The Kindest People

“The kindest people are not born that way, they are made. They are the sounds that have experienced so much at the hands of life, they are the ones who have dug themselves out of the dark, who have fought to turn every loss into a lesson. The kindest people do not just exist – they choose to soften where circumstance has tried to harden them, they choose to believe in goodness, because they have seen firsthand why compassion is so necessary. They have seen firsthand why tenderness is so important in this world.”
Bianca Sparacino

Love Bianca’s writing? Follow her on Instagram and check out her book A Gentle Reminder.

Update: Resurfacing this post from 2021 as I keep coming back to it. Good reminder.

Felipe Pantone

Subtractive Variability Dimensional 2 from Felipe Pantone on Vimeo.

Completely enamored with Felipe Pantones‘ works of art.

Hours Pass Like Minutes

“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes?”
Carl Jung

Reverse Waterfall

Photographer RJ Hooper captured the rare phenomenon of a reverse waterfall in Ivins, Utah. There’s a metaphor in here, isn’t there?

Think Of Others


Laundry Buddies

These laundry buddies made me laugh. (They supposedly remove pet hair and lint from your laundry.)

Not Knowing

“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don’t know. ”
– Pema Chödrön


This is WaterLight, a device that provides electrical power using only salt water. 45 days of light with half a liter of seawater. This is incredible!

Eye Contact

“Eye contact: how souls catch fire.”
— Yahia Lababidi

Two Years of No Alcohol

Today marks two years of not drinking.

A few things I noticed:

– our society revolves around drinking

– not enough bars and restaurants offer non-alcoholic beers or mocktails

– being fully present is a gift

– sleeping well is a game changer

– sitting with your feelings instead of numbing them is a journey

– some people get triggered when they hear I don’t drink. I had to learn its not my job to make them feel comfortable.

– sober dating is different. Still getting used to it.

– I sometimes miss enjoying a glass of wine with friends. Its ok.

– the addiction will try to find other outlets (overworking, shopping, sport….)

– grateful for friends and family who support and respect my decision

Happy my two year non-drinking anniversary to you!

Safe Place / Biggest Adventure

I love love love the words shared on this post by Rainbowsalt.

Tell Me About Your Weirdest First Date!

Dear readers, will you share your weirdest / funnest 1st date stories?

How To Act Around Books

How to act around books.

How do You Read Your Newsletters?

I get way too much email. Reading newsletters in my inbox has never been the right context for me to actually enjoy content I am subscribing to. Looks like I am not the only one who is struggling with a workflow that makes sense for consuming newsletters. (Dennis’ Crowley’s Tweet above) I am asking you, my readers, how do you make sure you actually get to the newsletters you subscribed to? My biggest hack is that I have a bookmark folder with all my favorite newsletter landing pages and then I read them like a blog!

Air House by Szczepaniak Teh

I’ll gladly live here: Air House by Szczepaniak Teh.


“For me, beauty is a physical sensation, something we feel with our whole body. It is not the result of judgement. We do not arrive at it by way of rules. We either feel beauty or we don’t.”
Jorge Luis Borges

Gregory Porter

I saw Gregory Porter in concert on Saturday here in Brooklyn. What a beautiful talent this man is.

Errant Pack

Errant pack seems like a super versatile and stylish backpack. Wishlisted.

Link Pack

Love this Apple commercial. My dad went blind in old age and the Apple devices gave him so much freedom and connection to the outside world. Forever grateful.

– Stoicism: How to turn your sadness into strength

– Due to human bias, our search engines have learnt to prioritise sportsmen in our search results, even when the facts put sportswomen first. Correct the internet wants to change that. (via Chris)

8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

– Here’s what Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt designs would look like today

– Ever wanted to use unique, natural handwriting in a design but didn’t like your own? This website generates variable handwriting in 9 different styles. You can adjust speed, legibility, and stroke width, then download the result as an SVG file. (via Dense Discovery)

– I want to live in this town with a population of 400 that has eight independent bookstores.

Why I wake early, by Marie Oliver

8 revenue streams you can add to your own business

Apricity means the warmth of the sun in winter. What a lovely word.

– I love to propagate plants. These stone/tube propagation vessels make it look way prettier than the simple glass jars I use.

– Want a temporary, delicate looking tattoo that looks real? Check out this new one by Tattly.

– CreativeMornings is slowly but surely building the most radically generous peer-to-peer leaning space with their FieldTrips. Go and attend some free virtual events and dip into this friendly community. For example: Try Qigong on February 16, a moving meditation for those who can’t sit still.

I am, because we are

“The African view is that a person is a person through other persons. My humanity is caught up with your humanity, and when your humanity is enhanced — whether I like it or not — mine is enhanced as well. Likewise, when you are dehumanized, I am dehumanized as well.”
– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Bantu philosophy of “ubuntu” focuses on the power of community. Be famous within five miles.

The Correct Way

This print by Mr. Bingo hangs in our work bathroom and it makes me chuckle every time. (The original patent from 1891 for a toilet paper roll actually shows the correct rolling direction!)

A Good used Book

A Good Used Book is a pop-up book store specializing in sharply packaged vintage paperbacks. My daughter is a fan. And we both agree, they have the most adorable branding. You can read an LATimes article about them here.

There is…

there is brave in soft.
there is wild in simple.
there is peace in thunder.
there are songs in stillness.
Jenthe Emma

SVP Repo | Open-licensed SVG Vector and Icons

Very few free icon websites offer straightforward download options without having to go through an account setup first. SVG Repo contains over 500,000 open-licensed vector icons and symbols that are easy to search and instantly downloadable. Helpful!

(via Dense Discovery)