Love pillows? Love type? Then Typies is for you.

Typographic Bird Houses

Nishant Jethi created these Typographic Bird Houses. Love the idea. In fact, I would like to live in a typographic home myself.

(Thank you Nate)


Job Wouters keeps the dying art of hand-drawn art alive. Interesting post over on FastCo.


Doggy is a rather difficult to read (but highly amusing) font-family rendering words as dogs through the OpenType ligature feature. Depending on the length of a word the dog respectively gets longer or shorter. One letter words result in a sitting dog.



Elegantissima is the first monograph on Louise Fili‘s work and covers the breadth of her nearly forty-year design career. Featuring case studies showing sketches, references, inspiration, and design process, it’s a must-have for graphic design students and professionals, as well as anyone interested in advertising, food, restaurants, Italy, and books.

It’s a beauty of a book!

Bernini Sans

I absolutely *love* Bernini Sans, a new type family by Tim Ahrens! Excited to know that it’s available on Typekit!

(via Jason Santa Maria)

Jessica Hische on your iPhone

If you’re a fan of Jessica Hische’s Drop Caps you might want to check out her iphone cases over on uncommon. #awesomegiftforanytypenerd

Type Worship

Type Worship is the official blog of 8 Faces magazine. Featuring inspirational typography, beautiful lettering, reviews, interviews with leading designers, and exclusive content from the coveted bi-annual publication. Curated by Jamie Clarke with Elliot Jay Stocks.

We Love Typography

Are you into Typography? Then you will love this site. (Type in a keyword and be amazed!) ‘We Love Typography’ is a collaboration between John Boardley and Kari Pätilä. It’s like an FFFFound for type-related content, a type-themed delicious for the eyes. It’s Type Heaven.


Makers Gonna Make, by Jude Landry. Hmm… wouldn’t that make a great Tattly?

(via Maria)

Typograhic Viennese Facades

A quite magical collection of over 4,000 photographs of vintage typographic Viennese storefronts by Herbe Marker. Beautiful.

(Thank you Anina Rehm)

Conan O’Brien Quote

This hand-pulled screenprint by Kyle & Courtney Harmon *must* go up at Studiomates. Conan O’Brien is a wise man.

More / Less

Sometimes you feel like you should be doing more. Other times you feel like the right thing to do is less. This letterpress print, by Jason Polan, helps once you decide which one to strive for.


I see beauty (and humor) in this Vintage Wood Road Side Produce Sign. Rhubarb!


Typenerds unite: Levato is a brand-new typeface by Monotype and has been optimized for print, web and skin. #makesmehappy

FontShop Plugin

FontShop CS Plugin Beta from FontShop on Vimeo.

The new FontShop plugin lets you use all fonts they distribute for mock-ups. It allows the designers to experiment with font variations, and to show different typographic options to their clients before actually purchasing anything.

A Typographic Dating Game

Aura Seltzer pointed me her newly launched typographic dating game called TypeConnection that helps you how to pair typefaces.

Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey is a typographic postcard project by poet Kate Camp, graphic artist Sarah Maxey and typeface designer Kris Sowersby. It’s a limited edition of 500. Printed by Freestyle Total Print in Wellington, New Zealand, 2011, on 300gsm Munken Pure.

Asteriks vs Commas

Something I always suspected, now confirmed by Marc Johns: Asterisks are more dangerous than commas.

Skin Type

Skin Type by Bryan Stewart.

M Lamp

Starting february 29th you’ll be able to buy this M Lamp at the M-STARS store. Go MIGROS, this is way cool!

(For those of you that don’t know what MIGROS is: It’s one of the biggest Supermarket (and services beyond) chains in Switzerland. I grew up shopping at MIGROS and these fan-products make me smile.)

Custom Family Pillow

In case you keep forgetting where you live, you might want to get a Custom Family Pillow with your address on it. Great gift for someone that just recently moved.

Vernacular Typography

For the past 10 years, Molly Moodward has been photographing environmental typography and organized her images by place and category on VernacularTypography.com. As of now, the website has over 5,000 images of urban typography from 10 different countries, including Argentina, The Bahamas, Chile, Cuba, England, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the US.

Molly just started a Vernacular Typography Kickstarter Campaign to help build up her digital archive. It’s a beautiful projects which helps preserve, and promote the vanishing examples of lettering in the everyday environment.

Totally backing this campaign. Join me?

Mark Your Calendars for Linotype: The Film

Linotype: The Film is a feature-length documentary centered around the Linotype type casting machine. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison, it revolutionized printing and society.The film tells the surprisingly emotional story of the people connected to the Linotype and how it impacted the world.

The movie’s world premiere is February 3rd at the SVA Theatre in New York City with Steven Heller moderating the Q&A afterwards. Tickets are on sale now over on their screenings page.