ICFF Highlight #7: Flying Robert


This lamp, Flying Robert, by Fabbian, is made for my husband me! (I basically met G because he carried an umbrella!)

SENZ umbrella


The aerodynamic SENZ umbrella claims to resists storms up to wind force 10! It looks intruigingly odd! Umbrella-man, is this for you?

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wi-fi umbrella


G, this post is for you:

The handle of this umbrella changes color based on weather forcast the umbrella receives through a Wi-Fi network. Forecast predicting umbrella, by Materious.

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the big umbrella


‘The Big Umbrella’ is a big umbrella designed to shield a large group of people from the rain. A typical big umbrella can shield approximately 4 tightly squeezed people from the rain. ‘The Big Umbrella’ is twice as big (240 x 160 cm) as the biggest men’s umbrella found on the consumer market and can in turn potentially shield 16 people from the rain.

This definitely put a smile on my face. You have to know, I have a thing about umbrellas ever since I met my husband in an elevator – thanks to his umbrella. It was a rainy evening and I asked him if he was walking to the A/C subway stop by any chance. He did, and he walked me there under his (what I thought was a big) umbrella. Seeing this giant umbrella puts his into perspective though… hmm.. I wonder if he would have ended up with a harem instead just me as his wife would he have had that ‘big umbrella’. Ha!

“The big umbrella” by Alexandra Mir

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aki umbrella stand

970_photo_2_141602_1Pretty Pretty: Aki umbrella stand.

umbrellaman – look!


Umbrellaman look! This is the perfect umbrella stand for our apartment! Yay!

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ufocap umbrella

UfocapI went to see the current exhibit at MoMA called SAFE Design Takes On Risk where I discovered the: Ufocap Umbrella (What a hysterical name!)! It’s designed by Jae Bong Yang, Made out of PVC Plastic, manufactured by Koryo Industrial Co. Korea

I wish they would offer one for grown ups (No offense Umbrellaman). Seriously, I would wear it.

Here’s the Folding Instructions. Sorry, but it looks like a giant condom…

sky umbrella


Umbrella-man, I think this sky umbrella, designed by Tibor Kalman would suit you well.