend Youmna, force behind Live Love Bierut is a very special human.

Signs of Getting Old

(via Doris)

Being an Advocate for Love

Beautiful talk by poet and author Cleo Wade.

A Timelapse of the Entire Universe

10-minute time lapse video showing the history of the universe, from its formation 13.8 billion years ago up to the present. Hat tip to the creator, John Boswell.

(Via Kottke)

Coney Island Love Letter

(via The Kid Should See This)

Unbreaking America

Learn more.

Oliver Jeffers Speaking at CreativeMornings

A few months back, the remarkable Oliver Jeffers spoke at CreativeMornings/NYC, telling us about his new book, why he became more political in his art, and why we need to take care of this world. Worth a listen.

Are you an overbuyer or an underbuyer?


Apple Macintosh Frogger

Anyone remember Frogger? I played this for hoooooours approx 1984!

Yung Pueblo: Free Yourself to Find Yourself

I am feeling this. Thank you Yung Pueblo.

Trash Compactor

This Trash Compactor made me look. We had a similar garbage can as a kid growing up in Switzerland. They became a thing once you had to pay for each bag of garbage you put outside. Also, garbage pickup was only once a week! Imagine that, New Yorkers!

A Simple Practice to Describe What Work You Do

George Kao is sharing helpful questions to figure out how to describe what work you do.

The Physics of Surfing

The Physics of Surfing!

Being 97

97-Year-Old Philosopher Ponders the Meaning of Life: “What Is the Point of It All?” (I love his red suspenders so much!)

Parrot Talking to Alexa

This makes me want to train my cat to talk to Alexa.

Ram Dass in Fierce Grace

I watched Ram Dass’ movie Fierce Grace yesterday. It touched me deeply. If you don’t know about Ram Dass, look him up, look up his books. A beautiful soul.

Amason | I want to know what love is