My Mind

Wow. My Mind seems impressive. Definitely trying this.

ps: OMG! The onboarding is a piece of art. The entire experience is a dream. YES!

Permission to be Creative

I keep coming back to this gem. This part:

“… It’s so beautiful is the thing that worries me sometimes whenever you talk about creativity, because it can have this kind of feel that it’s just nice, you know, it’s warm or it’s something pleasant.

It’s not it’s vital. It’s the way we heal each other in singing our song and telling our story and inviting you to say, hey, listen to me and I’ll listen to you. We’re starting a dialogue, you know. And when you do that, this healing happens and we come out of our corners and we start to witness each other’s common humanity. We start to assert it. And when we do that, really good things happen. So if you want to help your community, if you want to help your family, if you want to help your friends, you have to express yourself and to express yourself, you have to know yourself.”

Seeing Things

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
Henry Miller

Sorting Therapy

@woahtori #colorsorting ♬ Summer – Aesthetic Sounds

My friend Steve pointed me to this incredibly soothing and minimal app called Sorting Therapy. My kids love it too!

My Kinda Traffic Jam

This art piece by Maider Lopez made me giggle. More photos here)

Ólafur Arnalds live from Hafursey

Compression Marble Sofa

I am loving Paul Cocksedge’s play of materials with the Compressed Marble Sofa. Stunning.

The Finest Medicine

“To be silent the whole day long, see no newspaper, hear no radio, listen to no gossip, be thoroughly and completely lazy, thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world is the finest medicine a man can give himself.”
Henry Miller

Link Pack

I keep coming back to this concert. Wish I could travel back in time and experience it live.

_ Whoa! This nutrient density chart. It’s so impressive.

GiveWell shares the top charities.

7 Questions to ask yourself when you don’t know what you want.

– Need some cool prints for your walls? Check out The Public Domain Review Shop

– “Power is the free flow of love

– I don’t drink but if I did, I’d love to own this Bar Set.

– Ever thought about making your own butter? Here you go.

Meta launched Threads. It ties into your Instagram account which means the setup is seamless and you’re instantly connected to the folks you follow in Instagram. Smart! I am going to give it a go. You can follow me over there.

– Ugmonk sells exceptionally beautiful desk accessories.

Can Everyone Take a Sabbatical?

July 2023 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists

– I dig this little, minimal wall cabinet. Floating side table anyone?

– These are some pretty stripe-y towels.

– Interesting thread: 50 Ways To Start A Conversation With Anyone

Lara Maju’s Botanicals are currently decorating my arms and I am getting so many compliments.

– I am thrilled that our CreativeMornings/NYC events are back to how they felt pre-Pandemic. The past two months we were waitlisted again. Have you been to a CreativeMornings recently? If so, where? Don’t know if there is one in your city? You can check here! (Some chapters are looking for a new host to take over. Is that you?)

This Park in Poland is A Dream!

Check out this design-y park in Poland. Thank you Kottke for this find. I am so grateful you’re back at it!

Jelly Wobbler

I applaud Nik Ramage for the invention of the Jelly Wobbler.

Lights as Fungi

Lights as fungi, beautiful series by Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen.

Meditation: A Practice of RAIN

I keep coming back to Tara Brach’s Practice of RAIN often. RAIN stands for:

Recognize what is happening;
Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
Investigate with interest and care;
Nurture with self-compassion.

To put it Simply

“To put it simply –
we are here to become
embodiments of love.”
– Paramatma Siri Sadhana

Worldwide Driving Orientation

Fascinating: Worldwide Driving Orientation by Country in 2020.

Will AI Change Our Memories?

What a curious time we live in. Will AI Change Our Memories?

The Lion King: Tiny Desk Concert

Imagine you are at work and then this happens one cubicle over. I love Tiny Desk Concerts so very much. Fun fact: The first Tiny Desk Concert came about in 2008 after Bob Boilen and NPR Music editor Stephen Thompson left South by Southwest frustrated that they couldn’t hear the music over the crowd noise. Thompson joked that the musician, folk singer Laura Gibson, should just perform at Boilen’s desk. A month later Boilen arranged for her to do just that, making an impromptu recording and posting it online. The name is taken from Boilen’s 1970s psychedelic dance band called Tiny Desk Unit.

Picnic In A Poppy Field

Picnic in a poppy field by Madalina Andronic.

The Art of Asking

Not a new talk. Amanda Palmer is a force. Worth rewatching.

Tempo Umbrella Stand

This is a beautiful umbrella stand.

Let Yourself Be The Milky Way

“You keep worrying
you’re taking up too much space.
I wish you’d let yourself
be the Milky Way.”
Andrea Gibson

Link Pack

This is so powerful. Makes me cry every time I watch it.

A simple, minimal stripe-y rug. I like.

– The only stroller I want to own.

– Tempted to buy one of these tea infusers. Worth it?

– This is a beautiful carabiner.

What the web looks like to someone who is colorblind. (via)

Vintage Analog Photo Booths. Such beauties!

Graphic Design Reading List (via Chris)

– I remember way back when, putting a resume together is such a pain. I’d totally be down to have an AI tool help me with the first draft.

A floating shelf with a built in LED light. Yes please.

– I love the You Are Not Alone Murals. Murals are painted by different artists in different communities all around the world.

– One of my favorite necklace pendants: Mudra for acceptance.

A smiling storage unit.

– It’s travel season. Get your custom Luggage Tag by Various Keytags.

Having no obligation to your former self. (via Chris)

– This yellow poncho made me giggle.

– Want to test drive a tattoo? Tattly got u.

I wish This App Existed for Business Meetings

I wish this existed. In a business context. For reals.

A Digital Archive of Graphic Design

My friend Steve texted me the link to saying “I DARE you not to like this!” He knows me well. Archives.Design is a digital archive of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives