Trick Placemat

The grid pattern on this placemat creates the optical illusion that the placemat has sunk under the weight of your tableware. Love it.

Michelle Rondelli Cotton Blanket

The cotton blankets by Michelle Rondelli make me swoon.

Lands Rug

This Rug! My heart!


Cloud Nine Area Rug

My slight obsession with all still clouds continues: Cloud Nine Area Rug.

Beautiful Built-In Bookcase

This built-in bookshelf made me look. What a beauty!

Radical Women Print

This Radical Women screen print is inspired by the women who came before us, the feminists inspiring us today, and our sons and daughters who are up next. Including Judith, Gloria, Hillary, Michelle, Chimamanda, Susan, Carrie, Angela, Betty, Ruth, Kathleen, Raicho,Jane, bell, Dolores, Flo, Naomi, Winona, Doris, Audre, Wilma, Nellie, Cecile, Emmeline, Sylvia, Linda, Sophie, Patti, Elizabeth, Harriet, Mary, Virginia, Malala.

Urchin Softlight

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Grid Highball Glass

These glasses are cool.


Home Tower Shoe Rack

I like this simple shoe rack.

Mutatio Lamp

The Mutatio Lamp, created by Danish designer Christian Troels is stunning.

Cerco Espresso Cup

This is one good looking and surprisingly designed espresso cup.

DIY Rainbow Balloon Hat

This DIY rainbow balloon hat made me smile.

Lands Rug

Be still my heart! This Rug!

Monstera Leaf Area Rug

This Monstera Leaf Area Rug would look good in my bedroom.


I have a super minimal bed and this bedshelfie would look fabulous on it.

Deuce Pitcher/Watering Can

This pitcher / watering can is a beauty.

Concrete Bowl

This Concrete Bowl won my heart. (I am feeling a slight obsession for all things concrete coming on.)

Stack Trays

These stacked trays are beautiful.

Vintage Film Posters

I just got completely lost in the archives of Posteritati, a New York movie poster gallery that also has an online store featuring more than 40,000 posters. Nice find, Jason!

Desktop Letter Board

Love this playful desktop letter board. Oh, the possibilities.

Zjup Shoe Rack

This unusual, wall-mounted shoe rack made me look.

Minimalist Scandinavian Wall Clock

This minimal wall clock gets my thumbs up.

Swiss Army Stacking Boxes

Oh, I love the look of these Swiss Army Stacking Boxes.

Uma Basket

Found this seagrass basket at the new Century 21 here in Downtown Brooklyn last week. It now holds all of the kids’ stoop toys. Pretty and affordable.