life clock


nothing seems out of the ordinary when you first look at Life Clock. upon closer inspection, you may notice the numbers seem a little high. this is because one rotation of this clock is equal to the average human lifespan. the clock is an artwork by bertrand planes which uses an ordinary clock slowed down 61320 times to make each minute equal to a year.

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procrastination visualized


Procrastination flow chart. Made me smile.

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The Hidden Cost of War

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Bunny Rabbit Alphabet


This Bunny Rabbit Alphabet made my day. Hilarious! Love the Bunny Yoga Pose W!

parasol (crazy hair girl)


Lovely illustration just discovered over on Folksy, which is Like Etsy, but with a folksier name and a UK foundation.

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Robotic Lawn-Mowing Sheep

Ella would absolutely love this Robotic Lawn-Mowing Sheep. Baaah!

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Life Cycle


Life Cycle by GoranDA

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Julie Cloutier and Claire Nereim have physically shifted the forms of the alphabet, creating a B from an A, a C from a B and so on until they reached Z and lost one letter. They write: This shift in form and meaning is intended to both reveal and celebrate the formal deception inherent in the act of reading and to create new meanings by exposing the resemblances and fissures inside our hierarchical alphabet. SHIFT, available in 26″ x 40″, screenprinted on paper, edition of 45.

17 days until the “The Feast Conference” here in NYC


Jerri Chou, organizer of The Feast Conference (and new studio member here in our office) just informed me that their agenda has been finalized with a series of inspiring, mind-expanding, and innovative talks. “The Feast” will try to showcase a look at social innovation from all angles. Speakers include Dickson Despommier, the mind behind the “vertical farming” concept and Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance who will discuss how to make good ideas happen.

They only have 70 tickets for sale so buy yours today as space will sell out fast! And as a special bonus, use discount code “FIFTY” to receive $50 off your ticket price. To register for The Feast and get more information, please visit

See you there!?

photoshop photo frame: the first ever analog digital photo frame


photoshop photo frame: the first ever analog digital photo frame. This is high quality 4×5 white wooden white frame with hand silk screened image of software window, only 50 will be produced in time for holidays, and will be selling for about $50. *Love* it!!!

Blog/A Brief History of Emil Ruder

A page from Typographie. The phrase, “nach Mass” translates to, “made to measure” Photo: insect54

Past examples of structured grid design and typography by Swiss masters such as Josef Müller-Brockmann continue to influence both print and interactive design to this day. However, after realizing there is no shortage of Müller-Brockmann fan clubs, I wanted to explore some of the other, maybe lesser-known founders of the International Typographic Style. My search led me to a typographer and designer by the name of Emil Ruder (1914-1970), who played a key part in the development and dissemination of the Swiss Style.

Blog/A Brief History of Emil Ruder

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Vector drawing mistakes


Vector drawing mistakes by Juan Pablo De Gregorio

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Decarus. Yes, please! I want them all!

swissmiss sneak peek today on design*sponge


Wheeee! swissmiss home is featured as today’s sneak peek over on designsponge. Welcome design*sponge readers!

(Thank you Anne and Grace!)

alphabet bags


Alphabet Bags was created in 2008 by business partners and couple Hayley Thwaites & Lucas Lepola, two twenty-somethings living in London. You might be familiar with their first project, the KeepCalmGallery, which I often link to. Their latest project, Alphabet Bags, which launched yesterday gets my two thumbs up for its sheer simplicity. The bags have been made using 100% heavy-weight cotton and have been stitched and screen printed in the UK. What’s your favorite letter?

State Of The Blogosphere: Get To 100K Uniques, Make $75K/year


The average blog that runs ads, according to Technorati, is actually making money: Among those with advertising, the mean annual investment in their blog is $1,800, but it’s paying off. The mean annual revenue is $6,000 with $75K+ in revenue for those with 100,000 or more unique visitors per month.

State Of The Blogosphere: Get To 100K Uniques, Make $75K/year

Making money twice

Making money off original content isn’t hard as long as you aren’t afraid of making money. You can sell it, you can offer subscriptions to it, you can talk about it, etc. But what’s more interesting — and easier — is making money again of something that already made you money before.

Making money twice, by Jason of 37signals

DUMBO art under the bridge festival


This is going to be a fabulous weekend in DUMBO. The 12th DUMBO art under the bridge festival is happening. Check out all the open studios and the video dumbo program. My friend Elisabeth Smolarz curated sunday’s night video program called “About the City“. Check it out!

It’s been a rough day.


Animals have complex dreams by Christopher Wilson

Ball of Batteries


Dead Star, bye Michel de Broin, is made from residual battery at the end of their duty.

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Woodchuck iPod/Laptop Speakers


I definitely would like to get my hands on some of these Woodgrain iPod/Laptop speakers made from sturdy cardboard.

It’s friday, already?


Animal photography by Tim Flach.

Horses as you’ve never seen them before

Photography by Tim Flach.

CLICK NY conference, wednesday october 1st!


I am looking forward to wednesday’s CLICK conference here in NYC. It’s an annual conference on advertising and digital media, a one-day symposium featuring some of the most forward-thinking leaders in the industry: James Cooper/Another Anomaly, Alex Lieu/42 Entertainment, Sergio Gordilho/Africa Propaganda, Alessandra Lariu/McCann/She Says, Michael Lebowitz/Big Spaceship, and Benjamin Palmer/The Barbarian Group, to name just a few. Moderated by Liz Danzico of Happy Cog and the School of Visual Arts. Are you going?