12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business

Framework for the practical application of the tenants of the feminine economy:

1. You have a body.
2. You are connected with the earth, the plants, and all living beings.
3. Integrate!
4. Institutionalize empathy: Build frameworks that support feelings.
5. Embody your values.
6. Reclaim happinesss: New definitions of success.
7. Consider everything an experiment.
8. Free yourself from the myth of the meritocracy.
9. Tell the truth.
10. Cultivate abundance.
111. A business can be a healing for yourself & others.

A holistic vision for a new economic paradigm, founded on feminine and feminist principles. By Jennifer Armbrust.

Questions to Consult For Major Purchases

Next time you buy anything, ask yourself these questions:

1. Can I work around the problem with a repair, modification, or change in use?
2. If I buy this, what else am I not buying?
3. Can I afford this?
4. Will this item help me do things I can’t do now?
5. Will buying this item significantly increase my enjoyment of X?
6. How often will I use this in the next year? In the next five years?
7.Will this item become obsolete in the near term?
8. Is this item repairable?
9,Do I really need ‘the best’? What is a good second choice?
10. Can I buy something used that will do the job?
11. Am I supporting a business I know and like? Do our values align?

From this article: Buy less, do more with good enough gear.

(via Dense Discovery, currently hands-down my favorite newsletter)

Stimulus [ ] Response

(via Chris)

A Message of Hope From Neil Gaiman

Would you call your kid Omelette?

This Twitter thread is giving me life.

Together Apart

Priya Parker launched a podcast, Together Apart, in collaboration with The New York Times. If there is one voice I want to hear from, about the meaning of gathering in this unusual time, it is Priya.

About this episode: A woman who has been gathering for Passover Seder with over 40 people for 40 years wants to know how to celebrate digitally without losing the intimacy. Priya helps her design a meaningful digital gathering by exploring one of the most important questions from the Passover tradition — what makes this night different from all other nights?

If you haven’t read Priya’s book, The Art of Gathering, I highly recommend.

Meaningful Gatherings in this Time

Priya Parker shares tips on how to approach and reframe how we gather in this strange time of social distancing.

The Great Ones

“The great ones do not set up offices, charge fees, give lectures, or write books. Wisdom is silent, and the most effective propaganda for truth is the force of personal example. The great ones attract disciples, lesser figures whose mission is to preach and to teach. These are gospelers who, unequal to the highest task, spend their lives in converting others. The great ones are indifferent, in the profoundest sense. They don’t ask you to believe: they electrify you by their behavior. They are the awakeners. What you do with your petty life is of no concern to them. What you do with your life is only of concern to you, they seem to say. In short, their only purpose here on earth is to inspire. And what more can one ask of a human being than that?”
— Henry Miller

Thin Slices of Anxiety

From Catherine Lepage’s Thin Slices of Anxiety.

Absurd Times

I feel this.

Stay Home

Starting tomorrow all schools are closed in NYC. For weeks, if not months.

Wow! I can’t help but feel as if the earth is resetting itself.

So many are suffering, but I also see so much humanity in action. People opening their hearts and helping each other, finding moments of joy.

Humans are resilient. We will be ok. All will be ok. But for now, let’s stay home.

Stress Reducing Guided Meditations

So many good answers in this thread. Feel free to add your tip below in a comment.

Feelings Wheel

How am I seeing a Feelings Wheel for the first time? This is so helpful in understanding emotions. (Also comes as a print to put up on the walls!)

The Case of the Missing Hit

This latest Reply All episode is *delightful*. It’s about a man in California who is haunted by the memory of a pop song from his youth. He can remember the lyrics and the melody. But the song itself has vanished, completely scrubbed from the internet. PJ takes on the Super Tech Support case.

My Love Language

Better Conversations With Your Kids

Little Talk Conversation starters helps you have better conversations with your kids.

In The Presence Of Truth

Half of Your Heart

Wake Up To Your Patterns

This post by Brianna Wiest stopped me in my tracks.

YelloPain: My Vote Dont Count

Thank you Kottke, for finding this: In his new music video, My Vote Dont Count, rapper YelloPain provides an excellent 4-minute summary in the sprit of Schoolhouse Rock of the importance of voting, particularly in midterm elections and with a focus on Congress and state legislatures.

Thank you Body

Thank you body,
for teaching me how to love, me
for showing me my deepest depths
also my soft light
for holding me even when I am
kicking and screaming.
thank you body,
for giving me permission
and the courage
to keep showing up
to keep saying yes.

— Maribeth Helen Keane

Practices in listening

Yes, Please!

This Question:

I found so many gems in the answers to this Tweet.

Brené Brown — Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart

Brené Brown says our belonging to each other can’t be lost, but it can be forgotten. Her research has reminded the world in recent years of the uncomfortable, life-giving link between vulnerability and courage. Now she’s turning her attention to how we walked into the crisis of our life together and how we can move beyond it: with strong backs, soft fronts, and wild hearts.