fonts are like cologne…

Fonts are like cologne: A bad choice speaks louder than a good one.

– Justin Feinstein

Analogies to live by

When Twitter is down…


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Chip Cheery Storage Containers


Dots & Stripes. Ahhh. Dots & stripes. Makes me happy! Chip Cheery Storage Containers

Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs


Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs for Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, After Effects, or Logic Pro. The Photoshop one could definitely come in handy at casa swissmiss…

sub-urb by torax


sub-urb by torax

2008 typo hunt across america


Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson are traveling across the country correcting spelling and punctuation errors wherever they see them.

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A Day Portrayed in Brand Logos


Day Portrayed in Brand Logos | Serious Eats : Required Eating

PSFK Snapshot: San Francisco


Need to know what’s currently happening in San Francisco? Get your hands on one of PSFK’s Snapshot Books. It’s basically PFSK’s selection of what’s inspirational in San Francisco – it’s half guide book, half trends report. This Snapshot Report contains details of unique and innovative businesses, events, organizations and ideas in one of the most inspirational cities in the world.

Interior Weeds by Arwin Caljouw


Interior Weeds by Arwin Caljouw. Made me chuckle. Embrace the Weeds!

question for my readers: a printer in new zealand


One of my current clients is based in Auckland, New Zealand and I need to find a local printer for business cards etc. Dear Kiwi-Print-Designers, do you have a printer recommendation for me? Thank you SO much! Waving from the other side of the planet!

mini rainboot gardens


mini rainboot gardens


CITIZEN:Citizen’s collection of objects challenges established notions of beauty and design. The collection is carefully selected from leading creatives in the art and design worlds to highlight the arbitrary nature of the boundaries between art and design.

I love Picture_16

And the Untitled Books by Joe Gebbia, who I just had lunch with today. (Thank you Internet)


tag galaxy


Tag Galaxy

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The Quest For Every Beard Type


Jon Dyer has been growing a beard every winter for some years now, and every spring, he tries to see how many facial hair variations as he can check off from the chart of facial hair types. Check out his site. Hilarious.

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TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes business plan is simple – for every shoe you purchase, they send a pair of shoes to a child in need. Since 2006, they have given 10,000 pairs to children in Argentina and 50,000 pairs in South Africa. This year alone, they plan on giving 200,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world. Here is a clip of an acutal shoe drop in Argentina back in 2006.

Incorporate giving in what you do!

This just gave me goosebumps. Hat tip!

See the full post over at minordetails.

Where you put your time and attention says a lot about who you are

Where you put your time and attention says a lot about who you are. It says a lot about you as a human being. You have some idea in your head of all the stuff that is high priority to you. All the stuff that really matters. If I sat down and asked you what’s really important to you – you would say ‘oh my family and my church group and I’m a deacon.’ But then I go and I look in your email box, newsfeeds and web browser… If I went and got all CSI on that, what would the last two weeks of your electronic life say about how it maps to the stuff that you claim is really important?

Merlin Mann

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swissmiss studio is getting an office with a view


Happy news! Swissmiss studio is getting an office with a view. I am going to be moving into a fabulous new space, together with talented designer Anke Stohlmann and fabulous interior designer Jennifer Ward from Minor Details. We’re forming our own little “Pentagram” office! In this Flickr photo set, you’ll be able to follow our build out of the space. Wooo hoooo!

You Can Do It T-Shirt


Every parent of young children should have one of these You Can Do It T-Shirts!

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

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Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are


Our last Likemind was sponsored by Randomhouse and we all received a copy of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, by Rob Walker, author of the “Consumed” column for the New York Times Magazine. I’ve only read a few pages but it seems promising. Robert over at Core77 wrote a review on it. I yet have to form an opinion!

lucy and bart



Lucy and Bart.

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Amy Walker has 24 different accents.

Where’s the swiss-german accent?

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photo book publishers

A Photo Editor” is sharing his list for photo book publishers. Excellent!

OLPC XO Laptop 2.0


OLPC XO Laptop 2.0 has dual Touchscreens. Wowsers!

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