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Probability Lesson

Probability lessons may teach children how to weigh life’s odds and be winners, by Mark Henderson, Science Editor

Professor Spiegelhalter’s four rules of risk, which he says everyone should know

Stuff happens We cannot predict exactly how every precise event will turn out, but we can often predict the overall pattern of events surprisingly well

Compare like with like If you want to show that speed cameras reduce road traffic accident rates, don’t just put them in places that have just had a run of accidents

What am I not being told? This person may well have got better after she took this wonder treatment, but how many other people’s stories are not being featured?

Twice not-very-much is still not very much Increasing a tiny risk may not be so important: almost everything interesting might help and it might also harm. The trick is working out the balance for you

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Free The Facts

Picture 2

Free the facts, a Flickr Set by Dave Gray.

Polaroid lives!

If all goes to plan, the Polaroid factory in Enschede, Amsterdam, will soon be making film again thanks to its new owner, an eccentric Austrian artist and businessman named Florian Kaps. Mr Kaps, 39, has dedicated the past five years to instant photography. He set up, the biggest Polaroid gallery on the web, and the first ever Polaroid-only art gallery in Vienna, called Polanoir.

Smile! Polaroid is saved, by Emily Dugan

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For the bathtub:

Picture 1

Balloon Powered Boat. Me want.

Measure Height Chart


Measure is a range of paper products that provide the tools to poke, prod, and measure just about everything around us. Titles in the range are: Produce in season, Everyday, Wine, Lunar phases, Yearly calendar and my favorite (above) Height.

swissmiss Article in Aargauer Zeitung (swiss newspaper)


During our Christmas trip to Switzerland I met up with lovely Corinna Hauri Schuessler, a journalist of the Aargauer Zeitung, a big swiss newspaper. We had a wonderful 1 hour conversation over coffee which turned into this article (PDF) in yesterday’s newspaper. (german only) I am thrilled and feel honored. Thank you Corinna. Photo by Daniel Ammann.

I Hope So Too


What are your hopes for the Obama administration? The New York Times asked more than 200 people in 14 states (half red, half blue) to identify their greatest hopes for what Barack Obama might accomplish during his time as president. Their answers do not represent any kind of scientific sample—they come from people who shared their thoughts outsidesupermarkets, at parks, in restaurants. They grouped their responses into the 29 “hopes”. Check out the interactive feature over on the NYTimes: I Hope So Too.

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Paula Scher: Great design is serious (not solemn)


I was just sharing one of my all-time favorite Goethe Quotes with my friend Sean, where he then pointed me to this presentation on meaning by Viktor Emil Frankl.

Looking to rent desk space?


A desk is becoming available in our lovely DUMBO studio, starting february 1st, 2009. We have a bright, spacious collaborative space with a *fantastic* view on Manhattan. Our little creative office-family consists of: Jason, Jennifer, Anke and moi. Interested? Drop me a line and tell me your name, your industry and why you think you’d be a good fit!

Web Design Trends For 2009


Interesting: Smashing Mag curates their top web design trends, and gives us the first of a multi-part set with these 10 great examples.

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You Can’t Go To School Naked!


You Can’t Go To School Naked!
is Ella’s favorite book these days. It’s a lovely story and I don’t mind reading it over and over. If you have a little one around the age of 3, you should check it out. Story by Dianne Billstrom and Illustrated by Don Kilpatrick.

Knitted Font


Thread Red is a beautiful knitted (!) font by Their archive of experimental, hand-made fonts is impressive.

Einstein on Clutter


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Online Backup

Online backup for $5 a month, unlimited storage? Well, Hello there, future! (currently by invitation only, of course!)  

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A bike lane that travels with you


If there is no bike lane, what to do? Bring your own: LightLane . We agree with GOOD, this is a superb idea.

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Georgia on my mind


A collection of 32 web sites using Georgia as the only font for their HTML copy.

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Mark Mc Guiness’ Free E-books

Mark McGuiness compiled an interesting list of free e-books. All of them are licensed for free noncommercial distribution — as long as you credit Mark as the author, don’t alter them in any way, and don’t exploit them commercially, you are welcome to download and share them with your colleagues and contacts.

Download: How to Motivate Creative People (Including Yourself)

Download: Time Management for Creative People

Download: Creative Management for Creative Teams

To the End of the Pencil

To The End Of The Pencil And The Edge Of The Page from Green Thing on Vimeo.

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Live Blogging in the Bloomingdale windows

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of apartment therapy, will be live blogging in the Bloomingdale’s windows next Thursday, January 22, from 12 to 5pm. Why? Because ha hes teamed up with Bloomingdales to take over their windows for the last two weeks of January and feature four rooms designed by their readers using their furniture. You can vote for your favorite design, win your favorite room and come to our party kicking it all off the night of the 22nd. For more info go to:

Congratulations to Maxwell and his team!

open house at the academy of art and design in basel, switzerland


The Academy of Art and Design is having an Open House tomorrow. The visual communication institute looks back on a long history particularly in typographic design, which was influenced by the work of teachers like Emil Ruder, Jan Tschichold, Armin Hoffmann and Wolfgang Weingart. On friday, january 16th, the academy opens its doors to provide everybody an insight into the diverse courses of studies.

Detailled information and program.

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iPhone CSS Design Gallery


I agree with Michael: How cool is this? A CSS Design gallery showing sites as viewed through the iPhone.

Murphy’s graphic design laws

– Speed. Quality. Affordability. Pick two

– If three designs are shown to a client, your least favorite will be chosen.

Murphy’s graphic design laws. (Now let’s add an interaction/UI design section to these!)

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