How To Forgive

Don’t Take Life too Seriously

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Jim Carrey: I Need color


Christine and The Queens

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Wine Myths, Debunked

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This Commercial!

What the what? Absolutely mesmerizing commercial.

Sardine Feeding Frenzy

Nature is remarkable.

How To Stay Inspired

I enjoyed hearing Robin Sharma’s take on how to stay inspired.


Shahak Shapira reported about 300 hate tweets. Twitter didn’t delete them, so he sprayed them in front of their office.

Hey @Jack, hate Tweets are a real problem.


Facing The Future Without Fear

“Is there something we can do, each of us, to be able to face the future without fear?” asks Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. In this talk, the spiritual leader gives us three specific ways we can move from the politics of “me” to the politics of “all of us, together.”

Respond, not React

I needed to hear this talk by Tara Brach today.

Interview with John Maeda

I really enjoyed this conversation between Claire Lew and John Maeda. So much respect and admiration for John and how he navigates life.

What’s for Breakfast?


Tinker Friday

I am completely smitten by this collection of videos created by Dina Amin. On Fridays she picks a random product, disassembles it, examines it and makes a stop motion story with its parts. This is delightful!

S’Well Founder Telling Her Story

Love hearing fellow founders tell their stories. In this case Sarah Krauss, founder of S’well bottles.

Now I am wondering, how do I get a call from one of the Oprah Magazine editors to run an article about Tattly?


“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something.”
— Najahyia Chinchilla

From this this CreativeMornings talk

The Surfing Dock

I don’t surf. But this Surf concept video is fascinating.

Young Explorers

Young Explorers” is a series of short films about what happens when you allow kids who are very young—who have just learned to walk by themselves—to explore the world completely on their own. Congratulations to the filmmaker Jacob Krupnick.

How To Remove a Tattly

Fireworks Filmed With A Drone

Somebody flew a drone into a fireworks display and this is what happened. Wow.

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Turn on sound. Go fullscreen. Heart is full watching this.

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Bike Powered Elevator

This Bike Powered Elevator made me smile. Love the concept.

The Black Hole

The newest MailChimp commercial featuring a black hole made me giggle. I know that black hole feeling well.

Nothing beats their MailShrimp short film. If you haven’t seen it, please do so now!

Alphabetizing Books

In case you ever wondered what the fastest way is to alphabetize your bookshelf. Now you know.