Permanent Press Photoshop filters


Mister Retro’s Permanent Press Photoshop filters. WHEEE!

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doodlers anonymous


Doodlers Anonymous was founded by OKAT and his developer friend to celebrate their addiction. Their need to draw, sketch, and doodle is constant. They doodle on almost anything they can find — pencil in a moleskine, marker on a napkin, ink on a torn receipt, sharpie on concrete. And they do it while on hold, in a meeting, during class, or while they should be sleeping.

The Eames Elephant, now available in plastic


Wheeeee! Vitra is now making The Eames Elephant out of plastic (polypropylene), available in five colors. I want one for my studio!

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minimal and free blog template


Here’s a superminimal (YAY) and free (YAY) blog template that is easy to use and optimised for screen, print and mobile. Fantastic!

lunch with jon huck


One of the best things about running swissmiss is that I get to meet all these wonderfully interesting people. Today I had the pleasure to enjoy lunch with Jon Huck. Some of you might remember the posts about his poto projects: Breakfast or Couples.

Jon, it was a pleasure meeting you!

frank chimero prints


States by Frank Chimero, available as giclee prints. (the above is Wyoming)

illustration by frank chimero


Found the above Illustration on Frank Chimero’s site. Had me chuckle.

Storyboard Notepad & Wireframe Graph Paper Notepad


Michael Angeles, the mastermind behind konigi, pointed me to his ingenious two products for designers like:

The Storyboard Notepad is made for creatives who think about interactions over time, whether doing user interface or interaction design or planning video, film, and animation sequences. The notepad has 50 sheets at 8 1/2×11 inches on white 70# paper, glued on the left side. The ink is a non-photo blue (cyan) so that the grid lines and any sketch lines made in non-photo blue pencil can be knocked out when scanned and processed in graphics software.

The Wireframe Graph Paper Notepad is made for visual designers, interaction designers, and information architects designing for the screen. The notepad has 50 sheets at 8 1/2 x 11 inches on white 70# paper, glued on the left side. The ink is a non-photo blue (cyan) so that the grid lines and any sketch lines made in non-photo blue pencil can be knocked out when scanned and processed in graphics software.

Absolutely briliant! Can’t wait to use these for my next project!



How fantastic are these nerdbots?

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Swiss Yves Rossi is planning to fly across the Channel. This is nuts.

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what part of legal immigration don’t you understand?


Mike Flynn, Shikha Dalmia, and Terry Colon show what it takes to legally immigrate to America. Click here to see a larger version. This definitely had me look and brought up memories. I know how taxing it can be trying to renew/receive visa papers. The procedures and paperwork are not only confusing it’s also incredibly expensive. All in all, I spent a whopping 20k on all the different visas, since I got to the US. Gulp.

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A first moblogging attempt

First attempt in putting up a post via the Typepad iphone app I just downloaded! Oh my, the possibilities!

UPDATE: So, I am seriously bummed at the poor quality of the image. Suggestions, anyone?

Skip Hop Introduces Mealtime “Mate”


Skip Hop’s Mate is a stay-put place mat and plate in one! The plate pops in and out easily for cleaning and offers three compartments for meals with less mess. It also includes a fork and spoon that pop on and off for easy storage. Nice touch: There is a happy face hidden underneath the plate, sure to make little ones smile! Mate, by SkipHop, $20

Coat Tree


Coat Tree wall sticker, $128, Ferm Living

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true love.

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brush beauty


Get the kids to do the cleaning with this broom/hobby horse.

how to talk to your kids about drugs

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the objective is unclear


the objective is unclear, a 16″x20″ silkscreen print by Wayne Pate.

this made me laugh.


I just almost hugged the mailman when he dropped off a little box from SartoriaVico. Could it be? Yes, they sent me a Cappuccio! (lucky me, I know!) I sent them a thank you email and snapshot of me, being all happy, wearing the Cappuccio (above). And below you can see what the ladies of SartoriaVico (Cristina, Stefania, Monica and Benedetta) sent back within minutes. Filed under ‘made me smile’ and ‘thank you internet’!


The Golden Rule.


I feel golden.

where is your username registered?


Jon pointed me to this fantastic little site he made that checks the availability of your handle. I sometimes wish I would have chosen something a little less mainstream than swissmiss. Often times it’s been taken when I try to signup for a new site and I end up with ‘the swissmiss” or “that swissmiss” or “swissmiss nyc”… etc. Which results in a big confusion every time I try to log in. Jon put together to see where your user name is registered and where it’s still available and ready for you to lock down and secure. Fantastic! Thank you Jon!

A photographer’s mug


By Tebe Interesno, I guess?

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Type Addicted


Carl just pointed me to Type Addicted. Instant favorite!

John Chiara, Camera Obscura, Short Film

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