Rumpl x Poketo Blanket

Rumpl and Poketo had a baby. I like it.

Origami Paddler

How fun is this fold-up Kayak? Want!

Houndsy Kibble Dispenser

This Dog Kibble Dispenser has me mesmerized. (I am currently using this for my dog food.)

Third Man Records Spinnerette Turntable

Loving the bold color and retro design of this turntable.

Automatic Boot-Cleaning Machine

Can it be? Have I fallen in love with an Automatic Boot-Cleaning Machine. Go Boot Boy!

Can Sneakers Make You Happy?

These sneakers would qualify for what my team member Annie calls Dopamine Dressing. I love them. They won my heart. Wishlisted!

Lushna Cabin

I am dreaming of this Lushna cabin in the woods.


I want one.

Collect Moments Socks

I dig these socks.

Knit Bottle Sleeve

Do I need a Knit Bottle Sleeve? No. Would it make me happy? Yes!

House Doctor Stool

In love with this minimal metal bar stool by House Doctor.

Zero Waste Reusable Shopping Bag

This tote caught my eye. It’s 100% plastic free, machine washable, tear resistant and made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees.

Designer Hoodie

I’d totally wear this Designer Hoodie, by Tanner Christensen.

Alpaca Blanket

Come into my life, Alpaca Blanket!

Update: I was alerted that Alpaca Blankets are not something I should promote. I found this article. I didn’t realize.

Hat for Freezing Weather

I had a similar, less design-y hat like this growing up in the Swiss country side. Given that it is -14F (with windchills that make it feel like -24F) in upstate NY right now, I’d love me one of these.

Rudie Racoon

Come into my life, Rudie!

Coffe Cup Cara

Come here you beautiful coffee cup!

Family Travel Duffel

I am trying to figure out if this Family Travel Duffel is genius or silly. A duffel with multiple compartments, one for each family member.

Custom Face Stickers

I love idea of making custom face stickers.

Scrabble Book

What a fun gift: It looks like a book but it’s in fact a Scrabble Board Game.

Lunch Bag

I recently discovered The Organic Company and I love so many of their products. This is one of them.

Tangled Puzzle

I love this puzzle!


Oh you beautiful Carbonator

I saw this Carbonator by Aarke at a recent tradeshow and gasped. It’s a thing of beauty. Definitely an upgrade to the plastic-y Sodastream. I would totally give it a home.

Leaf Shape Dog Blanket

I don’t have a dog (yet), but I want one so I can get this dog blanket. But wait, I can get this blanket just for myself…