to be or to be

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to be or to be is a video blog about being human in this world. Posts on a Football Player in England, a body collector in Thailand or an entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Type Worship

Type Worship is the official blog of 8 Faces magazine. Featuring inspirational typography, beautiful lettering, reviews, interviews with leading designers, and exclusive content from the coveted bi-annual publication. Curated by Jamie Clarke with Elliot Jay Stocks.

Design*Sponge at Home

Grace Bonney, force behind the blog Design*Sponge, just came out with a book called Design*Sponge at Home. (Available as a digital version as well.)

The book includes tours of 70 real-life interiors featuring artists and designers, DIY projects, step-by-step tutorials, Before & After makeovers submitted by her readers and essential tips on modern flower arranging.

Congratulations to Grace, what a wonderful achievement! And how adorable is this book trailer?

Designers vs Coding

In his most recent blog post my studiomate Frank Chimero takes on the very frequent question asked by design students: “Do I need to know how to code?

Mrs. Easton

I just discovered this select-a-spring photo over on Mrs. Easton, one of my favorite blogs that I visit regularly.

It’s run by Melissa Easton, a very talented industrial designer with a keen eye for interestingness. How refreshing is it to admire the packaging of vintage Pen Nibs, a button selection or French Curves.

Yep, Melissa is on my list of people I’d love to have coffee with one day.

Spoon & Tamago

I just had the pleasure to meet Johnny Strategy, force behind the wonderful blog called Spoon & Tamago. For some reason I thought he was based in Tokyo and just recently found out recently that Johnny just lives a few blocks over in Brooklyn. This made me think that every personal site should have a little worldmap in the top right corner indicating where that person/blog is located.

If you are interested in Japanese art and aesthetics, you will enjoy Spoon & Tamago.

Why I blog:

“Everything that’s ever come to me has been because I publish on my blog. It’s that simple.”

– Jay Parkinson

I feel exactly the same. Read Jay’s full post here.

Paris versus New York

Paris versus New York is a friendly visual match between those two cities, as seen by a Parisian-based-and-lover on New York details, cliches and contradictions. Absolutely fantastic.

(thank you Jolayne)

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish. An interesting post by Eric Karjaluoto over on


On Craig Frazier looks at his favorite designers and illustrators books, talks to them and shares the inspiration. Plus, he keeps you posted on his books and projects. 36Pages, the story in picture books.

Quipsologies Redesign

Quipsologies underwent a beautiful redesign. (Glad to see I am not the only one embracing dotted lines. Welcome to the family, Armin!)

They added a little silly widget poking fun at blogger’s obsessions. Bloggers like Coudal, Kottke, Draplin and moi. Made me smile.

Lucky So and So

The internet just got a little more colorful. Why? My lovely studiomate Jessi Arrington of Workshop just launched her brandnew shiny blog. Yay!

Remember Rainbow Birthday? Well, that was Jessi. I am not surprised that she sports a rainbow and color categories on her site.

Make sure to have a looksie at her about page. Jessi makes me smile on a daily basis here at the studio and I am glad I can get my digital fix now, when she’s not around. The world needs more Jessis.

Please enjoy:

It’s Nice That Issue #3

Here’s your chance to pre-order Nice That Issue #3 with an exclusive Parra Print. Included in the content are interviews with the likes of Milton Glaser, Sir Paul Smith and Tom Dixon, as well as features from Ken Garland and Geoff McFetridge. The stellar line-up is also complimented by the usual collection of brilliant work from the last six months on the blog.

Every pre-order will also be treated to a free, exclusive large-scale screen print by Amsterdam’s Parra. It has been designed specifically to give anyone who orders a copy of the publication before midnight on March 31st.

swissmiss hearts It’s Nice That.

The Future Well

Last week, I had the pleasure to run into Jay Parkinson who has rightfully gained lots of recognition and respect for his upside-down thinking when it comes to re-inventing the american healthcare system. Jay told me about his latest venture, The Future Well.

Jay Parkinson and Grant Harrison started the The Future Well with the goals of changing the world’s health with elegantly designed, innovative services and products, new ways of connecting and communicating, and their unending mission to help people feel their best. That’s why Jay went to medical school, spent five years in residency, got his master’s in public health, and created a whole new way of visiting your doctor. And that’s why Grant has worked endlessly for the past 20 years to understand consumers and create innovative new products and services that made their lives better. They are optimistic about the future…very.

The Future Well

Unhappy Hipster

Today’s unhappy hipster post/caption made me laugh out loud. has been heavily mentioned on twitter over the past few days and I am dying to know who the brilliant copy writer is behind it all. I can simply *not* understand why the creator would stay anonymous. This ist is by far the most brilliant copywriter self-marketing tool I have come across in a long time.

Dear unhappyhipster-copywriter-genius, reveal yourself and accept my hat tip!


Just discovered Minimalissimo, a blog that celebrates minimalist aesthetics. Sites likes Minimalissimo make me happy. Period.

(via @max)

Welcome to the Blogsphere, Chopping Block!


The Chopping Block is now officially part of the blogging world! Everyone, give them a big warm welcome!

Armin is Cracking Down on Comment Crime


Like any person who runs a blog, I enjoy seeing the comment counts rise to 50, 70, 100 and more, but the truth is that no more than a quarter of those comments are worth reading. The main trend in comments is to say “this sucks” or some other alternative mode of pithy, ruthless offense. This stops now. Unless you have a substantiated and thoughtful response to why something, in your mind, “sucks” please do not comment at all. From now on all comments along the lines of “fail,” “this looks like student work,” or “the designer should be fired,” will be deleted at my own discretion without notification or explanation.

Read the entire post: Cracking Down on Comment Crime

for my german readers: der englisch blog


Der Englisch Blog gives free daily a mini english lesson. Michel Brendel, translator and long-time english teacher is the force behind this fab idea.

(sorry about the previous typo in the headline, thanks for pointing it out stef)

some people have too many ideas.


Free Idea Factory is a repository of free ideas. Some people have too many ideas, some people like to work from a prompt. Here is a place where the two can attempt to equalize the uneven pressures in the fluids of their creative minds. These ideas really are free, you are invited to use them, abuse them, twist them, turn them, shake them, bake them, make them your own. Really. …

(thank you dan)

Lunch with Piers Fawkes


One of the best things about running swissmiss is that I get to meet all these wonderfully interesting people. Today was one of these days, I had the pleasure to enjoy lunch with Piers Fawkes. He’s the mastermind behind PSFK, a trends and innovation company here in the big apple. He runs a fantastic blog. Check it out. Great meeting you Piers! Thank you Internet!

origami blog


Just discovered a lovely web site dedicated to the joy of origami – concepts, products and inspiration.



Konigi is a *fantastic* resource for every User Interface Designer. Thank you Michael!

a blog filled with rugs


I don’t understand a word, but I am sure loving all the beautiful rugs that are displayed on this blog. I especially love this one called Woody Wood.