Caravan Divan by Kalon

Caravan Divan

I am completely smitten by this Caravan Divan by Kalon. It’s a kids bed and divan in one. Minimal, multipurpose furniture for kids? Winner! Also, it comes in 6 colors. #want

Wall (Standing) Desk

Wall Desk

This is a quite beautiful Wall Desk. And if you place it high enough it could make for a great standing desk!




Toyno is a cardboard teenage crocodile, ready to hold your magazines, records and headphones. Oddly charming.

BUM Stool


BUM is a travel stool with a purpose: All proceeds of the sale go to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund for local Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. It was designed by UM Project and BAGGU.

(via moddea)



Basilea is a table and a chair, all in one.

Tiny Ping Pong Table

Ping Pongping-pong-9-e1353042473559

I am all for multifunctional furniture like this kids ping pong table gone coffee table gone chalk board surface by Huzi.



Modular Hood Pendant light is a sheltering lamp that creates both room and light. Designed by From Us With Love.

(via Stilsucht)

Gesa Hansen + Tivoli


Gesa Hansen, an incredibly talented German furniture designer, teamed up with Tivoli to create this beautiful audio-furniture piece! It fits the Tivoli stereo elements perfectly and smartly hides the ‘cord salad(one of my favorite German terms, freely translated, Kabelsalat) in the back.

I admit, I’d love to put this in my living room. Well done, Gesa.

Sleeping Bag with Legs

Camp daybedstephaniehornig-daybed_4_2048-1024x666

The Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig is a sleeping bag with legs. Brilliant.

Pebble Coffee Table

Pebble Coffee Table

I spent the last 60 minutes looking at outdoor furniture. I am ready for summer. And this Pebble Coffee Table made me look.

Infinite Home Tool

Infinite Home Tool

The Infinite Home Tool is quite a poetic object, serving a double function of a suitcase and a furniture piece. Living out of a suitcase gets an entirely new meaning with this piece, as the suitcase is more like a instant shelving unit, whereever you put it down. Charming. (And yes, probably not all that practical)

(Thank you Jolien)

Coat- and Shoe Rack Zeugwart

Wardrobe Zeugwart

Zeugwart is a minimal, freestanding coat/shoerack. Designed by Alexander Schmied.



Tina Schmid’s Tilt is playing with our perception. Love this.

Bed No.1

Bed No.1blueroom kids bed

I love this minimal kids bed by Swiss Blueroom. Add a few pillows and it feels more like a couch. Hello there, teen years!

(thank you Barbara)

Homework Table

homework table

Homework is an interesting table design by Swiss Tomas Kral. The aluminum surface extension seems quite practical for storing books you’re working with or displaying documents you need to reference.

(Thanks Nate)

Emergency Bench

emergency bench

Yes, please, I would like an Emergency Bench for my office. Congrats to the designer, Jamie Wolfond!

(via super carly)

VEGA Magazine Rack

Vega Magazine RackVEGA Magazine Rack designed by Anders Folke Andersen and Rikke Beck Christensen.

Minimal Floating Desk

MInimal Floating Wall DeskBOT-WD-RIFT_-_02_1024x1024

This minimalist Floating Wall Desk designed by Dario Antonioni makes my heart sing.

(via bblinks)

Open Book Bin

Love this open book bin by Land of Nod.

Paper Desk

My desk by Miguel Mestre is a dream come true. The desk’s surface is made of a giant stack of large paper sheets. Sketch, draw and then start new by simply taking off the top sheet.

(Thank you Nate)

Manhattan Cabinet

This minimal cabinet called Manhattan by Cornelia Norgreen is a beauty. Love how they are showcasing its versatility in the above product shot.

Framework Credenza

I just noticed this Framework Credenza over at CB2, absolutely beautiful.

Sofa One

I just gasped. I am in love with Sofa One.


I am all for furniture that surprises and could very well be considered art. Like this piece called Tarah, by Bina Baitel.