I didn’t even know this existed in the first place…


vintage sock stretcher with hooks. made me smile.

Ever need to carry your iMac around?


Ever need to carry your iMac around? Reinda bag is here to solve the awkward carrying problem. Nifty! I guess this would work for any apple monitor as well?

largest ancestry: 2000


Largest Ancestry: 2000

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Russian Dolls : Milkvids

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1967 Bolex 150 Super


Hello there, 1967 Bolex 150 Super!

Logo animation by Trollbäck


Trollbäck + Company has created a logo animation for the amazing World Science Festival, taking place right now in New York City. Love it.

unfolded dog


Unfolded dog. In case you have nothing else to do. Wo designed this originally? Anyone know?

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for the polaroid lover


Polaroid Pins.

snoopy to the rescue?


Getting our little 2 year old Ella to brush her teeth is sometimes an impossible task. I wonder if good old Snoopy might help? What ‘props’ did you use to get your kid into fully embracing the brushing-teeth ritual?

subliminal dinnerware


Subliminal Dinnerware.

Baguette Keyboard Wrist Cushion


Baguette Keyboard Wrist Cushion. Made me laugh. Bonjour Paris.

AIGA small talk summer special: Si Scott


In his first-ever New York appearance, Si Scot, will reveal his obsession with pen and ink and the passion for illustrated typography that drives his UK-based Si Scott Studio. Seats will go fast in the intimate Bumble and bumble space so reserve now!

open source food


Open Source Food features over 2000 creative -common-licensed recipes with photos. YAY!

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The World Clock Meeting Planner


Need to make a call to someone far away? Need to arrange a videoconference, telephone- or net-based meeting with several people spread around the globe? This World Clock Meeting Planner should help.

ampersand love.


Express your Ampersand Love.

Coasters for the typophiliac


Coasters for the typophiliac. Download the eps if you want to try this design in acrylic, or want to put your own finish on your coasters. EPS includes 4 unique type coasters about 3.5 inches in diameter on P1.

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How to design Mini Icons


Nick La shows us how to use the Photoshop Pencil tool to design pixel icons, and then re-use them to create a full collection. How to design mini icons.

Constructible Drinking Straw


Constructible Drinking Straw by Frank Frisari. I want these sooo bad!

A List Apart: Articles: The Survey, 2008


Calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. It is time once again to pool our information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way our profession is practiced worldwide. Take the survey, organized by A List Apart.

hey people: it’s jello time


It’s Jello Time. Seriously.

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posters by lark


Apolitical Statements” by Lark

cuil – huh?


I just gave the new search engine Cuil a try and am baffled. I typed in my name “Tina Roth Eisenberg” and the first result is a link to my portfolio site with it is a picture of me as a little kid. (Can you believe that hair cut?) I have NO IDEA where this picture is being pulled from. Can somebody explain to me where cuil made this connection and most of all, who scanned this and put it online? I am sure it wasn’t my mom or dad. Interesting.

Oh boy, a big thanks to Filip, who found the source of the image. I can’t believe I forgot I provided Cookie with the above image for the ‘contributors page‘. (Nice hat, by the way, Joanna!)

glow in the dark nooka zu zenh


Nooka has two models in the works that made me look. The Nooka Zub series in Gold, Silver and Bronze(I want the silver!!) and the Glow-in-the-Dark Nooka Zub ZenH.

waterproof your gadgets

Golden Shellback Waterproof Coating from gCaptain.com on Vimeo.

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