Heart Coaster and Trivet

Heart coaster and trivet. Lovely.

White Polka Dot Bedding

Two thumbs up on this minimal, white polka dot bedding.

Two-Tone Balloons

Loving these simple two tone balloons.

Muller Van Severen Trivets

I have never liked coasters trivets, until I saw these by Muller Van Severen. These coasters are like sculptures that adapt to a functional role and change in configuration and appearance with use. YES!

(via Ignant)

Balloon Light

This Balloon light made me look.

Svante Watering Can

Broberg & Ridderstråle’s watering can is made of brass with two odd-shaped spouts- one flared spout for filling and one skinny spout for pouring. I love its unusual shape. Wishlisted!

Fallon Falloff Bowls

Hayden Martis’ Fallon Falloff Bowls are the type of bowls you never have to put away because of their sculptural qualities. Simply stunning.

Serving Trays

These serving trays by Darin Montgomery are a thing of beauty.

Concrete Tissue Box Cover

Loving this concrete tissue box cover.

Personalized Pillow Case

Oh, there’s some fun to be had with these personalized pillow cases.

That Red Thing

A solid aluminum bar, painted a striking red-orange, and bearing the text “TO PLACE AMONG OTHER COLORS AND FORMS.” Made me look.

Color Wheel Blanket

Color Wheel Blanket

Oh the nerdy designer in me loves this color wheel blanket. Goes well with the RGB Tattly.

Heng Balance Lamp

The Heng Balance Lamp is made out of a wood and features an unusual and somewhat beautifully poetic user interface.

Sliding Match Safe


I have recently rediscovered my love for matches. And this Sliding Match Safe caught my eye.

Eyes Duvet Covers

Eyes duvet covers

Not sure what my current obsession about duvet covers is all about, but here you go, another cute on: Eyes!

Wonky Grid Duvet Cover

wonky grid duvet covers

Uh oh! Loving these wonky grid duvet covers!

Globe Bean Bag

Globe Bean Bag

How fun is this globe bean bag for a kids room? They also have bean bags in the shope of ice cream, pianos, whales, busses… Check them all out here.



Cliff makes your desktop instantly look more organized.

Porcelain Nesting Bowls

Porcelain nesting bowls

Beautiful nesting bowls by urbancartel.



In a time where it’s all about the “digital likes”, we might as well hang one on our walls.

The Place


This must be the place.



Yes, the pouf is staring at you.

Joshua Tree Natural Throw

Joshua tree natural throw

This linen throw by Caroline Z Hurley is perfect for a table cloth, beach towel, couch throw, wrap dress, or anything else you can think of. And there are so many more to chose from. Love them all!

Wavy Grid and Sleepy Eyes Throw


This wavy grid and sleepy eyes throw by AELFI made me smile.

(I discovered them via a comment in my blog post yesterday asking about what smaller companies should we be supporting this holiday season?)